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Articles related to "data-center"

Tom Edsall Data Center Innovation Chalk Talk Series

  • This video will help explain how Cisco ACI enables you to achieve scale, security, high reliability and availability, visibility and analytics all while simplifying day to day operations and helping IT be more responsive and deliver a robust and agile infrastructure to their respective lines of business.
  • This video will help customers better understand how Cisco has innovated and evolved its data center portfolio to deliver agility, high availability and superior performance.
  • In this video Tom Edsall, SVP and CTO of Cisco Data Center Group, explains how we have implemented an innovative approach to help our customers and in turn deliver an intelligent architecture  with Cisco ACI to scale their data center networks today and in the future.
  • Tom Edsall explains the fundamentals of buffer requirements in networking for long-lived TCP and Incast or microburst traffic.

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LinkedIn's Open19 Data Center Hardware Platform

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Machine Learning is NOT Rocket Science: Part 1

  • Does having a data scientist that understand the machine learning algorithmic details help?
  • Instead of writing such detailed instructions to recognize a pet, with supervised machine learning, you feed the machine learning algorithm with lots of  labeled examples, such as photos that are properly identified as cats and dogs.
  • Then, the machine learning algorithm can create a program, also known as a model, that can recognize cats and dogs with amazing accuracy.
  • With this ability to recognize patterns in data, machine learning can be used in a variety of tasks, not just academic examples such as dog recognition.
  • The once complex pattern recognition problem has become as simple as managing the labeled data and using the machine learning algorithms.

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Cisco Delivers Flexible Deployment Options for Large-Scale Cloud Providers

  • Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switches are built from the ground up with scalability and open API’s  to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Some of our webscale customers running large scalable data centers prefer to choose specific hardware and software to meet their unique requirements.
  • Last year, we announced new portability options for data center networking software (NX-OS) and Nexus hardware.
  • Cisco continues to work closely with our webscale customers to deliver various operating and consumption models that enable increased agility and a lower total cost of ownership.
  • We remain committed to the success of our customers by providing innovative Nexus hardware and NX-OS software options.
  • Cisco continues to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals with a dynamic data center infrastructure that is easy to manage, affordable and flexible.
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Cisco Intersight: AI-Driven Proactive Maintenance

  • Intersight is cloud-based systems management built on a platform that supports artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  • This allows Cisco Intersight to deliver a wide range of enhanced customer support benefits, especially around systems maintenance and support.
  • In a previous blog we explained how Cisco Intersight’s open framework enables a significantly simplified user experience that even allows you to use Alexa as a means of interacting with Intersight.
  • As we were developing the requirements for Cisco Intersight, customers told us they want tools that simplify the process of maintaining and supporting systems in the data center and distributed locations.
  • Rather than using manual processes, they want the tool to address issues more proactively to help them work smarter.
  • The next blog in this series will explain how connected TAC provides proactive support and helps streamline the problem resolution process.

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Machine Learning is NOT Rocket Science (Part 2)

  • To help our customers, Cisco has developed Cisco Validated Designs (CVD), in partnership with the machine learning software ecosystem, to create a complete solution based on unified architecture that can quickly scale, enabling the IT teams to better support the data scientists.
  • Hence, Cisco has partnered with Cloudera to create a CVD using Cloudera Data Science Workbench enabling customers to tap into the Hadoop data lake and use the latest machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.
  • Cisco’s proven approach helps simplify deployments, accelerate time to insight, and enables the data scientists to curate their own machine learning software stack.
  • For some data scientists that may want to do some machine learning experiments in the cloud, Cisco is actively contributing code to the Kubeflow open source project ensuring that there are consistent tools for machine learning both on-premise and in the cloud enabling a hybrid cloud architecture for AI and ML.

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Amazon Is Said to Get $1 Billion in Deals With SAP, Symantec

  • Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG.
  • Nico Grant (Bloomberg) -- Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing division of Inc., signed new deals with customers SAP SE and Symantec Corp.
  • worth a combined $1 billion, according to an internal memo, underscoring the company’s growing momentum in the market for internet-based computing power and storage.
  • Microsoft Corp., the No. 2 cloud-services provider, had also competed for the Symantec deal, according to the memo.
  • While SAP has spent more money with Microsoft and Google over the past 12 months, “our SAP internal share of wallet stays pretty stable at 70 percent,” according to the text of the AWS memo.
  • The Symantec deal represented an increase of more than seven times in the cybersecurity company's spending on AWS, meaning that it “has been able to capture more than 80 percent” of Symantec's cloud spending, according to the document.

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IBM Misses Sales Estimates, Casting Doubt on Growth Engines

  • missed analysts’ quarterly revenue estimates, ending a short-lived streak of sales gains and casting doubt on its strategy to boost growth through new businesses like cloud and artificial intelligence.
  • Revenue in the Cognitive Solutions unit, which includes many Watson-related products, fell 6 percent in the third quarter, IBM said.
  • On a conference call following the report, Kavanaugh said that IBM "fell short" in third-quarter signings in services, but added that the business is expected to ramp up in the next quarter.
  • IBM is bolstering its appeal to customers by strengthening its AI arm, running 75 active blockchain networks and helping to protect banks from cyberattacks, Kavanaugh said, adding that more than 400 businesses have already embraced IBM’s one-year-old secure Cloud Private program.
  • On Monday, IBM unveiled a new technology platform to help companies manage security, artificial intelligence and storage services across multiple cloud systems, regardless of where they were built.

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Cisco HyperFlex Climbs to Leader Status in Forrester Wave™ Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q3 2018

  • For us, this meant developing and optimizing the HyperFlex Data Platform, our high performance extensible distributed file system, from the ground up to fully utilize our Cisco UCS compute and networking architecture.
  • Cisco holds a unique position in the industry with our ability to provide our customers with a complete end-to-end data center portfolio that includes standalone, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure – all with a consistent fabric and management architecture.
  • Cisco is also transforming datacenter operations and management with Intersight which is the industry’s first cloud based management platform that utilizes AIOps to deliver intelligent and proactive management and troubleshooting of datacenter infrastructure.
  • The Cisco Hybrid Cloud Platform for Google Cloud which uses HyperFlex as the private cloud foundation to deliver native kubernetes for hybrid applications is the perfect example of Cisco’s vision to deliver solutions that accelerate datacenter and IT modernization.

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Intent-Based Networking in the Data Center: Cisco vs. Juniper

  • IDC Research defines intent-based networking, or IBN, as a step toward the goal of creating an autonomous infrastructure, which features cognitive thinking through artificial intelligence and machine learning and the capacity to proactively detect and remediate network and security events, Brad Casemore, IDC’s research director for data center networks, told us.
  • Cisco and Juniper executives say their intent-based products for the data center allow IT administrators to build, manage, and monitor policies, regardless of where the workloads reside.
  • Cisco executives say data center operators can begin implementing intent-based networking today with its family of three products: Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), its data center SDN offering which delivers intent through policy-based automation; the Tetration Platform, which uses algorithms to analyze the network in real-time and detects network and security problems; and Network Assurance Engine (NAE), software that verifies network behavior and ensures that the network is in compliance with policies and can take corrective action.

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