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Articles related to "custom"

Unboxing Nike's self-lacing Adapt BB sneakers is like opening a smartphone

  • It was exactly a month ago that Nike took the wraps off of Adapt BB, its latest pair of shoes with power laces, and now the company is finally ready to bring them to the masses.
  • But, perhaps the craziest difference between Nike's two self-lacing models is the price: the HyperAdapt 1.0 cost $720 at launch, whereas the Adapt BB are priced for less than half that, at $350.
  • That's namely because of the included QI wireless charging pad, the USB cable/wall charger combo and the starting guide that shows you how to use the Adapt BBs. It's just not something I'm used to when buying sneakers; if I'm lucky, I'll get an extra pair of shoelaces in the box, and that's usually as exciting as it gets.

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Google Said to Be On a Chip Engineer Hiring Spree in India

  • A dozen-plus chip engineers recently joined Google’s team on a new site in Bengaluru, and the company wants to add more, according to Reuters, whose reporter has combed through Google employee LinkedIn profiles, the company’s job postings, and gotten two executives working in the industry to confirm the expansion.
  • Bengaluru has emerged as one of the world’s top semiconductor design hubs over the last two decades, and Google has poached at least 16 engineering veterans from Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Nvidia to work for its “gChips” team there, the report said.
  • The handful of hyperscale cloud platform operators including Google have all been beefing up their in-house chip design capabilities in recent years, using a lot of that brainpower to develop server processors.
  • The second thing it achieves is reduced reliance on Intel or dominant semiconductor suppliers in other spaces, such as Qualcomm in smartphone chips and Nvidia in GPUs for machine learning.

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Zoho's office suite gets smarter

  • Similarly, Zoho is using Zia in its document editor and presentation tools to provide better grammar and spellchecking tools (and it’ll now offer a readability score and tips for improving your text).
  • In Zoho Notebook, the note-taking application that is also the company’s newest app, Zia can help users create different formats for their note cards based on the content (text, photo, audio, checklist, sketch, etc.).
  • “Fast-forward a few months and [our AI grammar and spellchecker] is applied to the business application context — maybe a support agent responding to a customer ticket can use this technology to make sure there are no typos in those responses,” Vegesna said.
  • We see ourselves as a technology company.” And to build up these capabilities, Vegesna said, Zoho has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into its own data centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, for example.

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This new home startup lets you order custom curtains and shades starting at just $65 — here's how it works

  • Window treatments aren't the first home product I want to shop for (even the term "window treatments" inspires little in the way of excitement) but like a beautiful area rug, they make a huge difference for how your space looks and feels.
  • It's too bad that current options fall into two buckets: ready-made curtains and shades that are a struggle to install and never seem to fit correctly, and made-to-measure ones that cost thousands of dollars.
  • At Mesken, you can shop custom curtains and shades at prices 50% to 70% less than traditional brands and have them delivered in seven to 10 days.
  • The innovation at Mesken is this: curtains start at just $65, with the most expensive options, made from linen, starting at $195.
  • In 10 business days or less, your custom curtains or shades will arrive at your door with the necessary hardware and instructions to install them.

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The infosec reckoning has arrived

  • Another reason why information security startups’ tools fail to provide value in customer environments is because they focus on developing a niche feature, rather than a true product.
  • It is far easier for a customer to describe the bit of supplemental value they’d like to extract from an existing product than to articulate how the way they do their work might need a fundamental overhaul.
  • In information security, we often only see the incremental progress upon existing solutions, slight tweaks that create only a sliver of value more than what is currently deployed – not innovative products that reflect a deep understanding of why customers are dissatisfied.
  • This trend towards incremental improvement is also what leads to the extreme fragmentation of solutions within information security, making it even harder for defenders to figure out what will actually solve their challenges.

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How to Send Media Event Notifications to Your Alexa Skill Customers with the ProactiveEvents API

  • We recently released the ProactiveEvents API, which allows your Alexa skills to send notifications to customers who have granted permission.
  • In today’s blog post, I’ll walk you through how to configure the ProactiveEvents API to solve a hypothetical business problem, and point to a sample project in the Alexa skill-building cookbook on GitHub for detailed instructions.
  • First, customers can launch the skill to hear details about the next event, or they can enable notifications to receive automatic alerts about upcoming events one day in advance.
  • You decide to write a function that opens the schedule file to find the next future event, and return the details in the skill speech output and later as part of a notification job.
  • You write a Node.JS script that scans the schedule.txt file and locates the next future event, like the skill itself does.

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Lumi is hiring a VPE to build AWS for manufacturing (FP and distributed team)

  • Lumi helps ecommerce brands produce memorable and sustainable packaging through our online platform and worldwide network of factories.
  • As the first VP of Engineering at Lumi, you will build the team and engineering organization that helps us make custom manufacturing as scalable as the web.
  • As VP of Engineering you will lead the engineering culture of our growth-minded, software-driven company.
  • It is helpful if you have led distributed teams, and we are particularly looking for candidates who will work remotely if possible within proximity of our headquarters in Los Angeles.
  • We use this approach to solve a wide range of technical problems from building complex pricing algorithms, to opening public APIs, building integrations with other software platforms and enabling data science for customer-facing and internal purposes.
  • Our team is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, often working remotely across the world.

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