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Articles related to "extremely"

Lenses made with spider silk could help take pictures inside the body

  • Cheng-Yang Liu at National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan and his colleagues used dragline silk from Pholcus phalangioides spiders, also known as daddy-long-legs, as a sort of scaffold on which to build lenses.
  • To make a lens, they covered a strand of spider silk in wax and then dripped transparent resin over it.
  • They tested the lenses by shining laser light on them, which produced a sort of beam called a photonic nanojet, an incredibly narrow shaft of light that can be focused at different distances from the lens.
  • Dripping more or less resin onto the spider silk and changing how long it sat before baking allowed the researchers to control the size and shape of the lens and how it focused light.

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Debelle rebuts the inflationistas

  • If you're anxious that massive amounts of money-printing by the world's central banks will inevitably trigger an outbreak of global inflation or a collapse in the currency then you'd be well advised to take heed of the latest comments from the Reserve Bank's deputy governor, Guy Debelle.
  • In a speech to the Economic Society of Australia on Tuesday, Dr Debelle coolly rebutted the argument of any number of monetarists and hedge fund titans who have warned that moves by the world's central banks to crank up the money printing presses, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, will inevitably result in a surge in inflation.
  • The RBA deputy governor coolly dismissed warnings that money printing to fund pandemic recovery efforts will lead to a surge in inflation.

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