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Articles related to "families"

Petition to airlines: Kids should sit with their parents

  • About a year later, the DOT responded with information it had gathered from airlines and enclosed 136 complaints it had collected from consumers over a period of about two and a half years.
  • The DOT decided not to direct airlines to establish family seating policies "based on the low number of complaints received and review of airline family seating policies," the agency said on its website in a posting from September 2019.
  • The DOT said it would continue to review family seating complaints regularly, and posted tips for families on its consumer website to help with seating issues.
  • United Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart said the carrier has adjusted its family seating procedures and policies.
  • In the summer of 2019, modifications were made to its seating engine "to ensure that whenever possible that we assign children to a seat adjacent to an adult traveling on the same PNR, which is the passenger name record," Hobart said.

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