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Articles related to "email"

Netflix's star-studded 'Triple Frontier' arrives in March 2019

  • Netflix has unveiled a trailer and release date for Triple Frontier, a new cartel thriller with an impressive cast.
  • Starring Oscar Isaac, Ben Affleck, Son's of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam and Pedro Pascal, the film follows a team of ex-US Special Forces soldiers working for themselves instead of their country.
  • The film will get a rare theatrical release, usually a sign that Netflix has award or prestige ambitions.
  • The project went through a lot of iterations before finally landing at Netflix, with Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hanks, Will Smith and Channing Tatum having previously shown interest, according to Deadline.
  • Despite that cliche, the trailer is suitably tense, and the cast elevates it to a "must-see" kind of project.
  • We'll find out if it lives up to that when it comes to Netflix and select theaters in March, 2019.
  • Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam star in the cartel thriller.

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The Morning After: Notch alternatives are getting interesting

  • Netflix kept the pressure on this weekend with some new trailers -- don't miss the Stranger Things season three episode titles -- and the all-screen phone trend could go in a couple of new directions with Honor and Samsung's next devices.
  • Just like the previous devices, this new one is a thin sensor strip you need to place under the sheets.
  • The sensor then shows stats -- like sleep time, heart rate, breathing and snoring -- for up to two people through the Beddit app, though you'd have to upgrade to iOS 12 to be able to pair the new device with the application.
  • The latest brand to tease a "hole-screen" device is none other than Huawei's awkwardly linked Honor, with its upcoming View 20, aka V20, said to feature an even smaller hole diameter -- 4.5mm versus the competition's alleged 6mm -- for the front camera at the upper left corner of the All-View Display.

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Marriott’s breach response is so bad, security experts are filling in the gaps

  • Last Friday, Marriott sent out millions of emails warning of a massive data breach — some 500 million guest reservations had been stolen from its Starwood database.
  • Marriott sent its notification email from “,” which is registered to a third party firm, CSC, on behalf of the hotel chain giant.
  • In fact, there’s no easy way to check that the domain is real, except a buried note on Marriott’s data breach notification site that confirms the domain as legitimate.
  • Security expert Troy Hunt, who founded data breach notification site Have I Been Pwned, posted a long tweet thread on the hotel chain giant’s use of the problematic domain.
  • Nick Carr, who works at security giant FireEye, registered the similarly named “” on the day of the Marriott breach.

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6 things a first-time CEO needs to know

  • The number of top executives who have left their jobs in 2018 has reached a 10-year high, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.
  • After several years in leadership roles at Salesforce and Oracle, I became a first-time CEO at a smaller tech company in fall 2015.
  • As CEO, the buck stops here on company success (or lack thereof), culture, brand satisfaction, product quality, funding, communication with the board of directors, and a host of other priorities that don’t really sink in until you’re in the big chair.
  • I reflect frequently on the lessons I learned as a first-time CEO and how I can apply them at my new company.
  • It’s reinforcing the message that employees don’t need to be sitting on email from 4 to 5 if their kid has soccer practice.

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Comey says anyone who thinks the FBI favored Hillary Clinton in its emails investigation is 'smoking something'

  • Comey was testifying to the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee concerning his role in investigating Clinton's email server and the Trump campaign's potential ties to Russia.
  • According to the session's transcript, Rep. John Ratcliffe addressed Comey to summarize his remarks and confirm his July 2016 statement that though Clinton had mishandled and lied about emails, no criminal charges should be brought against her.
  • Though he first earned Trump's ire when he publicly confirmed the existence of the Russia investigation in March 2017, Comey's participation has earned a resurgence of public hits from Trump.
  • Comey and Clinton have been two of President Donald Trump's most notable targets long after the 2016 investigation and election.
  • Clinton's use of a private email server to conduct government business when she was secretary of state remains one of Trump's key talking points with his supporters, who often chant "lock her up" at rallies.

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James Comey says the Russia investigation initially focused on 4 Americans

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI's counterintelligence investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia initially focused on four Americans and whether they were connected to Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, former FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers during hours of closed-door questioning.
  • The committee released a transcript of the interview on Saturday, just 24 hours after privately grilling the fired FBI chief about investigative decisions related to Hillary Clinton's email server and Trump's campaign and potential ties to Russia.
  • The Republican-led committee interviewed Comey as part of its investigation into FBI actions in 2016, a year when the bureau — in the heat of the presidential campaign — recommended against charges for Clinton and opened an investigation into Russian interference in the election.

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James Comey's closed-door testimony on 2016 FBI probes: 'I was very concerned' by Loretta Lynch's tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton

  • Former FBI Director James Comey on Friday defended his conduct and the bureau's handling of the months-long investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server, even as he acknowledged in hindsight that the conduct of key officials involved in the case may have created the appearance of bias.
  • As part of an agreement with the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee, lawmakers agreed to release a full transcript of Comey's testimony within 24 hours.
  • However, Comey told the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee that he was unaware of a series of text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two agents formerly assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.
  • Strzok and Page were romantically linked, and exchanged thousands of disparaging messages about President Donald Trump during and after the election, while appearing to promote Clinton's candidacy.

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Here are the best retailers to work for in 2019, according to employees

  • Retail work isn't always easy— but some companies provide a better environment for employees than others.
  • Glassdoor also provided Business Insider with seven additional companies that just missed out on the top 100 rankings.
  • A Glassdoor spokesperson confirmed that none of the scores indicate ties, as the ratings go beyond the thousandth decimal place.
  • Are you a retail employee with a story to share?
  • Email [email protected]

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Here’s why an app for finding bikini pics is Facebook’s latest headache

  • Facebook has dealt with a lot of headaches this year, perhaps none more bizarre than its current dilemma: Sealed documents are leaking from an old lawsuit filed against Facebook by a developer who built an app to help people find Facebook photos of women in bikinis.
  • Six4Three’s lawsuit came about because the company was upset that Facebook changed its Graph API, which previously let developers see Facebook data from users who signed up for their app, but also data from all of that user’s friends.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported late Wednesday that some of the documents show that Facebook employees discussed charging partners to access Facebook’s APIs — basically selling access to Facebook user data.
  • The next phase of this bizarre saga will take place Friday, when all parties involved in the lawsuit have been asked to appear before the judge in San Mateo, Calif., near Facebook’s headquarters, to discuss the sealed documents.

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Essential acquires email startup CloudMagic

  • Andy Rubin’s Essential has acquired CloudMagic, makers of the Newton email app, for an undisclosed sum.
  • The news, first reported this morning, has since been confirmed by TechCrunch.
  • What precisely that roadmap looks like is anyone’s guess.
  • CloudMagic shuttered its premium email offering in September, leaving some 40,000 paid subscribers in the lurch.
  • Likely the app will work its way into Essential’s hardware offerings, via the next iteration of its handset, or the currently MIA home hub.
  • The news comes at the end of a rocky year for Essential.
  • The startup reportedly shipped few handsets in the past year, with rumors persisting surrounding Rubin’s plans to sell the company.
  • In October, Essential laid off around a third of its staff.

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