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Articles related to "firefox"


  • Websites can still check whether a particular hidden plugin is installed by directly querying navigator.plugins[] like navigator.plugins["Silverlight Plug-In"].
  • This code change will reduce browser uniqueness by "cloaking" uncommon plugin names from navigator.plugins[] enumeration.
  • If a website does not use the "Adobe Acrobat NPAPI Plug-in, Version 11.0.02" plugin, why does it need to know that the "Adobe Acrobat NPAPI Plug-in, Version 11.0.02" plugin is installed?
  • If a website does need to know whether the plugin is installed or meets minimum version requirements, it can still check navigator.plugins["Adobe Acrobat NPAPI Plug-in, Version 11.0.02"] or navigator.mimeTypes["application/vnd.fdf"].enabledPlugin (to workaround problem plugins that short-sightedly include version numbers in their names, thus allow only individual plugin versions to be queried).
  • The default pref cloaks all plugin names except Flash, Shockwave (Director), Java, and QuickTime.
  • Things like geolocation, database access and such require the user to grant permission for a given site.

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