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Articles related to "data-center"

Siemens Teams With Airbus to IBM in Cyberattack Defense Plan

  • The group signed a charter Friday at a security conference in Munich urging stronger safeguards against assaults on digital systems that control homes, hospitals, factories and nearly all infrastructure.
  • Signatories of the Munich charter, which also include Allianz AG, Daimler AG, NXP Semiconductors NV, SGS SA and Deutsche Telekom AG, are calling for governments and companies to take responsibility for digital security at the highest levels.
  • Airbus CEO Tom Enders said his company now employs about 1,000 people dealing with a response to cyber attacks, a number he estimates will rise tenfold or more in the next decade, highlighting how the issue is becoming an increasingly central part of large companies’ organisation.
  • Still, most of of the security breaches that are disclosed via government agencies to companies typically come from the either the U.S. or the U.K., evidence that other European political institutions must do more to collaborate with companies, Enders said.

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Meet Your New Data Center Manager: REMI the AI Persona

  • The hope is that AI-driven management software (likely cloud-based) will monitor and control IT and facilities infrastructure, as well as applications, seamlessly and holistically – potentially across multiple sites.
  • Last week, two companies representing the last two groups -- facilities management specialist CBRE and AI software startup LitBit – announced that they have joined forces to create what could be the biggest-scale application of AI for data center management yet – much bigger and potentially much more consequential than Google’s.
  • The hope is that REMI will eventually be able to detect mechanical and electrical infrastructure and environmental conditions on the data center floor and enable predictive maintenance.
  • DCK: You already have an established data center persona called DACE, but the CBRE persona is called REMI.
  • DCK: It’s quite unusual to hear from a cutting-edge AI software company that also has an understanding of the physical facilities side of the data center.

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