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Articles related to "evacuees"

Coronavirus email hoax led to violent protests in Ukraine

  • An email that appeared to come from Ukraine’s ministry of health containing false information about coronavirus cases in the country led to a number of violent protests and standoffs with police, reports BuzzFeed News.
  • To try and calm citizens, Ukraine’s Center for Public Health released a statement saying reports of five cases of coronavirus were false, and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky published a Facebook post saying the evacuees were all healthy and that they would be quarantined for two weeks out of extra caution.
  • With so many people searching for information online about coronavirus, there is continued risk that people may come across misinformation and hoaxes about the disease, especially on social networks like Facebook and Twitter that are ill-equipped to handle fast-changing global news events and the flood of user-generated posts that accompany them.

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