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Articles related to "feel"

No More “Struggle Porn”

  • He’s also a big fan of GaryVee. Of course, there were some big successes out of the Pittsburgh startup ecosystem, but the vast majority of people in the accelerators and community were strugglepreneurs: people building businesses going nowhere quickly that felt they were accomplishing something because they were struggling.
  • You don’t need to look at metrics like revenue because you know you’ve been working hard, and that guy on Instagram said that’s what it takes.
  • I don’t know anyone running a multi-million dollar business who follows struggle pornographers like GaryVee. They don’t need the feel-good reassurance that beating their head against the wall is worthwhile.
  • It’s worth making a distinction here: I’m not saying you shouldn’t work hard, or that starting a business isn’t hard, I’m saying you shouldn’t fetishize struggling, and you definitely shouldn’t waste your time on consuming quasi-motivational struggle porn that makes you feel bad about how hard you’re not working.

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Full video and transcript: Snap CEO Evan Spiegel at Code 2018

  • One of the things that I’ve noticed with our team is that if we lean too heavily on data, we just wait and wait and wait and can get stuck in very small iterations, rather than looking more broadly at new solutions, and so for us to just continually push forward as a company I think is really important, as long as that underlying philosophy is sound.
  • You know, I think when we were a private company — and we’ve talked about this a million times — we made a lot of decisions that people thought were totally wild, right?
  • We really try to be thoughtful and communicate about the decisions we’re making, but ultimately, I think people are going to have to see that consistency where we release ephemeral messaging and it doesn’t make sense to people, and then several years later it makes sense and it’s the dominant behavior.

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Electric scooters are inspiring lazy people to get creative

  • Much like the kick scooters of our youth, the e-scooters offered by companies like Bird and Lime require riders to grasp the handlebars whilst standing on a narrow platform attached to two motorized wheels.
  • For those with a little money to spend, they may want to consider dropping $50 on a retractable seat attachment on eBay. It isn’t just scooters, but the proliferation of rideable electric devices of all types — e-bikes, electric skateboards — that is inspiring this mobility renaissance.
  • I wanted to know if this was truly a subculture, or merely a couple of isolated instances of scooter ingenuity, so I reached out to Michal Nakashimada, product manager at Ride Report, co-author of the excellent “Movements” micromobility newsletter, and knower of all things scooter.

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Vue-emit: an npm package to dispatch events in Vue.js

  • If you don't pass a listener from the parent component, there is no handler for the event (input event in our case) in context.listeners object.
  • It this structure context.listeners.input in the C component will be an array of two functions: [doSomethingA, doSomethingB].
  • So when using context.listeners (either directly calling handlers from this.$listeners) you have to always check that listener exists and what type it has: Function or Array.
  • The first argument is an object of listeners with eventName => handler structure.
  • Vue-emit will check listeners object and do nothing if handler is not defined or will call each handler if there are more than one listener.
  • By the way, this is the use case with stateful components - when for some reason, you want to pass more than one argument to handler function as a payload.

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Ask HN: What do you do in your 1-on-1s with your direct reports?

  • This usually doesn't take more than 10 minutes and we'll skip it by mutual agreement if we both feel we're up to date and don't have anything in particular to talk about.About once a month or so we have a 30-60 minute session over tea or coffee to just discuss communication at work, strategies, his morale, and how he feels he's doing in terms of happiness and making progress toward his personal goals.Sometimes special situations come up through the course of work and we'll have impromptu sessions to talk about them as necessary.
  • About once a month or so we have a 30-60 minute session over tea or coffee to just discuss communication at work, strategies, his morale, and how he feels he's doing in terms of happiness and making progress toward his personal goals.Sometimes special situations come up through the course of work and we'll have impromptu sessions to talk about them as necessary.

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SeeAsVee Library For Handy CSV Processing

  • We receive CSVs with commas, semicolons, tabs and even mixed delimiters when they edit these files manually.
  • Our clients have a dozillion of more important things to do than checking the CSV file format before it’s being sent to us.
  • If you are like us, you probably might be interested in our open source library called SeeAsVee. It allows sophisticated checks, validations and transformations of the input.
  • This library allows input validation, input transformation, immediate callbacks on errors found in CSV lines and many more.
  • It supports both .csv and .xlsx formats and allows transparent creation of CSV files from hashes.
  • There are also custom unique CSV output options: a value in the hash might be an array, or a string concatenated with commas, as returned by GROUP_CONCAT from any database.

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I quit my job and why should you do it too

  • Besides work issues such as burnouts, coworker problems and salary, the comfort zone is the main reason you should quit your job.
  • In a professional context, when you are in the comfort zone, you are comfortable doing all the things in your work routine.
  • When you work on a new product or project, you face tasks you’ve never solved.
  • If you can’t even remember the last challenge you faced, that’s a sign you are in the comfort zone.
  • I want to speak in public and that’s one of the points in my growth zone.
  • To step out the comfort zone I have to study oratory and try to speak in public.
  • The challenges I was solving became easy and the problems I was working on were achieved without great effort.
  • I’m working for a global fintech in the development of a new e-commerce product.

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Free societies face emerging, existential threats from technology

  • As venture capitalists, we need to do more to find, fund and help a new generation of technology companies that build the infrastructure and applications to deal with technology-based threats to stability and security.
  • Our portfolio company Evolv Technology, for example, is using advanced sensors and AI in weapons detection systems that can screen hundreds of people per hour  without making them slow down or empty their pockets and purses.
  • Companies like ShieldAI, Convexxum, Echodyne and others are using machine vision and advanced radars/lidar technologies to prevent people from being put in harm’s way by drone-type attacks.
  • DCVC recently invested in Fortem Technologies, and Shasta Ventures in AirSpace, which make Star Wars-ish systems of AI-based drones whose only role is to automatically detect, identify, and slam into drones that wander into unauthorized airspace — say, over a private estate, or a factory.

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Jake Paul’s racism controversy reveals the flaw in Shane Dawson’s docuseries

  • Some fans, however, have questioned whether Dawson truly held Jake Paul accountable for his seemingly careless treatment of former colleagues, particularly when it came to racist remarks he’s made; it’s a criticism that speaks to one of the series’ greatest — and perhaps defining — weaknesses.
  • But Dawson’s insistence on being the likable good guy, no matter who he speaks to, highlights the biggest flaw with his docuseries: even if it’s entertaining and successful, it can’t deliver on his own self-imposed promise to stop being “way too nice, way too forgiving, way too loyal.” Most of all, he wants to have a good time with Jake Paul, outright saying so at one point during the series.
  • By the end of it, the whole thing feels like a glorified PR stunt that will help the younger Paul brother rehabilitate his unruly image: if Shane Dawson, the charming king of YouTube, loves Jake Paul, then who are you to hate him?

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What it’s really like to live with your parents in your 30s

  • While living rent-free is a surefire way to eliminate what's most likely your biggest monthly expense, the arrangement can also create new money pits that you hadn't considered before you put that Beastie Boys poster back on the wall.
  • First of all, if you're like me and you've been living and working in the city, living in the suburbs adds a lot of gas money and commuter rail tickets to your monthly expenses.
  • I might not be the most traditional man when it comes to picking up the check — but once a woman knows I live with my parents, I make sure that she also knows I can afford to cover two movie tickets and popcorn.
  • But by the time I had a friend who needed a roommate in the city, I jumped at the chance.

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