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Articles related to "engadget"

‘Hardspace: Shipbreaker’ is a puzzle-solving parable

  • “We target flow,” said Smith, “the player just gets immersed into the experience and the real world melts away.” It’s serene and satisfying to float around making a plan and working out how best to tackle each ship in turn.
  • Smith used the example of people who say that to make an omelet, you have to crack eggs, “Well, we don’t want to just blast through the egg-cracking bit.” Instead, the game’s focus is on telling “the stories of the hardship and some of the people that it wasn’t great for.” Indeed, it’s much like the stories of real-world shipbreakers who earn just dollars a day to break apart vessels in Bangladesh or the colonists who left Europe for indentured servitude in British America.

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Introducing Engadget's Dads and Grads gift guide for 2020

  • And the Engadget team is very excited to launch our first-ever Dads and Grads gift guide.
  • We know that celebrations are hard right now -- hard to pull off and sometimes hard to enjoy -- but we don’t want to forget about our amazing fathers and our equally awesome new graduates.
  • We want to help you do that with our eight buying guides full of useful and fun gifts for dads and grads.
  • Our product recommendations run the gamut from practical to playful: tools to help new graduates start their “adult” lives on their own, gadgets that can turn dads’ backyard into a grilling haven and lots more.
  • We also know that money is tight across the board, so we included gift ideas under $50 for both dads and grads so you can celebrate your loved ones while sticking to your budget.

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The biggest tech stories today.

  • Its second attempt, on Saturday afternoon, marked the first time a commercial aerospace company has transported astronauts off-world.
  • It’s also the first time since the cancellation of the Space Shuttle program in 2011 that astronauts have lifted off from US soil.
  • Roughly nine minutes after the Falcon 9 took off, the first stage rocket successfully set down on its autonomous sea barge here on Earth, and the Crew Dragon capsule, nicknamed Endeavor, successfully separated from its second stage.
  • Then, less than 24 hours ago, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley docked the capsule with the International Space Station.
  • Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley successfully docked the capsule with the International Space Station just under 19 hours after launch from Cape Canaveral.
  • While describing the ride as less smooth than the space shuttle, Hurley said he “couldn’t be happier” about the Crew Dragon’s performance.

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The first Atari VCS units should be ready by mid-June

  • Atari’s repeatedly delayed VCS console is nearly ready two years after its announcement.
  • The team has revealed that the first 500 (or so) Atari VCS production models should leave the factory by mid-June.
  • That will still leave the majority of Atari’s 11,597 crowdfunding backers waiting, but the team “cautiously” expects that production for those will get underway this summer now that the parts are available.
  • Atari has yet to detail the full software lineup for the VCS even with a game subscription deal locked in.
  • Nonetheless, this is good news for backers worried that multiple delays, changing specs and behind-the-scenes drama might prevent the system from shipping.
  • It’s a relatively powerful device for the money with an embedded Ryzen chip and some PC-like functionality, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be the nostalgia-inducing console of your dreams, particularly if the Atari 2600 doesn’t mean much to you.

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Modified Cessna is the 'largest' electric aircraft to take flight

  • Electric aircraft are ever so slightly closer to becoming a practical reality for travel.
  • Magnix and AeroTEC have flown what they say is the world’s largest all-electric aircraft.
  • Their modified Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, the “eCaravan,” flew for 30 minutes around Washington state’s Grand County International Airport using Magnix’s 750HP Magni500 motor instead of the usual turboprop engine.
  • The flight was “flawless,” Magnix chief Roei Ganzarski said in a statement to FlightGlobal.
  • Magnix and AeroTEC hope to eventually carry nine people 100 miles once the technology has advanced, but that won’t happen until after the initial aircraft’s expected certification in 2021.
  • The companies envision these Caravans reviving short-hop flights that became impractical for many airlines.
  • The operating costs would be much more feasible (a 30-minute flight costs $6 in electricity, for instance), and emissions wouldn’t be an issue.

