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Articles related to "exclusive"

Porsche will put its customers' giant fingerprints on the hoods of their brand-new 911 sports cars for $8,000 — here's how it works

  • Porsche has developed a direct printing method that will allow "high quality" designs to be printed onto its vehicles, and wants to start by placing Porsche 911 customers' fingerprints onto the hood of their cars.
  • Alexander Fabig, a Porsche VP, said in a statement that the fingerprint option is a "personal" design that reflects the individuality that he considers "important" for Porsche customers.
  • The customers will be a part of the whole printing process with an understanding of how their fingerprints will be used.
  • Porsche plans on allowing other customer-specific designs to be printed in the future but is focusing on the fingerprint hood design for now.
  • The non-fingerprinted 911 is known for having good resale value, and new Porsche 911 owners keep their cars for about 9.9 years before reselling them, according to a study done by iSeeCars.

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United's flagship Polaris airport lounge in Newark is 27,000 square feet of complimentary restaurants, bars, private nap rooms, and showers — here's what it's like

  • United Airlines' Polaris Lounges are some of the fanciest spaces you'll find in US airports, and the airline even won the "best domestic premium lounge" award from luxury travel website The Points Guy. But "fancy" usually also means "exclusive," and exclusive is exactly what these lounges are: Only those flying United's long-haul international business class, or business or first class on certain partner airlines, are allowed to use them.
  • I tried out the 27,000-square-foot Newark one, and it not only met expectations — it far exceeded them, from the atmosphere to the food and drinks at the buffet, restaurant, and bar, all of which were included in the price of the ticket.
  • Access to the Polaris lounge is ultra exclusive, and is limited to passengers flying in United's international business class, Polaris, along with first- and business-class passengers on some of United's international partner airlines.

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Could Cyberpunk 2077 Be a Timed Xbox Series X Exclusive?

  • A CD Projekt RED tweet confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X, but there's no mention of the PS5.
  • It’s possible that Microsoft has also paid CD Projekt RED to make Cyberpunk 2077 exclusive for Xbox Series X for several months.
  • Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series X specs today with 8 times the graphical horsepower of the original Xbox One. A game like Cyberpunk 2077 could look amazing on Microsoft’s next-gen console and sell plenty of Xbox Series X units.
  • It’s early days but there’s a consensus among a cluster of gamers who claim exclusive games aren’t that important and that it will be price that gets them buying the Xbox Series X or PS5.
  • It’s speculation at this point but if Microsoft has an exclusivity arrangement with CD Projekt Red, the Xbox Series X will have landed a sizable early blow on the still under-wraps PlayStation 5.

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IoT Report: How Internet of Things technology growth is reaching mainstream companies and consumers

  • By integrating all of our modern day devices with internet connectivity, the IoT market is on pace to grow to over $3 trillion annually by 2026.
  • Business Insider Intelligence is keeping its finger on the pulse of this ongoing revolution by conducting our third annual Global IoT Executive Survey, which provides us with critical insights on the most pivotal new developments within the IoT and explains how top-level perspectives are changing year to year.
  • The proprietary data obtained in our survey has helped us continually refine our IoT market growth projections over the years.
  • We size the IoT market and use exclusive data to identify key trends in the connected devices sector.
  • Companies mentioned in this report are: Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Around Analytics, Arm, AT&T, August Home, C3 IoT, China Mobile, Dallas Innovation Alliance, Dell, Ericsson, Filament, FogHorn, Google, Grubhub, Guardzilla, Huawei, ibex, Intel, Microsoft, Next, Nokia, Pandora, PsiKick, Qualcomm, SAM, Samsung, Sidewalk Labs, Spotify, STMicroelectronics, Verizon, Whirlpool, and Xage.

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