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Articles related to "disk"

Low-Cost VPS Testing

  • Last time around I was looking for a large dedicated VPS in the $100/month price range.
  • My test VPS performed well and if it continues to perform at the current level then it is good bang for the buck at $5/month.
  • This time a slightly bigger instance for €9/month with 1 core, 4G of ram and 15G of storage.
  • The PHP compile time was near the top of the list which is a good indication that the VPS performance is solid.
  • Their map shows locations in New Jersey and Amsterdam as well, but I didn't get those as options for my $7 VPS.
  • Disk writes were a little slow, but reads were fast and you are a bit limited by the 200 Mbit switch port on the smaller VPS.
  • And Scaleway gets everything right on the provisioning side, so their regular non-Arm VPS options look like a good choice too.

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How to clean up your Docker environment

  • If you are using Docker on your PC or Mac, over time it is gonna accumulate a lot of Junk, the majority of which being dangling images and orphan volumes.
  • You should clean this up once in a while, thankfully there are some docker commands to help us here and along with some bash magic, we can nicely do this in 3 easy steps.
  • This is perfectly fine as it doesn't affect anything that is running and if you want to use any of the removed images again, docker will download it for you.
  • We can use this along with docker volume ls command with a filter to remove volumes that are dangling.
  • Add the below function to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc and reload your terminal or source the file by running .

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Hard disk drives with taxpayer details sold online

  • Officials of Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, say hard disk drives with taxpayers' personal information were auctioned online.
  • Prefectural officials say there were at least nine hard disk drives with a total of 27 terabytes of information.
  • The prefecture rented the disks from a leasing company and used them as data storage devices at its shared server.
  • The leasing firm ordered Tokyo-based contractor Broadlink to dispose of the disks and to make sure the data could not be restored.
  • But an employee of the contractor is suspected to have sold the disks on an auction website.
  • The prefectural officials say the Broadlink employee told the firm that he had put nine other disks up for auction.
  • In 2017, it was found that a hard disk had been sold online that contained the names of about 750 junior high school students and teachers in Minokamo City, central Japan.

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Disposing of Virtual Disks Is as Essential as Disposing of Hard Drives

  • There are, however, several best practices that you can use to ensure that deprovisioned virtual hard disks do not pose a significant security risk to your organization.
  • One easy way to do this is to use File Explorer to map a path to the virtual hard disk’s location, right click on the disk, and select the Mount command from the shortcut menu.
  • When you are done, right click on the drive letter that represents the virtual hard disk, and select the Eject command.
  • It is worth noting, however, that if the virtual hard disk is stored on a deduplicated volume, the deduplication process may undermine the secure deletion.
  • As important as it is to securely delete unwanted virtual hard disks, remember that the actual deletion is only part of the overall process.

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