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Articles related to "discuss"

#discussViewport Units in CSS

  • One of the ways is using Viewport percentage units or “Viewport Units” for short, a CSS3 property which helps you to automate some aspects of your responsive design.
  • Using viewport units, the size of specific elements can adapt to the varying size of a browser.
  • You may use these units in any CSS property that accepts values in px such as width, height, margin, font-size, etc.
  • Using this technique it gives developers great flexibility when adjusting font sizes and they help to scale dynamically with the viewport size.
  • For easy practice place a base font size in the root element, and then use a viewport unit on the root element’s font size, and scale with that.
  • As you can see, there are solid supports for viewport units across all major web browsers.

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#discussGit blameless?

  • I found myself using git blame quite a bit, but that command never sat well with me.
  • No one likes to be "blamed" for stuff, and everyone thrives better in a blameless culture, so why have a blame command?
  • Word matter and play a very big role in the culture we build.
  • I got some great replies on Twitter, but was wondering if anyone on DEV had other aliases they liked?

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#discuss5 mistakes I have made as a software developer

  • In this post I list five mistakes I did as a software developer so far in my career.
  • I started working late in my university years, in the beginning part time and in the last one and half years landed a full time jobs.
  • Not attending university at all and instead learning by myself (which I prefer now) with all the possibilities available now, it's a topic for another post.
  • For some years, though I worked in the IT industry, was not in software development - my CV is public online on LinkedIn. Don't get me wrong, I loved those jobs and met very interesting people, many to which I remained friends to, but this blog post is about software development and if you want to excel at a craft you need to practice this art as much as you can.

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#watercoolerI'm a veteran UI developer, AMA!

  • So, I've been in development my whole career (nearly 20 years) starting with backend, C#, and in recent years moving over to front end.
  • I code in JavaScript, mainly using React.
  • I've worked in large scale organisations (NHS) and small start ups, as well as running my own marketing agency.
  • Although usually found on Reddit, I thought this Ask Me Anything (AMA) format might be interesting for Dev as I've not seen it pop up before and there are certainly lots of developers starting out that might have questions I can hopefully answer.
  • You got questions, I got answers: fire away!

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#discussWhat is the most challenging part of your daily work that doesn't involve coding?

  • I run a tiny web development shop that I occasionally work alongside subcontractors at, but it mostly depends on me to keep things moving.
  • In this setting, the most challenging thing has been sequencing and selecting work across multiple unrelated clients/projects, while also leaving time in the schedule for personal and business development.
  • When it comes to cutting across project/client boundaries, it becomes a lot more complicated.
  • It's also hard to have the self-control to find a stopping point when you're down in the weeds on something even though it is important to do so in order to stay responsive to everyone else's needs.
  • I have gotten a lot better at this over the years, but it seems like it's still the biggest bottleneck for me in terms of daily work challenges.
  • We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.

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#discussWhat Makes a Great Engineer/Programmer Great?

  • Here are a few of my notes and resources -- would love to get more opinions!
  • Getting to 10x (Results): What Any Developer Can Learn from the Best Good Developers vs Bad Developers What makes you a great programmer?
  • I'll be putting these notes into better format and potentially writing an article to summarize any of the discussion.
  • Would love to hear what others think from their experiences!
  • Now reaching over 3 million visitors per month, DEV is the fastest growing software development community in the world.
  • We think it's the most awesome and we're working hard to keep it that way.
  • It's free, open source, devoted to the open web, and will never have popups or a pay wall.

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#showdevHow I CRUSHED All of my 2019 Resolutions and You Can Too! 💪🏽🎉🍾

  • In late 2018, I publicly declared my new year resolutions for 2019 on and GitHub. Back then, like everyone else, I wasn't sure whether I will be able to achieve it or not.
  • And there I had it, goals that I could actually measure instead of vague resolutions.
  • Simply declaring "This year, I'm going to contribute to Open Source Projects" is not enough.
  • You need to create Measurable Goals for yourself, because they hold you accountable.
  • The biggest takeaway from this piece should be that OKRs are powerful and incredibly effective in helping you achieve what you want.
  • So if you also wish to accomplish your new year resolutions for 2020, use OKRs and monitor them consistently.
  • Since I mentioned how working on open-source projects is a common resolution among many developers every year, let me help you if you're in the same boat.

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#discussHow Playing StarCraft Can Teach You About Startups and Life

  • As you are building out your economy and units, you may engage with small battles and skirmishes and not only do you have to move quickly (literally clicking your mouse and hitting keys on your keyboard), you have to make the right decisions in the heat of the moment or else you can quickly lose your army and the game.
  • Back to the Trough of Sorrow and Charlie's lesson about wanting games to go longer if you are better than the competition, the longer games are difficult because during those 5-10 minutes of "sorrow," I constantly ask myself: "what should I be doing right now?" The right answer is build more units and gather more resources.
  • If you've made it this far, my guess is you play StarCraft, or wanted to find a way to procrastinate at work today and why not read about how a computer game might be able to teach me about running a business?

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#discussWebsites to download free programming books?

  • What sites do you guys use?
  • In the US, get a local library card.
  • Can request books from all over to be sent to local library and use limited tiles on Hoopla or Libby apps.
  • Most popular titles are available at my library or through WorldCat.
  • Books not available can be requested to be ordered.
  • Here's a link i got from here i guess a while ago.
  • It is packed, like, you can find everything you want there.
  • There is a site called TutorialsPoint, I also find that helpful.
  • It has pdfs for some languages.
  • Library Genesis.
  • We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.
  • We strive for transparency and don't collect excess data.

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What are your thoughts on Tailwind CSS?

  • I'm curious what people's thoughts are on Tailwind CSS.
  • I'm a big fan of Refactoring UI (part of my frontend developer resources), so that's how I came across Tailwind.
  • The use of utility classes seems appealing, but also potentially overwhelming.
  • On the other hand, having all these utility classes could be nice instead of going all bespoke.
  • I have not used it myself, but I'm planning on doing so in the very near future to take it for a test drive.
  • I'm curious what others experience in the community has been using it.
  • Sore eyes?

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