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Articles related to "feels-like"

Borderlands 3 is a lot more Borderlands, in ways both good and bad

  • As usual, the game provides a seemingly endless variety of weapons that, crucially, all look and feel entirely distinct from one another in a number of ways.
  • Further ReadingBorderlands: The Pre-sequel review: Bang, zoom, to the moonEarning access to a new weapon that fits your style just right still provides that adrenaline hit in a way that can't be matched by finding yet another identical shotgun in most other shooters.
  • At one point, our extremely annoying robot companion Claptrap got stuck in a loop repeating the same two quest hints every few seconds, even though the quest was already complete (this required restarting the game to fix).
  • But it's these kinds of little things that are thus far getting in the way of allowing me to completely be reabsorbed by the world of Borderlands.

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