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Articles related to "details"

Insider trading has been rife on Wall Street, academics conclude

  • The papers make imaginative use of pattern analysis from data to find that insider trading is probably pervasive.
  • Knowing the structure and scope of the bail-out in advance would have been a vitally important piece of information for investors during this period.
  • The other papers use data from 1999 to 2014 from Abel Noser, a firm used by institutional investors to track trading transaction costs.
  • The data covered 300 brokers but the papers focus on the 30 biggest, through which 80-85% of the trading volume flowed.
  • They find evidence that large investors tend to trade more in periods ahead of important announcements, say, which is hard to explain unless they have access to unusually good information.
  • Strengthening this argument is the finding that large asset managers which use their own affiliated brokers do not lose out.
  • Large institutions can be both beneficiaries and victims of this sort of information leakage.

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