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Articles related to "engadget"

Porsche’s Taycan lives up to its EV hype

  • But the automaker has decades of experience getting cars around tracks in the quickest manner possible and it applied that wealth of knowledge to its first electric vehicle.
  • During my time behind the wheel of the Taycan, the vehicle handled tight corners with precision.
  • The vehicle's air suspension and dynamic chassis control do a lot of the heavy lifting here, making the car feel lighter than it actually is.
  • Porsche's engineers decided that if they were going to put the company's badge on a car, it should perform like its internal-combustion siblings.
  • There was some oddness with the navigation, but Porsche was very upfront about the fact that we were driving pre-production Taycans.
  • Even in the Turbo S while pushing the vehicle, most of the braking came from the electric motor slowing the car down.

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How to hack your holiday meal

  • After those hours are up, heat a skillet (I like Le Creuset's cast-iron options) to scalding, then carefully place the breast skin-side down to sear it.
  • For a bigger group you might need to prepare multiple halves this way, making sure the meat is in a single layer in the sous vide so that it cooks evenly.
  • At $99, this small but powerful sous vide cooker heats quickly, controls temperatures well and comes with an accompanying app to adjust temperatures from afar (or, um, the couch).
  • I like to use one of my many electric kettles to boil water at the same time as I heat up more on the stove -- a basic hack, for sure, but one of the most useful time-savers I know of.
  • Make sure to sous vide the potatoes for a few hours before mashing them to break down their starch molecules into maltose.

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Echo Studio review: Amazon finally nailed the audio quality

  • But now that Amazon has a high-resolution option for music streaming, which also includes 3D audio, those older Echo devices just wouldn't cut it.
  • Enter the $200 Echo Studio: a super-sized Alexa hub that's hands-down the best sounding speaker Amazon has built.
  • At its core, the Echo Studio is everything we've come to expect from about Amazon speakers, but the main differences here are size and sound.
  • Sure, regular Spotify sounds good on the Echo Studio, but I prefer the HD and Ultra HD songs offered on Amazon's latest streaming tier.
  • Amazon says this upmixing "adds space, clarity and depth to stereo audio content." And of course, the company recommends that you leave it turned on "for best audio experience." When playing Chvrches' "Death Stranding" and switching the tool on and off, the main difference is the non-enhanced audio from Spotify is louder and way more treble-heavy.

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Podcast: The 16-inch MacBook Pro is here (and so is our gift guide)!

  • Get ready for the holidays with an in depth look at Engadget's holiday gift guide!
  • This week, editor in chief Dana Wollman joins Devindra to chat about how we pick the best gadget gifts and some of the wildest choices we've made.
  • And of course, we find time to dive into the giant laptop in the room, the 16" MacBook Pro. Listen below, or subscribe on your podcast app of choice.
  • If you've got suggestions or topics you'd like covered on the show, be sure to email us or drop a note in the comments!
  • And be sure to check out our other podcasts, the Morning After and Engadget News!

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What to do when everything on their holiday wish list is digital

  • The following scenario will play out thousands of times this holiday season, and if you're buying a lot of presents for friends and family, it'll likely affect your life personally.
  • You: Ugh. With the advent of living, online worlds and digital-first storefronts, plenty of gamers' wish lists include intangible items like cosmetic upgrades, fresh weapons, extra characters and new games.
  • Gift cards make it easy to hand out in-game currency for most major titles, and download codes mean you don't even have to put on pants to pick out a present.
  • Luckily, there's a way to give your friends and family all the in-game goodies they want and also provide something to unwrap, all without buying extra presents.
  • Notes: Nintendo has taken crafting into its own hands, offering an official selection of printable masks, dioramas, tags and paper projects featuring Mario and pals.

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The Morning After: Consumer Reports recommends the Model 3 again

  • In car news, details about Ford's Mach-E have leaked ahead of its unveiling this weekend, and Tesla's sedans are back in Consumer Reports' good graces.
  • An Xbox event in the UK yesterday revealed a lot more about Microsoft's cloud gaming plans as it announced the addition of more than 50 new games to the xCloud beta test.
  • These shots clearly show the two-door crossover in red, which is one of three exterior color options available for its limited edition model.
  • Both Eddie Murphy and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are on board to help with the project, and if all goes according to plan, the contract includes an option for Netflix to create a fifth movie.
  • It got booted from the list last year due to issues with its air suspension system, while for the Model 3 issues included braking, body trim and glass defects.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate adds Discord, Spotify and EA Access freebies

  • This holiday season, Microsoft really wants you to sign up for its monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.
  • To start, for a limited time you can once again get the first three months of the service, which bundles together the company's Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions together, for just $1.
  • Even if you take into account the fact that in some countries such as the US and UK Microsoft already offered a free six-month subscription to Spotify Premium as an incentive to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you're getting a lot for just $1.
  • As a further incentive for people to subscribe, Microsoft is adding 50 new games to the Game Pass -- making it one of the most substantial expansions of the service to date.

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Wikipedia co-founder wants to give you an alternative to Facebook and Twitter

  • Two years ago, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales launched Wikitribune, an online publication meant to combat fake news with original stories by reporters and "citizen journalists." Wikitribune never really caught on, so now, Wales is shifting gears.
  • Wikitribune is relaunching as WT:Social, a social-networking site and news sharing platform.
  • He hopes it will be an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which use algorithms to bump posts with the most comments or likes to the top, WT:Social will show the newest links first.
  • It may add an "upvote" button in the future.

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Google rolls out next-gen RCS texting to Android users in the US

  • At long last, you can get next-gen text messaging on your Android phone in the US without vendor-specific support or resorting to unofficial tricks.
  • Google is rolling out Rich Communication Services (RCS) support to Android Messages users across the US.
  • This won't be thrilling if you prefer an alternative app (like the one from your phone manufacturer), but it might be worthwhile for the benefits when you're chatting with other RCS users.
  • There is a caveat: RCS doesn't support end-to-end encryption like Apple's iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Signal or similar services.
  • Google has promised that it will only store messages while they're in transit, but the truly privacy-conscious won't want to use RCS for anything particularly sensitive.
  • RCS is more an upgrade to SMS than its own messaging service, and that means dealing with similar privacy risks.

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Netflix is making a fourth 'Beverly Hills Cop' movie

  • According to Deadline, series-owner Paramount has signed a one-time licensing deal with Netflix that will allow the company to produce a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie that will stream exclusively on its service.
  • Beverly Hills Cop is by far and away the biggest franchise the film studio has licensed to Netflix.
  • Moreover, as Deadline notes, both Annihilation and The Cloverfield Paradox were finished when Netflix came into the picture and helped make them profitable.
  • In its Q2 2018 fiscal quarter, more than half of the company's $741 million revenue came from its agreement to license The Cloverfield Paradox to Netflix.
  • In fact, the movie's surprise success on Netflix was one of the main reasons the film studio was able to turn a modest $9 million profit that quarter.

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