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Articles related to "eventually"

How Pebble smartwatches are getting a second life

  • Part of the appeal was that it seemed ahead of its time — it could do things like show you notifications and help you control your phone’s music, which would become table stakes for smartwatches made by other companies in the years to come.
  • The company was acquired by Fitbit in late 2016, and Fitbit eventually announced it would shut down Pebble’s web services, which included an app store, voice dictation, weather, and more.
  • Among other things highlighted in the story, there’s now a GitHub that preserves an incredible amount of technical information about the Pebble, web services (some with paid subscribers!) that replace much of what was shut down by Fitbit, and even aspirations of reverse-engineering Pebble’s firmware to someday be able to build custom, Pebble-like smartwatches.
  • It’s an great story — and you should go read it on iFixit.

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners showcase stunning scenes from nature

  • The dramatic image, captured with perfect timing by Chinese photographer Yongqing Bao, has won the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, given out annually by London's Natural History Museum.
  • Bao caught the scene on the snow-draped sloped of China's Qilian Mountains in early spring.
  • He had been observing the interactions between the two creatures for some time; around an hour earlier, the marmot had spotted the fox and raised the alarm to his neighbors to get underground.
  • But the fox lay low and still; and, believing the coast was clear, the marmot eventually emerged to find food.
  • In an instant the fox dashed forward and, thanks to some lightning-quick reflexes, Bao was able to immortalize a frightening moment of realization as the marmot comes face to face with its mortality.
  • Bao collected the award at a ceremony, held at the London museum on Tuesday evening.

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