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Articles related to "dataset" Google Home handles accents better than Echo or HomePod

  • In a series of three tests,, a lab that develops test suites for automated speech recognition systems, evaluated the performance of a Google Home speaker, an Amazon Echo device, and Apple’s HomePod across the accents of foreign-born residents living in the U.S. It used three English datasets — one in an Indian accent, one in a Chinese accent, and one in a U.S. accent — recorded by voiceover professionals.
  • In the second test, which measured the speech recognition threshold of each speaker, the firm found that while the Google Home and and Echo speakers had maximum ranges of between 1dB and 2db, the HomePod’s was 6dB, suggesting that accented speech had a noticeable impact on its recognition.
  • The Google Home speaker had the lowest signal-to-noise ratio across all three datasets, rarely exceeding 5dB; the HomePod’s ranged from 8dB to 14dB; and the Echo device, the worst performer, hit 19dB on the Chinese-accented English database.

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