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Image bricks some Android phones when used as wallpaper

  • Never mind a text character crashing your phone — if you’re on Android, your choice of wallpaper could be a larger problem.
  • Users have discovered (via Android Authority and 9to5Google) that an innocuous landscape photo is “soft-bricking” some Android phones when it’s used as a background.
  • The issue may come down to the color spaces your phone supports and how they’re handled.
  • Dylan Roussel from 9to5 discovered that the source image uses the RGB color space instead of Android’s preferred sRGB, and Android 10 doesn’t convert it where the Android 11 preview does — that causes problems any time an incompatible phone has to display the picture, which is a problem if you’ve just set the photo as your wallpaper.
  • Other images will likely lead to the same issue.
  • If nothing else, it’s a reminder to get wallpapers only from sources you trust.

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SpaceX's pioneering astronauts board the International Space Station

  • Following a dramatic launch, 19-hour voyage and successful docking procedure, pioneering astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley have left the Crew Dragon and are now aboard the International Space Station (ISS).
  • While describing the ride as less smooth than the space shuttle, Hurley said he “couldn’t be happier” about the Crew Dragon’s performance.
  • The astronauts’ primary mission, called Demo-2, is a final test of the Crew Dragon’s performance before NASA certifies it for ISS crewed transport missions.
  • The astronauts are expected to remain on the ISS from one to three months, “based on the readiness of the next commercial crew launch,” NASA said earlier in May. The maximum stay will be will be 110 days due to concerns about how the Crew Dragon’s solar panels will hold up in the challenging conditions of space.

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Amazon pulls racist images from AirPods listings

  • Online shoppers in the UK got an ugly dose of racism this weekend.
  • Amazon has removed images in listings for AirPods and similar products that contained repeated use of racist language.
  • It’s not certain how the images got there, how long they’ve been present or who was responsible.
  • However, a spokesperson told Reuters that it had “taken action on the bad actor” behind the images.
  • The product listings themselves had disappeared by mid-day on May 31st.
  • The entries surfaced on listings from new sellers who’d had little feedback.
  • You weren’t going to find these images on listings from major vendors, in other words.
  • To some extent, the damage has already been done.
  • The images caused enough furor to make the term “AirPods” trend on Twitter in the UK.
  • It also illustrates another of the challenges Amazon faces in policing its sellers.

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Earth's first off-world colonies will be built on soil

  • Today, NASA deems interplanetary dust and dirt — also known as regolith — one of the greatest risks to long-term space settlements.
  • Just as humans have used dirt to build shelters on Earth for tens of thousands of years, experts say space colonists will have to turn to regolith to avoid the dangers of extraterrestrial exposure, from fatal levels of solar radiation to cosmic thermal swings and micrometeoroids.
  • For both safety and sustainability reasons, robots will be the true pioneers of our first lunar and Martian colonies, helping us find suitable locations, scout for resources and build the settlements we may one day call home.
  • As an alternative to our science-fiction fantasy of astronauts building houses on the moon, Malott describes a scenario in which teams of robots visit ahead of the astronauts’ arrival to identify sites that have easy access to desirable resources.“You’ll need to be in proximity to some valuable resource,” he explains.

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HBO Max is a mess -- but it's still a smart bet on HBO’s future

  • When AT&T;'s WarnerMedia announced the streaming service last year, it was hard to tell if it was going to be an additional charge for existing HBO Now and cable subscribers.
  • (Previously, cable subscribers used HBO Go while digital-only customers used Now.) Instead of just competing with other premium networks like Showtime, HBO Max is taking aim at Disney+, Netflix and Hulu.
  • (Roku representatives wouldn't comment when asked about HBO Max.) It also needs 4K and HDR support, both of which are major quality advantages for Disney+ and Netflix.
  • Currently, it supports major providers like Charter, Verizon, Optimum and Cox. In the long run, HBO Max needs to step up its original content even further to justify the high $14.99 monthly cost.
  • But the real story of HBO Max lies ahead, in a future where every media company will need a marquee service to stay relevant.

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