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Articles related to "custom"

Apply for the Alexa Web API for Games Developer Preview

  • Customers can interact with the web app using a variety of modes such as voice through the skill, touch on devices with touch screens, and remotes on Fire TVs. Ticket to Ride, Masamune’s Room, Lemonade Stand, and Goal Scorer are game skills that were built using Alexa Web API for Games: Ticket to Ride (UK, US, FR) and Ticket to Ride Europe (UK, US, FR): New companion game for the popular Ticket to Ride board game by Days of Wonder.
  • With Alexa Web API for Games, you can take advantage of your knowledge of existing web technologies to create high-end voice based games with HTML/CSS/Javascript or 3D experiences with WebGL.
  • Customers can interact with the web app using a variety of modes such as voice through the skill, touch on devices with touch screens, and remotes on Fire TVs. Alexa Web API for Games will be supported on Echo Show devices and select Fire TVs*.

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Walmart is rolling out a driverless vehicle to deliver groceries that has no seating for drivers or passengers

  • Walmart is testing new driverless vehicles to deliver groceries to shoppers' homes.
  • The vehicles, called R2, are custom built for deliveries and have no seating for drivers or passengers.
  • The R2 was developed by the robotics company Nuro.
  • Walmart will roll out the R2 and autonomous Toyota Priuses in the Houston area next year as part of a pilot program, Walmart said Tuesday.
  • The driverless deliveries will be available to Walmart customers who opt into the program, the company said.
  • Walmart has previously announced driverless delivery tests with Ford in Miami and with Alphabet's Waymo in Arizona.

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North ending production of current Focals smart glasses to focus on Focals 2.0

  • Focals are North’s first product since rebranding the company from Thalmic Labs and pivoting from building smart gesture control hardware to glasses with a built-in heads-up display and smartphone connectivity.
  • Focals 2.0 will be “at a completely different level” and “the most advanced smart glasses ever made,” Lake said in a press release announcing the new generation device.
  • To date, North hasn’t revealed any sales figures for its initial Focals device, but the company did reduce the price of the glasses form $999 to just under $600 (without prescription) relatively soon after launch.
  • Their cost, combined with the requirement for an in-person fitting prior to purchase (until the introduction of the Showroom app) and certain gaps in the product feature set like an inability to support iMessage on iOS natively, all point to initial sales being relatively low volume, however.

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Ask HN: We are shutting down our startup, I get our code. What now?

  • Without going into details, it is fair but we will need to have serious talk once everything has settled so I can move forward.Anyhow, as my payment for these past years, I get to sell whatever we have created, code wise, and get the dough for it.The problem is that I have no clue how to properly handle a sell like this.There is a bunch of new startups that has recently popped up, doing what we initially did with a caveat; they lack an app for it, currently hustling to make things work.

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Alexa at Five: Looking Back, Looking Forward

  • This year, we introduced a new self-learning paradigm that enables Alexa to automatically correct ASR and NLU errors without any human annotator in the loop.
  • Customers want Alexa to do more for them than complete one-shot requests like “Alexa, play Duke Ellington” or “Alexa, what’s the weather?”  This year, we have improved Alexa’s ability to carry context from one request to another, the way humans do in conversation.
  • For example, a customer using Alexa to plan a night out would have to use different skills to find a movie, a restaurant near the theater, and a ride-sharing service, coordinating times and locations.
  • We are currently testing a new deep-learning-based technology, called Alexa Conversations, with a small group of skill developers who are using it to build high-quality multiturn experiences with minimal effort.
  • Alexa Conversations then uses that data to train a bleeding-edge deep-learning model to predict dialogue actions, without the need for a priori hand-authored rules.

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Late-Stage Adversarial Interoperability

  • Patzer's idea was to create a service that would take all your logins and passwords for all your bank, credit union, credit card, and brokerage accounts, and use these logins and passwords to automatically scrape your financial records, and categorize them to help you manage your personal finances.
  • The banks believed that locking in their users' data could work to their benefit, as the value of having all your financial info in one place meant that once a bank locked in a customer for savings and checking, it could sell them credit cards and brokerage services.
  • Mint's story is a powerful example of adversarial interoperability: rather than waiting for the banks to adopt standards for data-interchange—a potentially long wait, given the banks' commitment to forcing their customers into treating them as one-stop-shops for credit cards, savings, checking, and brokerage accounts—Mint simply created the tools to take its users' data out of the bank's vaults and put it vaults of the users' choosing.

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Apple’s new Mac Pro will be available to order on December 10th

  • Apple had originally announced that the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR would be available sometime “this fall”; a Bloomberg report back in November confirmed that Apple would still be shipping the devices in December, but today’s email is the first confirmation of an actual date.
  • (Technically, December 10th does still meet Apple’s promised “fall” release window, given that winter doesn’t officially start until the 21st of the month).
  • Notably, Apple’s annoucement email just says that the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR will be “available to order” on December 10th — given the fact that many users will likely be ordering custom configurations, shipping may take longer.
  • The 32-inch Pro Display XDR, starts at $4,999, although you’ll almost definitely need to buy the (controversial) $999 stand, which isn’t included in that $4,999 price.

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics reimbursed disappointed fans who received stickers in mystery boxes instead of an exclusive cosmetic item

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics sold three tiers of mystery boxes as part of its holiday sale.
  • A since-deleted flyer posted to the brand's Instagram incorrectly stated that each tier would include an exclusive mystery cosmetic item, whereas the brand's website specified that the top two tiers contained exclusive mystery cosmetic items, while the mini edition only contained a mystery item.
  • A few fans posted about their confusion when they received the mini boxes and realized that they contained two lip products – including a lip scrub, a lipstick, and a liquid lipstick – in addition to a sheet of stickers custom-designed by a tattoo artist.
  • A few others pointed out that the box was supposed to be valued at $44, but the entire site was 40% off at the time the boxes went on sale, so each lip product only cost $10.80, making the stickers a supposed $22 value.

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How to handle Images and make use of gatsby-image - Guide to Gatsby WordPress Starter Advanced with Previews, i18n and more

  • Gatsby comes with a super helpful plugin called gatsby-image for image processing at build time.
  • After adding images to the posts, let's also add some featured images to our pages.
  • As you can see we get an absolute path to the featured images with sourceUrl. What we want instead though, is a local image, with the abilities to use gatsby-image's filters.
  • We gonna make use of Gatsby's abilities to add custom resolvers, to customize the schema, so that WordPress images get handled as local Files.
  • We need to add these fragments to our page and post queries.
  • Note: Usually gatsby-image would add these fragments already, but not in our build scripts.
  • One thing I wanted to mention shortly, that there is a nice plugin, that can help you to get inline images as local static images.

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