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Articles related to "custom"

Universal reveals Fast & Furious: Takedown on iOS and Android

  • Universal Games and Digital Platforms and Australian indie game maker SMG Studio today announced Fast & Furious: Takedown, a new entry in the street car racing franchise.
  • Available now for pre-registration and launching soon, Fast & Furious Takedown is an action arcade game for mobile devices that lets players master one-thumb controls to drift through missions, take the wheel of more than 60 licensed cars, and fill their dream garage with custom vehicles.
  • Fast & Furious Takedown is the first self-published mobile game from the Universal Games and Digital Platforms team, and it will continue to build its licensed games portfolio and introduce new experiences on additional platforms.
  • At 250,000 preregistrations, a unique custom decal will be rewarded to all players once the game is available worldwide, with additional items unlocked at the 500,000, 750,000, and 1 million preregistration milestones.

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Cisco expands BroadCloud, introduces new Calling App and Webex Room Kit mini

  • Just two months ago, Cisco substantially beefed up its web conferencing offerings with the Webex meeting scheduler, improved on-premises services for enterprise customers, and new devices for boardrooms, meeting rooms, and casual workspaces.
  • Among them was an expanded Cisco BroadCloud calling service, a new mobile app for dial-in management, and hardware — the Webex Roomkit mini — designed for small meeting spaces.
  • On the hardware side of the spectrum, Cisco introduced three new devices — Webex Room Kit Mini, Webex Board 55, and Webex Share — custom-tailored for the estimated 25 million small-teams spaces in offices around the globe.
  • Cisco in September said that more than 300,000 customers tap its eponymous Cisco Collaboration suite every day and log more than 6 billion meeting minutes in Webex a month, and that 1.5 million meetings rooms around the world have Cisco video devices.

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Building Conversational Alexa Skills: Confirming Slots with Dialog Management

  • Returning the Dialog.ConfirmSlot directive will allow you ask your customer to confirm a slot value.
  • In this technical post, I build upon the coffee shop skill that I introduced in the blog about how to dynamically elicit slots based on a previous answer using dialog management.
  • In my previous post, I walked through the steps to dynamically elicit the coffeeRoast and teaType slots based upon the drink using the Dialog.ElicitSlot directive.
  • Our coffee shop charges an extra $0.50 to add a flavor, so we'll use the Dialog.ConfirmSlot directive to ask if the customer is willing to except the additional charges.
  • We'll add "no thanks" as one of our flavor slot values and we will only return the Dialog.ConfirmSlot directive when the customer chooses a flavors.
  • The no thanks value will allow our customer to decline a flavor add-on which we will prompt for using the Dialog.ElicitSlot directive if their drink is coffee.

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The Rebel Real: an attempt to design a new mouse

  • The RBT (Right ‘Bove Touch) Rebel Real mouse is new to the market from a new company by the name of QuadraClicks Gaming, located in Los Angeles, California.
  • Combine that with the downloadable software that allows customized settings for polling rates, DPI, and the six programmable buttons the RBT can be finely tuned for every situation.
  • They have also included two buttons on the “thumb” side of the mouse, and finally moving to the bottom you’ll find a switch to turn the LED of and on which illuminates the RBT logo.
  • The software itself is a nice small package and quite easy to use opening up nearly limitless possibilities for custom tuning your RBT mouse exactly the way you like it.
  • The RBT Rebel Real can be found on Amazon for $88.88 plus $4.99 shipping which is a bit pricey for a mouse compared to some high-quality gaming mice on the market these days.

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Audioburst turns the best part of podcasts into personalized news briefs

  • Tel Aviv-based Audioburst has been developing a search engine for audio news, which allows users to locate audio content within podcast and other talk radio programs.
  • The content itself is drawn from top podcasts and the radio stations in Audioburst’s index, and will alert you to new information based on your chosen keywords and topics.
  • To use the feature, you first sign up on the Audioburst website, then select from a set of interests or add your own.
  • The end result is being about to listen to the parts of the podcasts or other audio programs you would actually care about, rather than slogging through half an hour or more of chatter, for the one tidbit of news you were interested in.
  • The company says you can expect to see the personalized playlists integrated into its partners’ products in the smart speaker, mobile, in-car infotainment, and wearable tech space in 2019.

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Could data costs kill your AI startup?

  • In some use cases, you may be able to transfer the work and cost of data acquisition to the end user by offering them a tool to manage their workflow (an automatic email response generator, for example) and then storing the data they capture in their work or observing their interactions with the tool and recording it as data.
  • Depending on how the model delivers value to the end user, that user herself may make the correction or annotation to the model, or your startup can handle the exceptions by employing a quality control “AI babysitter.” In cases where the environment you’re modeling is volatile and changes at a high and regular rate, you may want to retain at steady-state a team of annotators to update the model with the new data as needed.
  • As we move to more specialized applications of AI, however, the next wave of AI startups will face higher startup costs and will require more human labor to provide initial value to their customers, making them resemble lower-margin services businesses.

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How to Get Started with the Alexa Presentation Language to Build Multimodal Alexa Skills

  • The Alexa Presentation Language (APL) is Amazon’s new voice-first design language you can use to create rich, interactive displays for Alexa skills and tailor the experience for tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices.
  • Building voice user interfaces with APL borrows concepts you find in traditional web development, specifically with regards to styling, component nesting, and document hierarchy, but it also maintains security, scalability, and renderability across all Alexa-enabled devices.
  • To allow an APL document to be a part of your skill’s response, you need to enable the Alexa Presentation interface in the Alexa Developer Console.
  • When you create a skill that will incorporate visuals built with APL, you need to assure that you first include ALEXA_PRESENTATION_APL under apis.custom.interfaces in your skill manifest.
  • Visit our website to see how others are using APL to create engaging multimodal skills and get inspired to start building your own voice-first, visual experiences.

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