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Articles related to "feeling"

After posting that he regretted attending a party in California, he died of coronavirus the next day

  • On June 20, he posted a poignant message on Facebook to warn his loved ones about the risks of the virus, his family said.
  • A friend who was at the party reached out to Macias to say he had coronavirus, and he was aware of the diagnosis when he attended the gathering but didn't think he could infect anyone because he had no symptoms, Lopez said.
  • Macias was upset but blamed himself for the error in judgment, even using his Facebook post to warn friends about the dangers of the virus.
  • About a dozen people who attended the party tested positive, Lopez said.
  • Macias got tested on June 15, got his positive result June 18 and died June 21.
  • The Riverside County Office of Vital Records said he died of coronavirus.
  • It has the second-highest number of cases in the state after Los Angeles County.

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