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Articles related to "data-center"

Data Center Networks are Getting Faster and Smarter

  • DCK spent a part of August looking at some of the trends in data center network technology, examining in addition to speed the way some networking innovation by operators of hyperscale cloud platforms like Facebook has been seeping into the enterprise data center market.
  • In another report, Branscombe highlighted the growing amount of attention enterprise operators now pay to automating network management and being able to apply the DevOps principles to their work, so they can better support the teams of developers that write software that runs on top of their infrastructure.
  • Looking to take network automation even further, incumbent vendors and a handful of startups are actively working on technologies that support the concept of Intent-Based Networking, or IBN – the idea that networks could tune themselves based on policies set by the administrators, removing the need for all the manual network management processes used today.

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Hong Kong’s Cloud Data Center Boom

  • While new data center construction will satisfy the needs of hyperscalers and other colocation customers in the next several years, a shortage of land in Hong Kong could hinder data center growth four or five years from now, according to Structure, a Toronto research and consulting firm.
  • Unlike Tokyo, Sydney and Singapore, Hong Kong is the only international hub in the Asia Pacific region where hyperscale cloud companies lease 100 percent of their data center capacity instead of building their own data centers, Tan said.
  • In recent years, they’ve begun to lease land to data center operators, so they can build colocation facilities, Tan said.
  • Retail colocation revenue currently makes up 51 percent of the market, while the rest is generated by wholesale data center providers, who predominantly lease to hyperscale platforms.

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Google to Spend $13B on US Data Center and Office Construction This Year

  • Pichai said that 10,000 new construction jobs will be created in Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia, and that when the new facilities open their doors "tens of thousands" of new employees will be added to Google's permanent payroll.
  • The company will build new data centers in Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, and Texas, while expanding existing locations in Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Ashburn, Virginia, as part of its major internet infrastructure expansion in 2019.
  • At about the same time, the company announced that after getting Taiwan to amend a law standing in the way of its using renewable power, it was installing 40,000 solar panels to generate 10MW, making the island nation the site of its first renewable project in Asia.

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Why IBM Is Untethering Watson AI Software from Its Cloud

  • Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG.
  • That’s one good reason for IBM to enable its suite of AI tools called Watson to run in the data centers of its biggest cloud rivals.
  • But most of the data companies have isn’t stored in any public cloud, which is a good reason to let them run Watson in their own corporate data centers.
  • All the biggest cloud providers have hybrid cloud options in various stages of readiness, and it’s probably only a matter of time before customers can get GPU instances in an AWS Outposts rack in their own data centers; or on Azure Stack hardware (work on this appears to be already on the way); or on Cisco servers deployed as an on-premises extension of Google Cloud Platform.

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Amazon May Get Tax Break for Poor With Data Center Build in Richest County

  • AWS went into contract on the 107-acre property last year, after top Amazon executives held at least two meetings with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who subsequently selected the area as a “qualified opportunity zone.” That designation will entitle Amazon and its partners to claim millions of dollars in federal tax breaks.
  • Likewise, Matt Hurst, an Amazon spokesman, said the opportunity zone designation was never discussed with Virginia officials and played no role in the company’s decision to build a data center in Loudoun County.
  • The Loudoun County economic development official who nominated the census tract as an opportunity zone, Buddy Rizer, had been talking to Amazon executives about both the data center and HQ2.

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Vapor IO Forms Alliance for Full-Service Edge Computing at Its Tower Data Centers

  • This week the company announced the formation of the Kinetic Edge Alliance, an assortment of edge computing-focused partners that will support Vapor's data centers with the infrastructure, tools, and expertise needed for successful edge deployments.
  • Vapor specializes in placing compact modular data centers physically close to cell tower locations to house edge computing infrastructure.
  • The deployment partners appear to be the backbone of the alliance and will have technicians onsite at each Kinetic Edge location being deployed to turn these mini-data centers into full-service operations.
  • In other words, when the online switch is flicked for the first time at each location, Federated Wireless, one of the partners, will already be delivering 4G and 5G wireless services, Linode will offer instant access to its cloud infrastructure, and Packet will have servers installed and at the ready for providing bare metal cloud and edge computing infrastructure.

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How Employee Bias Can Hurt Data Center Procurement and How to Avoid It

  • The important thing to note is that employees have at least 40-hour-a-week jobs which leaves little time to hunt for new products, updates to standards, updates to products that may exceed the standards, and products that could exceed currently specified products.
  • And while many vendors provide great information, support, and lunches or happy hours, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best solution.
  • As the company-vendor relationship grows over time, employee prejudice toward that vendor may operate against your company’s best interest.
  • Your employee that is specifying the products for an RFP automatically sources product P because they have a good relationship with that vendor or that vendor’s product.
  • The employee at the end user had a great relationship with the switch vendor.
  • Sure enough, the company accepted the vendor recommendations across the board and had way too many switches in their data center that could never be utilized.

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CBRE Settles British Airways Lawsuit Over Costly Data Center Outage

  • Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG.
  • CBRE said it has settled a lawsuit with British Airways, which sued the commercial real estate giant in relation to a data center outage over a holiday weekend in 2017.
  • The airline was forced to ground hundreds of flights when its CBRE-managed Heathrow data center lost power, and the head of its owner IAG later said the outage caused it £80 million in losses.
  • Various statements by officials about the BA data center outage, which stranded at least 75,000 passengers in May 2017, point to a problem with one of the facility’s uninterruptible power supplies.
  • IAG officials have said that the facility had lost power for a short period of time, but the real damage was done when power was turned back on in an unorderly manner, causing a power surge.

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Container Bug Allows Attackers to Gain Root Access on Host Machine

  • A security vulnerability affecting a key component of the container ecosystem has been discovered that can be exploited to give an attacker root access to the host operating system.
  • The good news is that a specially crafted container needs to be operating on the system in order for the exploitation to take place, meaning physical access to the system is required.
  • Red Hat, which initially broke the news Monday morning, told its users they were already partially protected from the bug because of the company's default use of security hardened SELinux, but are cautioning them to apply the patch as quickly as possible.
  • Aleksa Sarai, a runc maintainer who did work to verify the vulnerability and develop a patch, has released the exploit code to vendors to use for assurance that the patches work as advertised.

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Cumulus and Nutanix Team Up to Simplify Hyperconverged Infrastructure Networking

  • As a result, data center operators deploying Nutanix-powered hyperconverged equipment can now provision and manage server, storage, and network resources through a single user interface, Cumulus CEO Josh Leslie explained.
  • As for Nutanix, its newest partner is Cumulus, but it also has partnerships with other networking vendors, including Arista, Big Switch, Juniper, and Pluribus, Casemore said.
  • When customers install HCI equipment running Nutanix software, they can automatically provision network resources on the HCI appliances and have network visibility through the Nutanix Prism interface, Leslie said.
  • According to a blog post announcing the partnership, the benefits include: streamlined installation for Nutanix clusters and Cumulus-powered switches on bare metal; automatic VLAN provisioning; a distributed networking solution with no need for a central controller; and visibility across the management fabric to validate network designs and simplify troubleshooting.

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