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Articles related to "facing"

Mark Zuckerberg Desperately Needs Microsoft to Acquire TikTok

  • Unlike other upcoming rivals that it has either acquired or destroyed, Facebook has failed to neutralize TikTok despite launching a competitor, Lasso, two years ago.
  • There is no proof that Microsoft has figured out how to succeed in this particular space and that it will do a better job with TikTok. Facebook would consider itself lucky to have such a competitor.
  • With Facebook facing antitrust scrutiny in Congress alongside Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet, Microsoft’s planned acquisition of TikTok help the social media giant deflect accusations of being a monopoly.
  • Other ByteDance products include Douyin (the Chinese TikTok), content discovery platform Toutiao, YouTube clone Xigua Video, Indian social media platform Helo, and Indonesia’s news and content app Babe.
  • Given TikTok’s phenomenal success in such a short time, Facebook would be better off battling a competitor whose strength lies in enterprise-facing products and services rather than ByteDance.

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