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Articles related to "feel"

Why Blogging is Awesome

  • In a recent Ladybug Podcast episode, we talked about our reasons for blogging.
  • I also use it as a way to teach myself, because I’m a huge proponent of the fact that if you can relay your thoughts about a topic well enough to create a blog post or create an online video or whatnot, then you’ve sufficiently learned the base level knowledge for that skill.
  • I didn’t feel like I understood the material,so I started writing resources that my past self would have found really helpful.
  • I can use my own blog posts as resources to send to potential clients and to talk about in our newsletter that we send out for my agency.
  • We talked way more in-depth about our experiences blogging, as well as actionable advice for growing your blog on the Ladybug Podcast.

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Launch HN: Dashblock (YC S19) – Turn Any Website into an API

  • Our software is basically a browser that allows you to access a website, right-click on the information you want to extract and preview your API on other pages.In order to create long-lasting APIs, we developed a machine learning model that is resilient to website updates.

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How to Get Your First Developer Job.

  • Taking on projects as a freelancer will help you build business skills like negotiating, establish trustworthiness as a developer, and get you some up-to-date recommendations to show potential employers.
  • The connections you build with people before you need a developer job will be very helpful in assisting you to land your first job.
  • Whether you meet in person or on the Internet, you will be expanding your horizons and getting to know people who can turn out to be your future co-workers or superiors at those dream developer jobs.
  • As a developer just starting out, it is especially easy to feel inadequate because someone asked you to do something you have never heard of, or you feel like there are many concepts in programming you have still not mastered.

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When to stop your everlasting machine learning algorithm

  • Optimal stopping gives a systematic solution to the problem of choosing a time to take a particular action (usually to stop searching), in order to maximise an expected reward or minimise an expected cost: when to stop dating to settle, when to stop looking for a parking spot and take one, when to stop interviewing candidates and make an offer, in between others.
  • Let’s go back to our previous example, where we were applying some dimensionality reduction algorithm and running a basic model on each iteration with the idea of selecting the number of dimensions that maximizes our score.
  • And actually, this magic number is probably all you need to know: in order to maximize the probability of getting the best score, stop your algorithm once after the first 37% iterations, you get one that overperforms all the previous one.

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Opening up about my mother's suicide was life-changing

  • She'd been ill for a year and the note she left revealed that she felt she was being a financial and emotional burden on our family -- distracting my sister and I from our college educations, holding my father back in his new job.
  • Opening up about my mom to other suicide loss survivors and hearing their stories gave me comfort and validation.
  • As it hit me that I'd never even thought of my own sister as a suicide loss survivor, I knew I needed to break our silence and get those in my mom's inner circle to talk.
  • On a YouTube series called "Talking About Suicide Loss With..." I started, I speak with other survivors who have inspired me in going public with their stories.
  • I hope my story and film encourage others suffering in silence to talk, acts as a cautionary tale to those who might one day face suicide loss, and teaches all that the silence is not golden.

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Asking customers not to bring guns into stores is one thing. Enforcing the policy is another

  • New York (CNN Business) - Walmart and seven other retailers made major political statements earlier this month when they asked customers not to openly carry firearms in their stores.
  • Educating workers about how and when to approach armed customers requires training, and many employees may feel uncomfortable about asking gunholders to leave a store.
  • If a customer does not abide with a store's clearly posted rules, or if someone ignores an employee's instructions to leave, it may be considered trespassing, said Andrew Karwoski, deputy director of state policy for advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety.
  • But if customers or employees feel uncomfortable about someone openly carrying a gun, Walmart managers or a member of the security team may approach that person to remind them of the policy.
  • But the result of this policy so far is that some people are still openly carrying guns into Walmart stores, leaving employees feeling vulnerable.

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Fed chair Powell has kept markets calm, but now he has to reassure American shoppers

  • Washington (CNN Business) - Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell has spent a year messaging confidence to investors in the heavily coded language of central bankers, and last month finally gave President Donald Trump the rate cut he'd been demanding for months.
  • The thing keeping the US economy afloat despite Trump's ongoing trade wars and contractions overseas is consumer spending, which has stayed strong despite a slew of negative headlines -- a federal budget deficit topping $1 trillion, bond markets sending signals of a looming recession and now an oil shock in Saudi Arabia.
  • The unclear outlook on the economy is one of the reasons why central bankers at their last meeting in July signaled they were eager "to maintain optionality" -- or flexibility--when it comes to charting the path of interest rates for the remainder of the year.

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A Love Letter to Personal Websites

  • We almost feel an obligation to share our work there, in addition to our personal lives.
  • In contrast to our personal websites, we don't own our social platforms.
  • We not only give giant tech companies our personal data – we allow them to use, sell and share our content in whatever way they wish.
  • As designers, we already forfeit a degree of creative control outside of social media.
  • Work is not the place for personal expression and full creative freedom.
  • Compare that to social media platforms that go public one day and bankrupt the next, shutting down their app and your content along with it.
  • Social media is a nice way to extend the reach, but it all points back to
  • It’s the one link I give to people inquiring about me and my work, rather some URL or social media handle I don’t own.

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Borderlands 3 is a lot more Borderlands, in ways both good and bad

  • As usual, the game provides a seemingly endless variety of weapons that, crucially, all look and feel entirely distinct from one another in a number of ways.
  • Further ReadingBorderlands: The Pre-sequel review: Bang, zoom, to the moonEarning access to a new weapon that fits your style just right still provides that adrenaline hit in a way that can't be matched by finding yet another identical shotgun in most other shooters.
  • At one point, our extremely annoying robot companion Claptrap got stuck in a loop repeating the same two quest hints every few seconds, even though the quest was already complete (this required restarting the game to fix).
  • But it's these kinds of little things that are thus far getting in the way of allowing me to completely be reabsorbed by the world of Borderlands.

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Review: The $990 Unagi e-scooter is sleek, powerful, and light

  • If you plan to use the Unagi for short trips and/or are a multimodal commuter – that is, you plan to combine the Unagi with public transit or a car – it’s hard to find a better combination of weight, size, power, and price.
  • There are a handful of other scooters capable of outputting ~500W that weight less than 30lb, but none I’m aware of with dual motors (which tend to provide better traction and hill-climbing) — and none that look this good.
  • It makes the Unagi a pleasure to ride in bike lanes and one of the only scooters I feel comfortable riding on sidewalks with low foot traffic (at a slow pace, of course).
  • The Unagi’s wheels do provide a bit of cushioning thanks to their unique airless design, but you have to be more vigilant than with a bike or a scooter with better suspension.

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