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Articles related to "details"

DeepMind hands off role as health app provider to parent Google

  • Yet DeepMind began its foray into health with grand ambitions about applying AI to patient data, quietly inking an expansive data-sharing arrangement plus memorandum of understanding with an NHS Trust to get access to millions of patients’ full (and fully identifiable) medical records, as we reported at the time.
  • Then last year the U.K.’s data protection watchdog ruled the first arrangement had breached U.K. law — with the information commissioner saying patients “would not have reasonably expected” their sensitive medical records to be used for developing an app.
  • The whole episode opened a Pandora’s box of data governance, privacy and trust issues — which DeepMind now appears to be dumping directly onto Google, which will now be fully in the frame as the health app provider (and patient data handler) behind Streams.

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A woman who sells 6-figure engagement rings through Instagram says lots of people make the same mistake when buying diamonds — and it comes down to which details they overspend on

  • There are lots of details to consider when buying an engagement ring— but Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge said that, all too often, people focus on the wrong ones.
  • Since 2013, Wegman has been creating bespoke engagement rings and selling them on Instagram.
  • When asked about common mistakes that people make when buying diamonds, Wegman said it comes down to which details clients spend their money on.
  • She said several clients come to her with a misconception about the four C's of diamonds — cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.
  • If clients spend too much time obsessing over the four C's, they get caught up in minute details and won't end up with what they ultimately want: a bigger diamond, Wegman said.
  • Ultimately, the Ring Concierge team aims to be the female voice in appointments and to ensure clients are getting the biggest bang for their buck.

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Machine Learning is NOT Rocket Science: Part 1

  • Does having a data scientist that understand the machine learning algorithmic details help?
  • Instead of writing such detailed instructions to recognize a pet, with supervised machine learning, you feed the machine learning algorithm with lots of  labeled examples, such as photos that are properly identified as cats and dogs.
  • Then, the machine learning algorithm can create a program, also known as a model, that can recognize cats and dogs with amazing accuracy.
  • With this ability to recognize patterns in data, machine learning can be used in a variety of tasks, not just academic examples such as dog recognition.
  • The once complex pattern recognition problem has become as simple as managing the labeled data and using the machine learning algorithms.

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