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Articles related to "developer"

My Journey: From Intern to Tech Lead of a startup

  • I didn’t want to become another statistic like others so I consumed as much knowledge as I could from the internet and youtube tutorials which did help a lot when I entered the job market.
  • Even though the job title was that of an intern, I was working 8–9 hours a day and my responsibilities were that of a Mid-level Developer.
  • As a Tech Lead, I had to build a solid team, plan out the product roadmap, hire developers, delegate tasks and work, etc.
  • All the knowledge and development processes I learned at my previous job came in handy and soon enough I was leading my own team of developers.
  • Apart from having expertise on the development side, to pick the correct tech stack and the appropriate languages, I also needed to have a fair amount of knowledge on cybersecurity as well.

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Apply for the Alexa Web API for Games Developer Preview

  • Customers can interact with the web app using a variety of modes such as voice through the skill, touch on devices with touch screens, and remotes on Fire TVs. Ticket to Ride, Masamune’s Room, Lemonade Stand, and Goal Scorer are game skills that were built using Alexa Web API for Games: Ticket to Ride (UK, US, FR) and Ticket to Ride Europe (UK, US, FR): New companion game for the popular Ticket to Ride board game by Days of Wonder.
  • With Alexa Web API for Games, you can take advantage of your knowledge of existing web technologies to create high-end voice based games with HTML/CSS/Javascript or 3D experiences with WebGL.
  • Customers can interact with the web app using a variety of modes such as voice through the skill, touch on devices with touch screens, and remotes on Fire TVs. Alexa Web API for Games will be supported on Echo Show devices and select Fire TVs*.

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OpenZFS 2.0 release unifies Linux, BSD and adds tons of new features

  • This Monday, ZFS on Linux lead developer Brian Behlendorf published the OpenZFS 2.0.0 release to GitHub. Along with quite a lot of new features, the announcement brings an end to the former distinction between "ZFS on Linux" and ZFS elsewhere (for example, on FreeBSD).
  • Users of Linux distributions that use DKMS-built OpenZFS kernel modules will tend to get the new release rather quickly.
  • During compression (disk writes), zstd-2 is more efficient than even gzip-9 while maintaining high throughput.
  • Compared to lz4, zstd-2 achieves 50 percent higher compression in return for a 30 percent throughput penalty.
  • In addition to the major features outlined above, OpenZFS 2.0.0 brings fallocate support; improved and reorganized man pages; higher performance for zfs destroy, zfs send, and zfs receive;more efficient memory management; and optimized encryption performance.

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Want more PostgreSQL? You just might like Babelfish | Amazon Web Services

  • You might be happy running SQL Server, for example, but want PostgreSQL benefits, such as transparent security; or handling of specific data types, such as spatial or geographical objects (PostGIS).
  • Although these services facilitate the conversion of database schema from SQL Server to PostgreSQL, then move data from SQL Server and load it into PostgreSQL, they don’t take care of the often laborious process of rewriting application code.
  • Again, Babelfish lets you load your data into PostgreSQL with no conversion and lets your application think it’s still talking to SQL Server.
  • To fully accomplish this, we believe a community effort will be needed, with diverse participation that covers the large surface area of how applications use SQL Server.
  • If you’re involved in migration efforts, you can help to improve Babelfish by extending it to meet your particular needs and contribute to cover more of the SQL Server surface area.

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AWS Proton | Fully Managed Application Deployment Service | Amazon Web Services

  • Platform engineering teams can use Proton to connect and coordinate all the different tools needed for infrastructure provisioning, code deployments, monitoring, and updates.
  • AWS Proton solves this by giving platform teams the tools they need to manage this complexity and enforce consistent standards, while making it easy for developers to deploy their code using containers and serverless technologies.
  • Platform teams use Proton to create a “stack” that defines everything needed to provision, deploy, and monitor a service, including compute, networking, code pipeline, security, and monitoring.
  • Platform teams use AWS Proton to manage and enforce a consistent set of standards for compute, networking, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and security and monitoring in modern container and serverless environments.
  • Using approved stacks, authorized developers in your organization are able to use Proton to create and deploy a new production infrastructure service for their container and serverless applications.

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Homes in the clouds on offer at near-finished Australia 108

  • Singaporean developer World Class Global has kicked off sales of the final apartments in Melbourne mega-skyscraper Australia 108, including some of the country's highest penthouses and residences.
  • Construction of the 319-metre tower at 70 Southbank Boulevard on Melbourne's city fringe was completed during the pandemic – about a year behind schedule – with only the finishing touches still to be applied to the $1 billion project, which at 100 floors is highest residential tower in the southern hemisphere.
  • WCG chief executive David Ng said the project had raised the bar on luxury real estate in Australia, with the remaining cloud residences and sub-penthouses generating interest from around the globe.
  • The Fender Katsalidis-designed super tower is a neighbour to the city's previous tallest building, the 301-metre Eureka Tower designed by the same renowned architects and completed almost 20 years ago.

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Programmer, developer, engineer? What do you call yourself and why?

  • Software engineer?
  • Coder?
  • Programmer?
  • Developer?
  • Architect?
  • There are often some technical guidelines to what’s what with roles and titles in the software-maker world, but not always.
  • And I’m assuming there have been times you’ve had to explain what it is you do, whether to someone inside or outside of the biz, where you’ve had to simply pick a name.
  • So, what have you called yourself and why?
  • This comes to mind thanks to a new blog at Triplebyte Compiler in which Stephan Miller, who’s taken on all of the above titles, lays out his personal experience with the “what’s in a name?” question.
  • I’d love to get a read on how everyone thinks of these kinds of titles.
  • What do they mean to you and why?
  • Leave a comment in our blog conversation thread!
  • For your security, we need to re-authenticate you.

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Apple hires venture capitalist Josh Elman to help improve App Store discovery

  • Apple has hired Josh Elman, a prominent venture capitalist and former vice president of product at stock-trading app Robinhood, to help it improve iOS app discovery in the App Store.
  • Elman announced the news via his Twitter account on Monday, saying he’s also leaving his role as a board partner at the firm Greylock Partners and as a board member of prominent tech companies like Discord and Medium.
  • Apple more recently extended an olive branch to the app development community by announcing a new small business program earlier this month that will cut its standard 30 percent App Store commission in half for developers making less than $1 million per year.
  • The company has also tried to compromise with a number of app developers, most prominently Hey email client creator Basecamp, and tech rivals like Microsoft over complaints with certain App Store restrictions.

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Adopt your elePHPant now, the only original PHP elephant

  • Special thanks to my friend Bruno BAGUETTE a PHP Developer who represents the diversity and positive values of this awesome community...
  • as he himself says: 🐘 PHP developer - @symfony enthusiast - Deaf 🦻 and proud to be!
  • Thank you Bruno for offering to create the .srt file of my video to allow as many PHPeople as possible to access the content.
  • It is a community with well values as solidarity, sharing, team spirit.
  • People who literally built the web as you know it today.
  • ResPHPect !
  • - ResPHPect à vous !

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Pijul – The Mathematically Sound Version Control System Written in Rust

  • By operating on diffs and on versions at the same time, Pijul combines aspects of third-generation VCS such as Git and Darcs.
  • The downside of using Pijul like this is that changes relative to independent features of the project might need to be more carefully split between different channels, like Git branches.
  • We wanted to get inside the head of Pierre-Étienne Meunier, the creator and lead developer of Pijul, so we asked him a series of questions related to his background and the creation of Pijul, and the direction of the version control field.
  • If you're interested in learning more about how version control systems work under the hood, check out our Baby Git Guidebook for Developers, which dives into Git's code in an accessible way.

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