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Articles related to "environmental"

Patagonia’s HR chief says he reads resumes 'from the bottom up' to avoid the culture-fit trap

  • At Patagonia, the outdoor apparel company founded in 1973, the stated mission is "to save our home planet." The company is also known for its progressive  offerings like on-site childcare, a three-day weekend every other week, and a promise to bail out any employee who gets arrested for peacefully protesting harm to the environment.
  • At the same time, Carter said, he wants to avoid hiring "climate drones," or people who have no interests beyond saving the planet.
  • These candidates embrace Patagonia's core values, which include "build the best product," by focusing on function, repairability, and durability, and "use business to protect nature," like when the company put its $10 million Trump tax cut into the planet.
  • In fact, when he posts job openings on his personal LinkedIn page, Carter encourages candidates to include their volunteerism and outdoor interests.
  • The ideal candidate expresses values that align with Patagonia's mission and brings a fresh perspective to the organization, based on their previous career experience or their outside-of-work passions.

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The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined. Here are the biggest ways it impacts the planet.

  • Some parts of modern life are, at this point, widely known to cause environmental harm — flying overseas, using disposable plastic items, and even driving to and from work, for example.
  • But when it comes to our clothes, the impacts are less obvious.
  • As consumers worldwide buy more clothes, the growing market for cheap items and new styles is taking a toll on the environment.
  • On average, people bought 60% more garments in 2014 than they did in 2000.
  • Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams.
  • And washing some types of clothes sends thousands of bits of plastic into the ocean.
  • Here are the most significant impacts fast fashion has on the planet.
  • Read more: New Mexico faces extreme water scarcity on par with the United Arab Emirates.

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Amazon’s 1-day shipping is convenient — and terrible for the environment

  • It has also eased off on its minimum purchasing requirement, Recode reported, encouraging customers to buy individual low-cost items that come with free one-day shipping.
  • After all, more than 100 million people already pay $119 annually to receive Amazon Prime’s free and fast shipping; expediting that service and expanding purchasing options will likely keep customers hooked on Amazon’s services.
  • In an article written for Vox last November, Jaller suggested two potential solutions to reduce online shopping’s environmental impact: Retailers should invest in more zero-emission delivery vehicles, and consumers should be more aware of their shopping habits.
  • Amazon does also offer environmentally beneficial options for buyers: Prime customers can choose one day of the week to get all their deliveries, which would reduce packaging and consolidate shipments.
  • With options like free one- or two-day shipping at their fingertips, customers are conditioned to expect quick delivery services, often ignoring the human and environmental costs that make it possible.

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Volvo unveils its first fully electric car and pledges to go carbon-neutral

  • Calling climate change “a real threat to our future,” Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson billed the XC40 as the first vehicle in a lineup of Recharge-branded EVs that will help the Swedish automaker achieve its plan to phase out gas-powered vehicles starting this year.
  • In addition to the car, Volvo also made a bold environmental pledge: half of its cars will be electric by 2025, and that it will slash the life-cycle carbon footprint on each car by 40 percent by the same year.
  • The XC40 Recharge is the first vehicle for which Volvo is disclosing the life-cycle carbon footprint — effectively the CO2 emissions the car will produce during its life with both manufacturing and usage taken into account.
  • Last year, GM pitched a national environmental program for car companies to turn 25 percent of their lineups into zero-emissions vehicles.

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Trump administration proposes new logging in nation's largest national forest

  • The Agriculture Department proposal unveiled Tuesday would allow road construction and reclassify forest area -- including "165,000 old-growth acres" -- of the huge Tongass National Forest in the panhandle of southeastern Alaska.
  • The forest -- about the size of West Virginia -- and region form the world's largest intact temperate rainforest.
  • The department said the proposal, which will be published this week, exempts Tongass from the USDA's 2001 "roadless rule," which generally bars new roads in certain areas of national forests.
  • The proposal lays out five alternatives to the change, including leaving the roadless rule in force.
  • A coalition of environmental groups said the proposal would be bad for the region's environment, which drives the tourism and fishing economies.
  • The proposal is in the form of a draft environmental impact statement and will be open for public comment.

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