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Articles related to "design"

Here’s how to simplify your app (and get more customers)

  • It’s a win-win situation; because the sign-in code is sent directly to the customer’s mobile phone or email, the authentication process keeps their account safe and secure — and because the code changes every time, there’s no need for the customer to keep track of the code or try to remember a password.
  • The point is, simple design choices can make your app easier or more challenging for your users to navigate — and if you want your UX to attract and keep more customers, you should definitely leverage design to make things easier and less time-consuming.
  • The entire reason I created the Hourly app is that I realized workers’ compensation, time tracking and payroll were complicated processes for business owners — and if I could simplify those processes, it would solve a number of headaches for those business owners.

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We're hiring for Senior Product Designer at The Muse

  • ResponsibilitiesWorking closely with your squad’s dedicated Senior Product Manager, Tech Lead, engineers, and stakeholders, you’ll design and maintain a suite of products and features that drive both user delight and business value.Ownership: You will own the company’s Candidate-facing designs, improving upon existing products and conceiving new ones.Design Process: You’ll refine our methodology for conceiving, executing, releasing, and maintaining The Muse user experience.UX Strategy: You’ll own your squad’s product-design roadmap and other strategic artifacts, such as customer journey maps, user flows, and personas.Collaboration: You will gather requirements and input from members of your team as well as from other internal stakeholders, particularly Content and Marketing.Design System: To ensure design and dev process efficiency, you will create, organize, and maintain patterns in a design system.User Research: You’ll develop a sustainable qualitative research plan that garners ongoing insights from our Millennial and Gen-Z job-seekers; you’ll leverage our robust suite of quantitative data to make informed design decisions.Mentorship: You’ll hone our organization’s design acumen by coaching other designers, stakeholders, and squad members on design process, philosophy, and execution.Execution: You’ll deliver to market design that elevates The Muse brand and bring career development to the next level.

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The US Government Needs to Invest in Digital Design

  • Imagine if, when the president addressed the nation in those early, frightening days of March 2020, he had announced the launch of a user-friendly digital hub for citizens to access critical government services related to Covid-19.
  • That’s why the country needs a new federal officer in charge of the American citizen’s digital experience—a chief experience officer of the United States.
  • A CXO can build on the work of the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA), a new law requiring all federal agencies to modernize their websites to make them mobile-friendly, to digitize forms, and allow for electronic signatures.
  • In a time when trust in our government is at its lowest, improving design to ensure that citizens have the best digital interactions—similar to experiences they have in the private sector—couldn’t be more pertinent.

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Former DOD Head: The US Needs a New Plan to Beat China on AI

  • Nicholas Thompson: You’ve had an incredible 35-year career in the US government and in the private sector, working for Republicans and Democrats, always trying to identify what the most important issue of our time is, the smartest solutions to it, and the fairest ways to think about it.
  • When you were secretary of defense, you had a very rational policy that in every kill decision, a human would have to be involved.
  • I can't get myself in the decision at the moment, but I have to convince myself that what is going to happen is morally defensible.
  • As secretary of defense of the United States, I have to act morally.
  • Thompson: So if I understand this correctly, the way to think about it is that there will be applications where AI and machine learning will be hugely important to warfare.

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Six Apple patents that may shed light on the vehicle's key features - Business Insider

  • An Apple vehicle might have holographic images displayed on its windshield, according to US Patent 10,866,414 B2, "System with Holographic Head-Up Display," from December 15, 2020.
  • In that patent, Apple's designers described a system that would shoot holographic images onto the windshield or other windows, which would then be reflected back to the driver and passengers.
  • Apple vehicles may include new ways to send alerts to drivers, according to US Patent 10,878,699 B2, "Wireless Vehicle System for Enhancing Situational Awareness," from December 29, 2020.
  • Apple vehicles may include new climate controls, according to US Patent 10,875,380 B2, "Climate Control," from December 29, 2020.
  • It would include "various vehicle components to control climate conditions, including window assemblies, sunroof assemblies, etc." It would determine the climate based on "perceived temperature of various occupant body parts," according to the patent.

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Apple's MacBook revival plan is stupid smart: Bring back old features

  • When it came time for the MacBook Pros the following year in 2016, not only did Apple bring these two “features” over, it also replaced the perfectly fine function row/media keys with an unnecessary OLED Touch Bar that has proven to be less useful than originally advertised.
  • Reports from Bloomberg and well-connected TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors) both indicate that Apple will be correcting all of these backsteps on new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros launching later this year.
  • Schiller had squashed all hope of the SD card returning when YouTuber Jonathan Morrisson asked him “Do you think there’s ever a chance that the SD card slot makes a comeback?” following the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which was the first MacBook to ditch the butterfly keyboard for good ol’ scissor-switch keys.

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System Design Basics: Getting started with Caching

  • So, in such scenarios, we need to use caching to minimize data retrieval operation from the database.
  • If in a system, stale data is not a problem caching can quickly improve performance significantly.
  • We usually use the cache as a faster data source that keeps a copy of the database.
  • As cache has limited memory, we need to update data stored in it.
  • But, as you can already guess, this performance improvement comes with the risk of losing data in case of a crashed cache.
  • A problem in this approach is that for the first time when information is requested by a user, it will be a cache miss.
  • It is faster to retrieve data from a cache than the original data source like databases.
  • While designing a system, we need to be careful about the staleness of cache data.

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An Experimental Design Approach to Solve a Multivariate Optimization Problem

  • Often, in scientific and engineering settings and sometimes even in business settings, we come across quantitative problems where we know the input values and their ranges and are the provided the corresponding output (response) values but have no idea about the relationship between them.
  • When it can be safely assumed that the relationship is linear, we can fit a multiple linear regression model and determine the relationship and use it to find the optimal value of the response variable or to determine its sensitivity to an input variable.
  • Whereas in a routine optimization problem, we are given the combinations of input variables and the corresponding output value, we just know the ranges of the input variables and no information about the response variable here.

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How to work remotely anywhere, by the surfer CEO who works by the beach - Business Insider

  • He works from his balcony overlooking Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's Playa de Las Canteras beach.
  • Pearlman's website and app design company, Modern Tribe INC, has no headquarters.
  • Employees work from their own homes all around the world.
  • My working day's split into manageable chunks as I carefully design it to fit in with my family commitments and to stay healthy.
  • At the end of every working day, I make a list of key priorities.
  • People talk about the work-life balance.
  • We wanted to live abroad to expose our kids to other ways of thinking.
  • A manager at LinkedIn shares 4 ways companies should support their changing needs and what's working at LinkedIn. When we moved to San Diego when I was a kid, the first thing we did was hit the beach where I proceeded to stuff myself with sand.

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New ‘Action Roguelike’ C++ Project on GitHub

  • The game was built with a wide set of features to cover a variety of useful coding concepts to students including AI, multiplayer programming, save games, async asset loading, etc.
  • Check out the non-exhaustive list of features below, I’m sure there is more that I forgot to include or that will drip in at a later time.
  • But, I hope to extend this project later on with more relevant features to have a proper game loop to earn the name ‘Action Roguelike’.
  • Especially things like Asset Manager have limited public examples, which is one of the benefits of this open-source project.
  • There is still a decent chunk of features I would like to add, including adding a proper game loop, items/abilities, Steamworks, etc.
  • Over the years I created 70+ tutorials and samples for the Unreal Engine community, I hope you'll find my content useful!

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