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Articles related to "email"

Apple creates an iTunes device trust score based on your calls and emails

  • Alongside yesterday’s releases of iOS 12, tvOS 12, and watchOS 5, Apple quietly updated some of its iTunes Store terms and privacy disclosures, including one standout provision: It’s now using an abstracted summary of your phone calls or emails as an anti-fraud measure.
  • To help identify and prevent fraud, information about how you use your device, including the approximate number of phone calls or emails you send and receive, will be used to compute a device trust score when you attempt a purchase.
  • As such, it’s unclear how Apple computes the device trust score for iTunes purchases made through Apple TVs, but there’s other potential “information about how you use your device” that could be scraped and abstracted.
  • It’s equally unclear how recording and tracking the number of calls or emails traversing a user’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch would better enable Apple to verify a device’s identity than just checking its unique device identifier.

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Monolist: Your Google Inbox Replacement | Blog

  • At Monolist, we're working hard to preserve the spirit of Inbox's organizational features and clean user experience, while adding rich integrations with context specific actions.
  • While Inbox helped with grouping email notifications from your various apps and services, Monolist aggregates your Jira issues, event invites, wiki page mentions, and much more in real-time.
  • Unlike email, Monolist action items stay in sync with their source.
  • Like Inbox, Monolist allows you to label and categorize your action items no matter where they're from.
  • To start, the emails you star in Gmail and any threads that you haven’t responded to will become action items in Monolist, but we have plans for much more.
  • Monolist is a new task management app that integrates with all of your SaaS tools, aggregating all of your action items so that you can focus on being productive.

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Sim-swappers hack League of Legends star out of $200K worth of cryptocurrency

  • A League of Legends superstar has had $200,000 in cryptocurrency stolen from them – directly from their Coinbase account.
  • The League of Legends star believes that he was a victim of “sim swapping” – a fraudulent tactic attackers employ to dupe carrier employees into giving them access to the victim’s phone number.
  • Peng’s mobile provider confirmed the number had been reported as lost or stolen, and could have been transferred.
  • By obtaining access to Peng’s mobile phone number, the scammer could then gain access to his email and Coinbase accounts.
  • As Coinbase uses mobile phone numbers as part of its two-factor authentication process (2FA), the scammer was not prevented from accessing Peng’s account when challenged.
  • But if you ever notice unusual activity on your mobile phone that you use for it, speak to your carrier to make sure your number hasn’t been compromised in a “sim swap” scam.

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The Last Goodbye – Path is Shutting Down

  • It is with deep regret that we announce that we will stop providing our beloved service, Path.We started Path in 2010 as a small team of passionate and experienced designers and engineers.Over the years we have tried to lay out our mission: through technology and design we aim to be a source of happiness, meaning, and connection to our users.
  • It has been a long journey and we sincerely thank each one of you for your years of love and support for Path.
  • Accordingly, you are encouraged to download and keep copies of your data if you wish to have access from [10.18.2018].If you have purchased a premium subscription recently and would like to get refunded, please follow the below steps.
  • In order to get refunded, please visit the Apple webpage and follow the steps as per the Apple’s guidelines.

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Trump throws bombshell into Russia investigation, orders release of controversial surveillance documents and Comey texts

  • President Donald Trump on Monday directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice to declassify a number of documents related to the Russia investigation in addition to releasing unredacted versions all text messages about the probe sent and received by multiple officials, including former FBI Director James Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe, the White House said in a statement.
  • Trump also asked the Justice Department to publicly release unredacted versions of all text messages related to the Russia probe of Comey, McCabe, Ohr, and FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who were involved in both the Russia investigation and the probe into 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state.

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ProtonMail Hits 5M Accounts

  • There’s growing interest in ProtonMail, the encrypted email service that started with a splashy Indiegogo campaign in 2014, but co-founder and CEO Andy Yen tells Inverse that email is only the beginning for Geneva, Switzerland-based operation.
  • And this naturally leads to a trend for people looking for services that put security and privacy first because it’s something that you think about more and more the longer you’ve been exposed to the internet.
  • It’s just that there’s certain information that people want to keep private, and a lot of that is their private email communications.
  • More people are realizing that there are things they want to keep private, and that’s what is driving the growth of services like ProtonMail.
  • And for them to do that, they actually need to use a service like ProtonMail because the encryption ensures that their communications cannot be surveilled or tampered or otherwise good with governments.

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Show HN: Arc Studio Pro – Collaborative Editing/Version Control for Screenplays

  • With Arc Studio Pro it's all about your story.
  • That's why we set out to design an alternative that lets you focus 100% on your screenplay, gently supports your writing process and gives you powerful features when you need them (and only then).
  • Writing together can be a pain: Emailing each other files and manually transferring changes between documents is tiring and error prone.
  • With Arc Studio Pro, you write together in real time.
  • With Arc Studio Pro, request coverage with a single click: your reviewer will be notified and can leave comments right from their browser – no files or software required.
  • With Arc Studio Pro, you can browse through and restore older versions of your draft, see what changed side-by-side across versions, and bring back that scene you deleted two weeks ago.

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No inbox is too untamed for Mailstrom Pro. Let it manage your emails for life for over 90% off

  • Battling the forces out to stuff your inbox to paralysis, you need tools on your side like Mailstrom.
  • Right now, you can get a lifetime of Mailstrom Pro’s services at a huge discount of more than 90 percent off, only $59.99 from TNW Deals.
  • While it may sound like a cheesy 80s sci-fi flick, Mailstrom is actually a crackerjack email utility, tasked with whipping even the flabbiest, most neglected inbox into shape.
  • Organizations like Lifehacker, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times use Mailstrom, so that should help you feel confident it can handle your volume of contacts.
  • A lifetime subscription at $59.99 saves you over $900 off its regular price, but if you’d rather try it out for a shorter time instead, you can also get big discounts on a 3-year ($49.99) or a 1-year ($29.99) plan.

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These Are the Top 10 Challenges for Employees in the Workplace Right Now

  • These are among the top 10 challenges that employees in the United States are facing right now, based on new research from LinkedIn (msft).
  • At least a third of professionals surveyed said they’d rather work an extra six hours per week than ask for help in fear of looking weak or less knowledgable.
  • A few new terms have popped up in recent years to address some of these, starting with “Sunday scaries,” which is typically the anxiety one feels on a Sunday night before restarting the work week (and all that goes with it) the following Monday morning.
  • Blair Decembrele, a career expert at LinkedIn, suggests looking at the fall as a sort of back-to-school season for workplace employees as well, a time to refresh, start over, and set new goals.

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9 common passive-aggressive work emails and how to neutralize each of them to still get what you want

  • If that snippy coworker is being passive-aggressive in an email (again!), resist the urge to send an equally snarly response.
  • If you do, you're just falling into the passive-aggressive person's trap.
  • Adobe found the nine most-hated passive-aggressive email phrases in a recent survey.
  • Below, take a look at some key phrases you can use to diffuse the situation when one of those emails lands in your inbox.
  • With 25% of workers saying this is the most annoying email phrase, "Not sure if you saw my last email" was by far the most disliked phrase in Adobe's survey.
  • A tenth of workers told Adobe that "Any updates?" is the most annoying phrase used in emails.
  • Whitson said you should acknowledge their persistence, instead of getting angry at them for filling up your inbox.
  • Most likely, Whitson said, the coworker will deny that they're upset.

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