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Articles related to "customers"

Coinbase to launch debit card in the US with rewards program

  • Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is launching a debit card in the U.S. this winter.
  • Customers can join the waitlist and get the Coinbase Card whenever it is available.
  • The Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that works with any Visa-compatible payment terminal, online checkout interface and ATM.
  • It works with a mobile app that lets you control how you want to spend your cryptocurrencies.
  • You don’t need to liquidate your cryptocurrencies in order to spend them in a store.
  • That’s why you can select between all your crypto balances for your upcoming transactions in the app.
  • The company charges 2.49% in crypto liquidation fees.
  • If you’re using your USDC balance, there’s no fee to spend your USDC using the card.
  • And it’s true that a debit card is much more useful than a bitcoin wallet when you want to shop in-store.

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How grocery stores are preparing for an online delivery rush as winter approaches

  • Companies that have online grocery businesses — those that offer curbside pickup, at-home delivery or both — hired more employees to deal with the higher demand they saw and have since kept those workers around.
  • Companies ranging from regional chain Hy-Vee to Boxed, a site that sells bulk orders directly to consumers, are staffing up in stores and warehouses to handle delivery and curbside pickup orders; stockpiling extra inventory like cleaning supplies, holiday foods and canned goods; adding new delivery carriers to avoid shipping delays; and making changes to their websites to try to give shoppers more windows to order.
  • In addition to hiring 2,500 more employees, Hy-Vee, a grocery chain in the Midwest, plans to use new temperature-controlled carts to keep fruits and vegetables fresh as employees shop around their stores fulfilling customers' orders.

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White Castle rolls out more robots from Miso Robotics to cook in its kitchens

  • The move accelerates the adoption of Miso Robotics’ newly designed Flippy robot into kitchens to speed up production and allow more staff to work in the front of the house to service customers, the companies said in a statement.
  • White Castle first announced its pilot with Flippy in July as COVID-19 was beginning to spread around the country and presenting risks for kitchen staff and customers alike.
  • The need to limit staff while keeping up cooking speeds presented a challenge for the restaurant chain and it turned to Miso Robotics’ fry cook in a box to find a solution.
  • The robots have been particularly useful during late night shifts, when employees don’t want to work but many of White Castle’s target customers are eager to grab some eats, according to a statement from the company.
  • of food and over 9,720 baskets since the pilot was instituted in late September 2020, according to a statement.

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Video creation and editing platform InVideo raises $15 million

  • InVideo, a Mumbai-based startup that has built a video creation and editing platform, has raised $15 million as it looks to court more users and customers worldwide.
  • The startup offers a freemium web-based editing tool that allows users to create videos that are fit to be published on popular social media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).
  • Prateek Sharma, VP at Sequoia Capital India, said that InVideo is part of a growing number of startups in India that are building a SaaS platform for the world.
  • Users go to a web browser, where the startup’s own tech stack allows them to upload the video, make the editing and then process it, Shah said.
  • (Once the video has processed, users see a one-click option to publish it on their social media platforms.) But InVideo plans to release mobile apps by early next year, he said.

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Removing the CEO

  • In almost thirty five years of working on boards, the hardest decisions I have had to make involve removing the CEO.
  • I am not a fan of removing the CEO until and unless it is abundantly clear that it must be done.
  • But when the CEO has failed to manage numerous important challenges, when the senior leadership team has been a revolving door, when the CEO has messed up important relationships with customers, employees, and other important stakeholders, when the organization has become toxic as a result of the CEO’s abrasive personality, then the choice is abundantly clear and must be made.
  • You must act and replace the failed CEO with whomever is the best option in that moment and work with the new CEO to address the challenges facing the company, many a result of the failed CEO’s poor leadership.
  • Failing to act is never the right answer.

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Hackers hijack and publish mental health data of hundreds of people

  • The Finns were stunned this Friday at the outcome of a scandal caused by the extortion of a group of hackers to a private company that provides services as a psychotherapy center for the public health system.
  • In a country that claims to be at the forefront of digitization and data security, the criminals managed to access the database of thousands of customers of the company Vastaamo after detecting vulnerabilities in their system.
  • Extortionists demanded around 450,000 euros (in bitcoins) in exchange for not publishing the clinical and mental health data of thousands of people.
  • As the company was resisting to attend the demands of the hackers, personal data of over 200 people - including minors - have been released online.
  • Ilta Sanomat exchanged several messages with them on Thursday, and according to the tabloid the criminals said they did not know that there was data of minors among the published information.

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