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Articles related to "daughter"

He'll be the first federal prisoner executed in 17 years. Relatives of his victims are pleading for his life

  • Russellville, Arkansas (CNN) - The family of Daniel Lewis Lee's victims were packing bags and planning an hours-long drive to Indiana last week as prison officials there prepared for the first federal execution in nearly 17 years.
  • But Earlene Peterson -- the 80-year-old matriarch of the family, whose daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law were tortured, killed, and dumped in a lake by Lee and his accomplice -- did not want it done in her name.
  • At that point, prosecutors in Arkansas had intended to argue for the same sentence for Lee, but they were overruled by officials at the Justice Department in Washington and directed to seek the death penalty for Lee -- a sentence that the jury eventually handed down.

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5 books Bill Gates wants you to read this holiday season

  • The list also includes the newest dispatch from one of Gates' favorite authors, two books from Oprah's book club, and a recommendation from his daughter Jenn.
  • Gates read An American Marriage on the recommendation of his oldest daughter Jennifer, he wrote.
  • The novel, which tells the story of an African American man and his wife after he is convicted and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, was also chosen by Oprah for her book club in October 2018 and received praise from Barack Obama, according to its Amazon page.
  • These Truths will teach even the most studious of historians something new about American history, according to Gates.
  • These Truths is "the most honest and unflinching account of the American story I've ever read," Gates wrote.
  • Gates called Why We Sleep "one of the most interesting and profound" books on human behavior he read in 2019.

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Hilary Duff said becoming a mom made her appreciate the mother-daughter relationship in 'Lizzie McGuire'

  • During an interview with Duff about her partnership with Happy Little Camper and Veeda, natural baby care and feminine hygiene products, the actress told Insider she has a particular place in her heart for the fictional relationship between Lizzie and her mom, Jo, who was played by actress Hallie Todd.
  • That's part of the reason why Duff said it was important for her to partner with Happy Little Camper, which she hopes will make moms' lives a little easier by providing natural and safe baby care products that can give them peace of mind.
  • Playing Lizzie and acting out fictional fights and heart-to-hearts with Jo also helped Duff appreciate her own mother more, she told Insider.
  • Now Duff is filming episodes for the highly anticipated "Lizzie Mcguire" reboot and said the Lizzie-Jo relationship remains strong.

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Pete Frates, one of the men who popularized the Ice Bucket Challenge, has died

  • Pete Frates, 32, was one of the most recognizable faces of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral sensation that swept the Internet in 2014 and raised more than $115 million for ALS research.
  • In 2013 and 2014, Frates and two fellow Boston College alumni popularized what is now known as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which involves dumping ice water on your head, making a donation to an ALS organization and challenging others to participate.
  • The challenge raised $115 million during a two-month period in 2014, according to the ALS Association.
  • They asked that anyone who wishes to extend an expression of sympathy donate to the Peter Frates Family Foundation, which aims to help ALS patients in the advanced stages of the disease stay at home.

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