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Articles related to "eventually"

US eases restrictions on Chinese flights it announced earlier this week

  • Friday's announcement from the Department of Transportation follows a decision by Chinese civil aviation regulators on Thursday to allow in a limited number of flights from US carriers.
  • American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines eventually suspended their service between the two countries.
  • When Delta and United sought to resume service, they found Chinese government restrictions would not permit it, according to the Transportation Department.
  • Chinese carriers, however, conducted limited service between the two countries.
  • So on Wednesday, the Transportation Department determined the Chinese government was violating an international travel agreement between the two countries, and said it would soon restrict Chinese flights into the US.
  • Chinese officials responded on Thursday by easing their restrictions in a way that will allow Delta and United to conduct one weekly round-trip flight.

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Human-like ears 3D printed inside mice as surgery-free spare parts

  • First, the researchers injected a “bio-ink” made of hydrogel particles and cartilage cells into the backs of mice.
  • The famous Vacanti mouse of the 1990s also had a human-like ear grown on its back, but it was made by implanting a pre-made plastic scaffold seeded with cartilage cells underneath the skin, rather than 3D printing the scaffold directly at the site.
  • “We are making efforts to improve this technique for future treatment of human ear defects,” says Gou. The nonsurgical 3D printing technique could also potentially be used to repair damaged cartilage in noses, fingers, toes or elbows, says Derek Rosenzweig at McGill University in Canada.
  • In contrast, hip and deep knee cartilage defects may be harder to fix, because near-infrared light usually only penetrates about 2 centimetres into the body, he says.
  • Gou’s team hopes to eventually adapt the technique to fix other damaged organs like the heart or lungs.

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Ok Instagram Bullies, Stop Shaming Alicia Silverstone for Being a Weird Mom

  • Then, the discourse eventually shifted when Alicia started exhibiting weird parenting techniques.
  • The anti-vax stance is dangerous to be sure, and I can understand why someone would feel it’s worthy of criticism.
  • No. She’s a bad parent because her child is vegan, has long hair, and imperfect teeth.
  • Evidence shows that “mom shaming” – which has taken off as a social media phenomenon where this influencer tells that influencer that she’s a bad parent – is ineffective.
  • A study conducted by the mobile app found that 80 percent of mothers surveyed have been shamed for their parenting skills.
  • And sometimes, I wonder if Instagram moms are genuinely concerned or just like feeling superior.
  • What kind of mother would get off on making a fellow mother and her innocent child feel bad?

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Go read this story about how a lost NES game was recovered after 30 years

  • Digital archivists working with the Video Game History Foundation have discovered a previously lost NES game based on the 1990 film Days of Thunder.
  • In early 2020, The Video Game History Foundation was approached by a friend of Oberth’s surviving family to help them make sense of the materials he had left behind.
  • After discovering an early proof of concept for a NES game, the team realized that Oberth had previously briefly mentioned an unreleased game he’d worked on that was based on the film Days of Thunder.
  • Oberth had labeled the disks with the software he’d used to back up the files, but even then, the software couldn’t recognize the files when emulated in DOSBox, meaning the team had to reassemble old hardware to get it to work.

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