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Articles related to "design"

Building a FullStack App in a Month. Here are some lessons I learned.

  • Don’t let the fear of tackling a problem for a week stop you from implementing something new.
  • My app was losing the core things that made it cool because I didn’t know how to build them.
  • When you strip away all the features that make your app cool what you're left with is a glorified todo list, and no one wants to spend a month building that.
  • It felt I was wasting time reading instead of actually trying to implement with code.
  • What I found was that I had a better understanding of the library, and when it came time to actually use the library I knew potential problems that could arise and where to look to solve them.
  • My design process was: sketch out what the app would look like, then jump into code.

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F5 ACI ServiceCenter App Pushes the Envelope in DC Networking Automation

  • This trend is very much pronounced with intent-based networking technologies, such as ACI, that provide customers a cloud-like experience with their on-prem infrastructure.
  • Today, I am pleased to share with you my thoughts on this newly designed F5 ACI ServiceCenter App, a multi-function and operations focused solution, covering its key L2-L7 operational use-cases.
  • Centered around ease-of-use and customer experience, this App is quick to install and intuitive in its design flow for the end user.
  • This forms the basis for the design innovation of the F5-ACI App addressing flexibility without compromising features, domain expertise, or ease of use.
  • In addition, I would like to encourage our readers to enjoy a couple of our latest thought leadership videos featuring exec leadership members from Cisco Data Center Business Group with F5 Networks.

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Schumer asks Treasury watchdog to investigate delay of $20 bill featuring Harriet Tubman

  • A redesign of the bill was first initiated under former President Barack Obama to replace the likeness of former President Andrew Jackson with that of Tubman, a famous abolitionist, in 2020.
  • Schumer asked Treasury Inspector General Eric Thorson to investigate the Treasury's decision to postpone the bill's redesign, as well as the involvement of other agencies "including the Secret Service, Federal Reserve, and the White House -- to ensure that political considerations have not been allowed to infect the process for designing American currency," he added.
  • But according to the Times' story on Friday, a design featuring Tubman "was completed in late 2016," and a "basic design already on paper most likely could have satisfied the goal of unveiling" the redesigned note next year as initially planned.

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Kano’s next computer kit is a $300 Windows convertible laptop for kids

  • Kano is a company best known for its build-it-yourself Linux computers, which are primarily targeted at education users.
  • But today, its direction changed somewhat with the announcement of a new Windows-based machine, which will go on sale later this year.
  • As is the case with previous Kano computers, the user has to manually build the machine.
  • While you probably wouldn’t want that on your home PC, I’d make the case that’s the most appropriate version of Windows for younger users, and should make the machine easier to maintain for parents.
  • Although JavaScript later received classes in ES6, there’s still reason to like CoffeeScript, including the fact that it’s quite rigid about white space and overall ‘correctness.’ It’s this rigidity that makes it so appealing to novice developers.
  • Other apps included include Paint 3D, Microsoft Teams, as well as several Kano-built programs designed to provide a programming testbed.

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EINTR and PC Loser-Ing: The “Worse Is Better” Case Study (2011)

  • It’s true that invoking the system routine is a single instruction, but why is it that “the PC of the user program does not adequately capture the state of the process,” as Gabriel’s essay states?
  • This sounds an awful lot like the the New Jersey guy’s approach from the story, which required a correct program “to check the error code to determine whether to simply try the system routine again.” And there’s nothing else in Unix that I’ve ever heard of that’s anything like this.
  • If we don’t, our system calls can start failing and causing program errors whenever we catch a signal.
  • On the flip side, if you’re implementing a library you can never know if the main application will use signals or not, so any library that wants to be robust will have to wrap these system calls in a retry loop.

