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Articles related to "disk"

Where to buy PS5: all the latest restock updates

  • We're tracking all the latest information on PS5 restocks and where to buy PS5 right here, with updates as soon as new consoles land.
  • So far we've seen the PS5 Digital Edition selling out faster in the US, which is to be expected as it's the cheaper console and sold extremely quickly over the pre-order period.
  • While EB Games was one of the first retailers to sell out, they also offered 2021 pre-orders of the console for quite a while, but even those appear to be currently out of stock.
  • The PS5 is currently out of stock at most retailers but PS5 restocks have been popping up over the last few weeks, with the Sony Direct queue and Target offering more chances to buy PS5 in the US and over in the UK rumors are spinning of a massive PS5 restock hitting over January.

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GCP Outpaces Azure, AWS in the 2021 Cloud Report

  • Now in its third year, our report is more precise than ever, capturing an evaluation of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that tells realistic and universal performance stories on behalf of mission-critical OLTP applications.
  • AWS’s advanced io2 disks deliver low latency: Overall, AWS machines with the advanced io2 disks averaged 51% lower latency than the machines with general purpose disks, so if latency is of critical importance for your application or workload, we recommend evaluating io2 disks.
  • For overall OLTP performance, advanced disks may not be necessary: In our benchmark simulation of real-world OLTP workloads, cheaper machines with general purpose disks won for both AWS and GCP.
  • To improve OLTP performance, we found it is better to spend on more nodes, memory, and better CPUs. Machines with advanced disks could be more appropriate for heavier read or write tasks, and critical workloads with demanding latency requirements.

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