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Articles related to "delivery"

Former Uber CTO Thuan Pham joins South Korean e-commerce leader Coupang

  • For example, both have to route drivers to pick up passengers (or, in Coupang’s case, packages) and drop them off as efficiently as possible, and both need to use dynamic pricing to respond to demand and supply, which Pham said is especially relevant to deliveries of fresh groceries.
  • Despite Coupang’s position as the largest e-commerce player in one of the world’s largest e-commerce markets, Pham said he thinks the company is “still in the very early days.” For example, there are opportunities for building out its logistics infrastructure, inventory and verticals, including its third-party marketplace, which includes warehouse and fulfillment capability for sellers.
  • Pham said Coupang currently employs tens of thousands of full-time employees for delivery, but also relies on flex workers in order to meet spikes in demand, for example during holidays.

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The Self-Driving Car Is a Red Herring

  • How well we put these machines to use to ferry goods and people around in clever new ways, and tend to dull, dirty, and dangerous work of municipal upkeep, will mean the difference between keeping our cities humming along or abandoning them altogether.
  • Nowhere more so than in Silicon Valley, where the world’s most powerful tech firms have given workers a free pass to work from home indefinitely—while also announcing massive plans for new downtown office quarters.
  • Yet all along, the company continued to follow through on a pre-pandemic negotiation, signing a deal to lease the landmark Farley Post Office in New York City—a building whose considerable value comes from its proximity to the Pennsylvania Station commuter rail hub, North America’s busiest.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, despite touting work from home arrangements, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple collectively expanded their New York City workforce by over 2,600 employees, more than 10 percent.

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Court sets plan to make sure Postal Service delivers ballots quickly, one week ahead of Election Day

  • One week from Election Day, Judge Emmet Sullivan of the DC District Court told the Postal Service to inform its employees that late and extra delivery trips are allowed and the delivery of ballots by state deadlines is important.
  • Tuesday's order adds to several directives the Postal Service has received in court in recent months, after state governments won injunctions to reverse policy changes put in place by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy that could have disrupted the quick delivery of mailed ballots to election officials.
  • Last week, the groups that sued in Washington, DC, alleged that the Postal Service hadn't complied with the court orders and that late and extra mail delivery trips -- which allowed mail to be delivered more quickly -- were down from even July, when the Postal Service initially tried to discourage those trips.

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SpaceX Starlink public beta begins: It’s $99 a month plus $500 up front

  • SpaceX has begun sending email invitations to Starlink's public beta and will charge beta users $99 per month plus a one-time fee of $499 for the user terminal, mounting tripod, and router.
  • Another person who lives in Wisconsin got the Starlink public-beta invitation and passed the details along to Ars via email.
  • Expect to see data speeds vary from 50Mbps to 150Mbps and latency from 20ms to 40ms over the next several months as we enhance the Starlink system.
  • The Starlink phased-array user terminal, which is more advanced than what's in fighter jets, plus mounting tripod and Wi-Fi router, costs $499 and the monthly subscription costs $99.
  • There's another Reddit thread with speculation on when user terminals (i.e., satellite dishes) will arrive at people's homes, but we haven't seen any firm delivery dates.

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Postmates is launching a new retail delivery feature as brick and mortar stores face 14% drop in sales

  • Postmates is now rolling out what could be the biggest update to the company’s service in a long time — adding a retail option for users to shop local stores and for local merchants to set up a virtual on-demand storefront in the app.
  • Starting in Los Angeles — and building on yesterday’s test run pop-up shop with the Los Angeles Rams — Postmates users will be able to shop local merchants listed in the company’s new retail tab in the Postmates app called, appropriately, “shop”.
  • For local merchants who have been hit hard by the lockdown orders put in place as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, on-demand delivery options from Postmates could create a new line to wary would-be shoppers that still don’t feel like braving the checkout line at a small boutique.

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Spying a pivot to ghost kitchens, Softbank's second Vision Fund pours $120 million into Ordermark

  • The 29 year-old CEO has, indeed, built a decentralized ghost kitchen — and managed to convince Softbank’s latest Vision Fund to invest in a $120 million round for that the company announced today.
  • His family owns one of Los Angeles’ most famous delicatessens, the eponymous Canters, and Ordermark apocryphally started as a way to manage the restaurant’s own back-of-the-house chaos caused by a profusion of delivery service orders.
  • The first brand Canter launched was The Grilled Cheese Society, which took advantage of unused kitchens at places like a Los Angeles nightclub and mom-and-pop restaurants across the East Coast to build out a footprint that now covers 100 locations nationwide.
  • Restaurants are chosen that can match the menu style of the delivery-only brand that Ordermark’s Nextbite business creates.

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LA Rams, Fanatics and Postmates coordinate on an on-demand pop-up

  • Postmates, now destiend to be a division of Uber, is diving deeper into the world of on-demand retail and its partnership with the National Football League.
  • The company, working alongside Fanatics and the Los Angeles Rams is launching a pop-up shop Monday for fans to buy gear directly through the delivery service.
  • The store is coordinated with the first Monday Night Football game being played at the Rams SoFi stadium.
  • Postmates will be delivering Rams merchandise through the collaboration with Fanatics starting at 10 in the morning Pacific and running through kickoff.
  • The deal marks the first time that the company would deliver t-shirts, hats, caps, and other branded Rams clothing and accessories to an audience.
  • The Rams pop-up is a natural extension of the relationship between the franchise and Postmates, which began earlier in October.

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