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Articles related to "featuring"

The cocaine Santa sweatshirt that landed Walmart in hot water is a best-seller on Amazon, and it reveals a gaping hole in the tech giant's strategy

  • However, clothing with identical designs — and others with similar themes — remain available for sale on Amazon.
  • In fact, a shirt with the same design sold as "Cocaine Santa let it snow christmas sweater Sweatshirt" is currently the No. 1 best-seller in the Women's Novelty Sweatshirts category as of Wednesday morning.
  • Unlike the sweater available on Walmart's Canadian site, the description of the sweatshirt states it "ships from and [is] sold by" In other words, Amazon does not create the designs, but takes on responsibility for selling and shipping the products.
  • On Tuesday, a new seller called "Cocaine Santa Shirt Designs" began selling an entire set of apparel around the concept, with more than 70 options for sale.
  • Like the other cocaine Santa shirt, all of the shirts from "Cocaine Santa Shirt Designs" state they ship from and are sold by

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A new generation ain’t afraid of no ghosts in Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer

  • Sony Pictures just dropped the first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, a sequel directed by Jason Reitman (Juno, Thank You for Smoking), featuring a whole new team.
  • They discover their family's legacy to the original Ghostbusters, who have become something of a myth, as many have long since forgotten the events of the 'Manhattan Crossrip of 1984'"—i.e., the events of the original film.
  • My mom says we're just here to pick through the rubble of his life," Phoebe tells her teacher, right before she discovers all her grandfather's old Ghostbusters paraphernalia, including the uniforms.
  • Meanwhile, Trevor discovers the Ghostbusters-mobile with its ECTO-1 license plate, outfitted with a handy gunner's seat and a (functioning) proton pack.
  • That might explain the relatively subdued, more contemplative tone of this first trailer: at once mourning the loss of Ramis and celebrating the legacy he helped create, now handed down to a new generation.

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Snapchat Cameos lets you insert your face into a GIF

  • Snapchat's secret weapon is its uncanny face-swapping and -tracking algorithms, and it has just deployed those to great effect in a new chat feature called Cameos.
  • The feature, which leaked out yesterday, inserts your selfie into short, looping videos featuring cats, shopping carts, cars and more.
  • The idea is to send your pals an expressive GIF, starring...
  • According to a GIF that Snap supplied (above), you can appear as an anthropomorphized cat, someone riding a shopping cart, a giant animated "thumbs down" emoji and more.
  • All you need to do is open Chat, tap the emoji button, hit the Cameos icon, tap on a tile and take a selfie.
  • While a touch disturbing, the feature has high comedic potential and could help Snapchat stay ahead of Instagram and other rivals, at least until they figure out how to copy it.

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