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Articles related to "expressed"

The Sanders effect will touch every race on the 2020 ballot

  • On Monday, multiple strategists expressed concern that Sanders as a nominee would all but guarantee defeat for Democrats against President Donald Trump, as well as in tough congressional races.
  • But as CNN's Michael Warren, Lauren Fox and Fredreka Schouten report, donors and party strategists are fretting that the compressed Super Tuesday calendar means there is very little time to propel any one of the moderate, non-Sanders Democrats left in the race to victory.
  • The reason he lost was because Clinton beat him among black and Hispanic voters, who make up more than one-third of the Democratic Party.
  • Elizabeth Warren has continued to eviscerate not Bernie Sanders, who on Monday adopted a version of her universal child care proposal, but rather Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire moderate whose rise she sought to shut down at the Democratic debate in Nevada last week.

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Jif is rolling out a limited-edition peanut butter to settle the debate over the pronunciation of 'GIF' once and for all

  • The GIF — an acronym that stands for Graphics Interchange Format, a file label for short animated clips — quickly became a staple of the internet after it was created in 1987.
  • However, all the while debate raged: Was GIF pronounced with a hard or soft "G" sound?
  • In 2013, the company expressed support for GIF founder Steve Wilhite, who spoke out against the popular hard "G" pronunciation — which by then had even become the preferred manner of speaking for the Obama Administration — in an interview with The New York Times.
  • In short order, Jif made a GIF of its own in support of Wilhite's announcement and their shared pronunciations.
  • When asked what prompted the change of heart, a Jif spokesperson was quick to deny that the 2013 GIF was an official statement by the company.

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PewDiePie Is Guilty of Every Attack He Hypocritically Aims at Jake Paul

  • PewDiePie slammed fellow YouTuber Jake Paul in a new video, but he's a lot more like his nemesis than he wants to admit.
  • His response video to Jake Paul’s financial freedom movement isn’t the first time Kjellberg has attacked his fellow YouTuber’s efforts to make the world a better place.
  • Yet he criticizes Jake Paul for encouraging people to educate themselves about finance and business.
  • As if that weren’t astounding enough, PewDiePie is actually guilty of what he slams Jake Paul for within the same video that he upbraids Paul.
  • Yes, Jake Paul is the person I look at when I envision financial freedom.
  • That was in response to Jake Paul criticizing student loans for costing so much and not delivering students the earning power that would make them worth it.
  • PewDiePie is even more “guilty” than Jake Paul of this final criticism.

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Opinion: Bernie Sanders absolutely could win it all this November

  • Today, some Democrats are expressing identical concerns: If the very progressive Sanders is the nominee, it will result in Democrats losing more moderate states and could enable the GOP to regain the control of the House it lost in 2018.
  • Some have recently equated Sanders with the very progressive 1972 Democratic nominee George McGovern, who went on to lose horribly to Richard Nixon by 23 percentage points.
  • Republicans are even expressing "glee" that Sanders might be the nominee, believing they can use his "democratic socialism" as a bogeyman to scare voters.
  • Obviously, this poll doesn't mean the election will turn out that way, but it does make it clear Sanders currently attracts more support than McGovern ever did and that Nixon was far more popular in 1972 than Trump is today.

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