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Articles related to "employee"

Survey: Nearly all airline customer service agents report harassment on the job

  • Washington (CNN) - Nearly all airline customer service agents recently surveyed by the government reported being verbally harassed by passengers and about 1 in 10 said passengers attempted to assault them in the last year.
  • The Government Accountability Office findings, published Tuesday, are from surveys earlier this year of more than 100 agents who find themselves on the front lines of dealing with agitated passengers at major hub airports.
  • The agents surveyed include those who work at check-in counters, as well as those who check boarding passes at the plane's gate and operate the luggage office.
  • Some airport police departments contacted by GAO said statistics specific to customer service agents could only be calculated through manually reviewing police reports.
  • GAO did not publish formal recommendations, but said some experts believed more law enforcement resources or additional employee training would be beneficial.

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If you work for a nonprofit, church, or public school, a 403(b) plan is a great way to save for retirement

  • You may be familiar with traditional and Roth IRA accounts as well as employer-sponsored 401(k) plans.
  • But if you work for a public school or nonprofit organization, this may be the type of retirement plan that you're offered.
  • That means any contributions you make to your 403(b) plan will reduce your taxable income for a given tax year.
  • For one, 403(b) plans that don't offer employer matches may not require ERISA oversight (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), which can cause their administrative costs to be more affordable.
  • If your employer offers a match, your 403(b) plan should probably be the first place that you save for retirement.
  • However, if you're not offered a match, you'll want to make sure that your organization's 403(b) plan is affordable.
  • If your employer's plan has high administrative costs, you may want to contribute to a personal IRA first.

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The team behind Codementor launches Arc to help companies hire talented developers around the world

  • Remote hiring has benefits like increasing the talent pool for tech companies while helping employees maintain work-life balance or avoid moving to high cost-of-living areas.
  • “From an employers’ perspective, there are a lot of fears and unknowns for hiring strangers online for a permanent, full-time role, but I think things are changing,” says Liu. He adds that Arc is different from other hiring platforms like AngelList or We Work Remotely because of its vetting process, designed to identify developers who can stay with a company for a long time.
  • Arc pre-screens engineers and teams using what it describes as “Silicon Valley-caliber technical and behavioral assessments.” Candidates go through behavioral and technical interviews conducted by senior developers and technical recruiters who have worked for Google, Facebook and other big tech companies.

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Dozens of Google employees say they were retaliated against for reporting harassment

  • Nearly a year after Google’s #MeToo walkout, a previously unreported internal document details dozens of employees’ stories of harassment and retaliation for reporting workplace issues.
  • But almost a year after the historic walkout, a dozen current and former Google employees told Recode that many employees are still justifiably afraid to report workplace issues because they fear retaliation.
  • And in a previously unreported internal document obtained by Recode, dozens more employees say that when they filed complaints with Google’s human resources department, they were retaliated against by being demoted, pushed out, or placed on less desirable projects.
  • After the retaliation document began circulating internally in late April, Google employees continued to use internal listservs to share similar retaliation cases related to sexual harassment and discrimination.

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The competitive advantage of intelligent digital workspaces (VB Live)

  • Learn how intelligent digital workspaces and tools like desktop-as-a-service can simplify user work syles without adding complexity, lower costs and make your users more productive when you join this VB Live event!
  • Intelligent digital workspaces mean enterprises are beginning to take into account the ways their employees want to work, the opportunities this affords the business, and the increasing complexity and cost of their own hybrid on-premise and cloud solutions.
  • To learn more about how the cloud is making IT departments more agile, effective, and cost-conscious for both the business and its end users, what it takes to move desktop workloads into the cloud, and how desktop-as-a-service can be a big game changer for your org, don’t miss this VB Live event.

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This is how insurance is changing for gig workers and freelancers

  • The gig economy is becoming a core element of the labor market, pushed to the fore by platforms like Uber and Airbnb.
  • Gig economy workers are freelancers, such as journalists who don't work for one publication directly, freelance developers, drivers on platforms like Uber and Grab, and consumers who rent out their apartments via Airbnb or other home-sharing sites.
  • A number of insurtech startups — including UK-based Dinghy, which focuses on liability insurance, and US-based Slice, which provides on-demand insurance for a range of areas — have moved to capitalize on this new segment of the labor market.
  • These companies have been busy finding new ways to personalize insurance products by incorporating emerging technologies, including AI and chatbots, to target the gig economy.
  • The companies mentioned in this report include: Airbnb, Deliveroo, Dinghy, Grab, Progressive, Slice, Uber, Urban Jungle, and Zego.

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The FBI is investigating a venture capital fund started by Peter Thiel for financial misconduct

  • Some of Mithril’s investors, which have included the MacArthur Foundation and Temasek, have for months expressed concerns directly to Thiel, Royan, and to one another about the venture capital firm’s seeming unwillingness to actually spend the money that they gave Mithril, according to some investors.
  • As criticism toward his firm has mounted, he’s also begun quickly trying to spend the money: He told investors that he would be spending about $90 million on upcoming deals, sources say, a sum that includes Neocis and Glance; if actualized, that would mean Mithril has invested about $180 million of the total $740 million that it collected.
  • Mithril is likely collecting as much as $20 million a year in management fees, sources familiar with the figures have previously told Recode — an unusually large haul for a venture capital firm that each month has a smaller and smaller staff and therefore smaller and smaller expenses.

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Uber’s AB 5 defense that its drivers aren’t core to its business is “preposterous,” experts say

  • Last week, California lawmakers passed AB 5, a bill that’s expected to upend the business models of gig economy companies like Uber and Lyft that depend on the cheap, relatively unregulated labor of a contractor workforce.
  • In interviews with Recode, they said they see it as another way that Uber and Lyft (which also said it won’t change its business) are trying to get out of providing basic employment protections to their hundreds of thousands of drivers in California.
  • In the meantime, Uber and Lyft are actively trying to work with politicians and labor groups to write a follow-up piece of legislation that would undo or modify AB 5 by giving drivers some protections, such as the right to bargain collectively (although not necessarily as a union), and a minimum wage — in exchange for not being considered employees.

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Leeto helps works councils manage perks

  • French startup Leeto provides a service for French works councils, better known as comités d’entreprise.
  • The fintech startup lets you hand out perks to employees using a simple web service combined with a payment card.
  • In addition to that role, companies have to hand out a small budget to the works council every year.
  • Works councils can then reimburse cultural or sports activities, hand out gift cards for Christmas, give movie tickets, etc.
  • Later this year, every employee will get a prepaid Mastercard that the works council can top up and manage.
  • On the works council’s side, Leeto wants to make it easier to manage accounting and send notifications to employees.
  • Leeto currently costs €3 per employee per month, but that’s directly taken from the budget of the works council so employees don’t pay that.

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8 Best Tips for Remote Teams to Boost Productivity at Virtual Office

  • We have put together some tips to help entrepreneurs manage high-performing and productive remote teams.
  • A cloud-based project management software is a perfect option to help teams coordinate and collaborate.
  • As an entrepreneur or manager, you should set a clear objective for each project and create different milestones so that your team can easily check in and track the progress.
  • A company that supports work-from-home culture should really take feedback seriously in order to establish close bonds between team members and provide guidance when needed.
  • Managers should schedule periodical 1:1 review session with the team members (the meeting can be easily conducted with a conference call app) to learn about the concerns or suggestions that might fly under manager radar or give out support when necessary.
  • However, if managers fail to handle the working remotely culture, productivity can suffer and might result in revenue lost.

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