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Articles related to "cultural"

4 reasons big brands still matter to millennials

  • True, legacy brands are being squeezed by private-label and so-called digitally native startup brands.
  • And I include the threat of Amazon, which has launched more than 70 private label brands.
  • Consumer packaged goods companies have well-funded R&D; departments and sophisticated marketing teams that can create category-driving innovation — breakthroughs that consumers are willing to pay for.
  • This puts pressure on great brands to continue to earn and re-earn loyalty by continuing to invest in R&D;, while building fast, nimble innovation cultures.
  • S.C. Johnson is a great example of how a branded company can maintain the highest standards, and communicate them digitally as central to its brand story.
  • Brandless raised $240MM for a private-label brand that proudly declares its independence from brand hegemony.
  • Consumer packaged goods leaders should spend less time reading their own premature obituaries and more time leveraging their untapped strengths.

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Cultural Course Correcting: Black Rock City 2019

  • Lately, participants have been talking about some alarming changes in the culture of Burning Man in Black Rock City, and their speculation as to who and what is causing them.
  • This really isn’t Burning Man. One of the most distressing trends is the increase of participants (both new and experienced) who don’t seem invested in co-creating Black Rock City, and are attending as consumers.
  • Burning Man Project controls the levers that provide people and their resources access to Black Rock City, and we are actively examining the impact of our own policies and procedures on the city’s cultural direction.
  • We took some additional time this year to reflect on whether ticket decisions we’ve made have contributed to the cultural challenges we’re facing in Black Rock City and, if so, how we might make better decisions going forward.

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