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Articles related to "crypto-coins-news"

EOS Surges 16% Over the Weekend, Eyeing Extended Gains

  • The combination of Friday and weekend price actions marked a circa 40% rally for EOS, during which market cap added over $400 million in profits.
  • That said, traders can open a long position when EOS/USD reaches the lower trendline and exit the trade when the pair touches the upper trendline.
  • Similarly, traders can also open a short when EOS/USD reaches the upper trendline and exit the trade when it the lower one comes into its range.
  • If EOS/USD breaks above the upper trendline while riding on a notably increase volume, then opening a long position towards, in our opinion, 2.5-fiat would make sense.
  • Similarly, if the pair breaks below the lower trendline, then opening a short position towards the 50-period moving average on a 1H chart timeframe could prove profitable.

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Cryptojacking Malware KingMiner Evades Detection to Mine Monero

  • According to researchers at Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point Software Technologies, the malware which is known as KingMiner will likely continue getting updated in the future in order to increase the probability of successful attacks.
  • It is only after extraction that new registry keys are created by the malware payload and Monero-mining XMRig file executed.
  • But even as detection engines report reduced detection rates of KingMiner, a steady increase in the malware’s attack attempts have been noted, according to Check Point Software Technologies.
  • At the time, McAfee Labs indicated that the targets of the cryptojacking malware were not just personal computers but were increasingly smartphones and other mobile devices with an internet connection, an indication that bad actors were casting their net as wide as possible in the face of falling cryptocurrency prices.

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South Korea's National Assembly to Engage in First Crypto Debate

  • The meeting, arranged by the local market’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges including Upbit, Bithumb, Korbit, Gopax, and Coinone, will have executives of digital asset trading platforms and over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges discuss the regulatory scope of the government on crypto with members of the Congress.
  • Last month, the government of South Korea and the Financial Services Commission (FSC) officially allowed banks to work with cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain-related businesses by providing virtual bank accounts.
  • According to Hankyoreh, a mainstream media outlet that is assisting the country’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges in hosting the debate, the government wants digital asset trading platforms to take upon a vital role in providing liquidity to investors and recognize the importance of a transparent and efficient cryptocurrency exchange market for the long-term growth of the blockchain space.

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Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Partners IBM to Pilot Blockchain Across its Value Chain

  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has partnered with IBM to pilot blockchain-based transaction management for its commodities right from the oil wells through to its end customers.
  • The automated, blockchain-based, system will encompass oil and gas production management for ADNOC’s entire value chain including tracking, validating, and executing, transactions.
  • A key differential, however, is this pilot’s application to the entire oil and gas lifecycle where other industry pilots have focused on key parts of commodity supply chains, like trade and post-trade processes.
  • BP and Shell’s blockchain-based oil trading platform, Vakt, went live in late November 2018.
  • The Vakt platform focuses on commodity management from trade entry to final settlement.
  • Vakt plans to also deliver financing management by linking with another development in the space, the “Komgo” blockchain platform, later.

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Bitcoin Price Recovers 12% in 72 Hours While Traders Remain Cautious in Short-Term

  • Most major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have been able to rebound from low double digits, as technical indicators started to demonstrate extremely oversold conditions.
  • But, traders and technical analysts remain cautious towards the short-term price trend of cryptocurrencies until major resistance levels are broken.
  • According to DonAlt, a prominent cryptocurrency technical analyst, until Bitcoin breaks out of the $3,700 resistance level, it will remain in a tight range between $3,300 to $3,600, unable to engage in a major price movement.
  • Several analysts have reaffirmed that as long as the dominant cryptocurrency remains below $3,700 and struggles to demonstrate a major breakout, the market is at risk of dropping to a new yearly low.
  • A proper bottom has not been established by BTC and other major cryptocurrencies, as well as small market cap ERC20 tokens, have not shown any signs of a large corrective rally.

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Why Billionaire Investors Remain Positive on Long-Term Trend of Crypto

  • For the most part, high profile individual investors are able to handle severe losses in emerging asset classes and high-risk assets like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) because they account for a small part of their wealth and portfolios.
  • In bear markets, retail traders often suffer a significant loss because they are unable to handle an 80 to 90 percent drop in value and are forced into a position to liquidate their holdings.
  • Perhaps a bigger factor that has high net worth individuals remaining relatively positive on the long-term growth of the cryptocurrency market is the historical performance of Bitcoin.
  • Throughout the past nine years, Bitcoin has suffered five bubble-crash-build-rally cycles wherein the dominant cryptocurrency dropped by about 85 percent on average and recovered to a new all-time high.

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Tron's Justin Sun Wants to 'Rescue' DApp Devs. from Ethereum & EOS

  • Tron founder Justin Sun has thrown a jab at Ethereum and EOS, announcing on Twitter that the company wishes to create a fund to “rescue” dApp developers working on both platforms on the condition that they move their dApps to the Tron network.
  • Ethereum is also suffering from the effects of the prolonged bear market, with co-founder Joseph Lubin recently announcing that his Ethereum development startup ConsenSys is kicking off a period of restructuring to eliminate underperforming projects and focus on projects that can create tangible value.
  • It will be recalled that prior to current market conditions, Tron and Ethereum had historically been at loggerheads, with Sun having engaged in a public Twitter spat with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin over allegations that Tron plagiarised parts of its whitepaper from previous whitepapers by IPFS and Filecoin.

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Regulatory Overreach is Crippling the U.S. Crypto Sector: Law Prof.

  • A law professor has reached an unflattering conclusion regarding the regulatory climate of the crypto space in the United States — it’s confusing!
  • According to Carol Goforth, who teaches at the University of Arkansas School of Law, “overlapping regulations produced by a multitude of distinct agencies with different missions and priorities” has resulted in a “confusing mix of classifications and requirements” for cryptoassets.
  • To illustrate her point, Goforth noted that there are four federal agencies in the United States which regulate cryptoassets to a certain degree and form: the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Already, the existing regulatory regime in the world’s biggest economy seems has severely limited the number of coins that U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase can offer their clients.

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KFC Venezuela Accepts Dash Cryptocurrency, Joining Subway and Papa John's

  • KFC in Venezuela is accepting payments using the cryptocurrency Dash starting this week, joining a growing list of fast-food chains that accept crypto in Venezuela, including Subway and the Papa John’s pizza chain.
  • Alejandro Echeverría, the co-founder of Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Text, has been working with KFC for the past three months to promote more widespread adoption of Dash in the socialist South American country.
  • In November 2018, Echeverria launched Dash Text, an SMS-based cryptocurrency transaction service that doesn’t require a smartphone or the internet, as CCN reported.
  • Dash Merchant’s Alejandro Echeverria hopes the cryptocurrency will emerge as a common means of payment and a store of value.
  • Venezuelans reportedly favor Dash over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of its relatively faster transaction confirmation times.
  • While Bitcoin transactions take an average of 10 minutes, it can take up to an hour during peak periods.

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This Week in Crypto: Bitcoin Cash Drama & a[nother] Blockchain Phone

  • The Bitcoin price grabbed the headlines this week, once again plunging to a new yearly low and placing the crypto market on the brink of sinking below the $100 billion level for the first time in 2018.
  • This week saw the launch of a groundbreaking lawsuit against the proprietors of Bitmain and, Jihan Wu and Roger Ver, both in personal name and business name, as well as the Kraken exchange.
  • A lesser-known blockchain company which entered the space about a year ago believes that Roger Ver and the others named in the suit actively worked to centralize the Bitcoin Cash network during the hard fork that happened at the end of last month, and as such are responsible for damages done to their business.

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