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Designer Nate Berkus reveals the biggest mistakes people make when they decorate their homes

  • Interior designer Nate Berkus believes that good design comes down to two main principles: personalization and organization.
  • When these foundations are lacking, spaces can get muddled in copycats and clutter.
  • Berkus, author of " Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live Into a Place You'll Love" and co-host of " Nate and Jeremiah By Design" with husband and fellow interior designer Jeremiah Brent on TLC, spoke to INSIDER while promoting his new partnership with Travelpro about the design mistakes people make and how to avoid them.
  • According to Berkus, people who don't prioritize organization are losing out on the way a well-designed space can increase their overall quality of life.
  • Through his partnership with Travelpro, Berkus hopes to help people organize their lives and their luggage with Crew Versapack suitcases that come with zip-in organizers.

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Qt 5.13 Released

  • As always, our releases come with new features, updates, bug fixes, and improvements.
  • We have added PDF viewing via an internal Chromium extension, application-local client certificate store, client certificate support from QML, Web Notifications API and a thread-safe and page-specific URL request interceptors.
  • Qt Network provides a set of APIs for programming applications that use TCP/IP and we have added Secure Channel support for SSL socket and OCSP stapling support.
  • Qt Creator IDE has received some updates, which include an improved UI for diagnostics from the Clang analyzer tools, a QML parser update, support for ECMAScript 7 and a new performance profiling plugin for software running on Linux.
  • The QSR 1.1 is certified based on the new edition of ISO 26262:2018 series of standards and includes Qt Safe Renderer Code, Designer and Build Tooling, ac safety manual, certification artifacts, and global Qt technical support.

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A sex-toy company is accusing New York's MTA of sexism and censorship after it rejected proposed ads

  • Dame, a company that makes "female-friendly" sex toys, has filed a lawsuit against New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, alleging sexism and censorship at the state agency after it rejected its proposed advertisements.
  • In the federal lawsuit filed Tuesday, Dame's founder, Alexandra Fine, said the agency — which operates all commuter rail, subway, and bus service in New York City — was initially receptive to their design pitches, and worked with them on their first drafts in September.
  • Court filings By October, Dame claims in court filings, the MTA's vendor that handles advertising said the agency had no objections to the updated proposals.
  • That didn't sit right with Dame, given how rampant other sex-filled ads are in the system, even ones that reference trains and buses.
  • A spokesperson for Outfront, the vendor contracted by the MTA to handle advertising, declined to comment.

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The new Kindle Oasis lets you adjust color temperature for night reading

  • Amazon has a new version of its high-end Kindle Oasis, and it’s adding the ability to change the color temperature of the display, in a first for Amazon’s e-reader lineup.
  • The new feature also helps differentiate the high-end Oasis from the increasingly similar Paperwhite (which got updated last fall with waterproofing) and allows Amazon to keep pace with Kobo, which already offers a similar color temperature feature.
  • Amazon says that the new Oasis features “the next generation of e-Ink technology for fast page turns,” although the company didn’t go into specifics as to what changes it’s made here from the 2017 model.
  • The new Kindle Oasis will start at $249.99 for the 8GB model, and $279.99 for the 32GB version — the same as the previous price, although add-ons like removing ads or cellular data will cost extra.

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Asteroid Day 2019 Promotion and NASA, ESA Lists of Asteroid Impact Risks

  • Throughout the duration of the contest, non-artists also have the opportunity to participate via weekly trivia challenges on social media that aim to raise awareness about the importance of Asteroid Day. Each week, a trivia participant will be selected at random to receive a $100 voucher to Redbubble.
  • NASA’s Pan-STARRS and Catalina sky surveys have detected most of the known near earth asteroids.
  • The Near Earth Object Survey TELescope (NEOSTEL aka “Flyeye”) is an astronomical survey and early-warning system for detecting near-Earth objects sized 40 meters and above a few weeks before they impact Earth.
  • NASA’s Earth impact monitoring system has detected an asteroid that has a chance of hitting Earth in October.
  • The asteroid, named 2007 FT3, was detected by NASA’s Sentry, an automated system that specifically monitors near-Earth objects that are on potential impact courses with the planet.

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