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Articles related to "department"

How many head and neck injuries does cell phone use cause?

  • New research suggests that texting while walking can also be dangerous, as it rounds up all the head and neck injuries that occurred due to cell phone use over a 20 year period.
  • However, texting while driving is not the only way in which cell phone use can be distracting and potentially dangerous.
  • Texting while walking can also lead to accidents, and with 96% of people in the U.S. owning a smartphone, researchers set out to ask what percentage of head and neck injuries are attributable to cell phone use.
  • Povolotskiy and colleagues analyzed 20 years' worth of data, examining the records of emergency department visits due to head and neck injuries.
  • During the study period, they found that 2,501 people aged 13–29 presented at the emergency department with head and neck injuries related to cell phone use.

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Video evidence appears to show Iranian security forces 'shooting to kill' protesters after demonstrations broke out, UN says

  • Iranian security forces have shot at protesters from helicopters and a rooftop and have aimed at peoples' heads in using "severe violence" to quell anti-government unrest last month, UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Friday.
  • However, the senior US diplomat for Iran said on Thursday that Iranian security forces may have killed more than 1,000 people, according to unconfirmed reports.
  • Iranian authorities confirmed for the first time this week that security forces killed demonstrators during what rights groups have said was the deadliest anti-government unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
  • One of the worst incidents took place in the city of Mahshahr in southwest Iran on Nov. 18 when security forces fired at protesters with machine guns, killing at least 23 and possibly many more, the United Nations statement said.

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West Virginia suspends several after corrections officer class appears to give Nazi salute in photo

  • The image shows the class members each with a raised arm as the text above reads "HAIL BYRD!" The faces of the trainees and several other people have been blurred out.
  • The text refers to a training instructor for the class, said the state Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, which released the photo.
  • Sandy, cabinet secretary for the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, condemned the salute.
  • While several employees have been suspended, Division of Corrections Commissioner Betsy Jividen has also directed that all copies of the photo be destroyed or otherwise taken out of circulation "to keep its harm from spreading," Sandy said.
  • The department informed faith and community leaders of the incident and asked for their help in addressing the situation including with recommending changes or additions to training programs, Sandy wrote.

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