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Articles related to "fitbit"

Fitbit just introduced a $100 fitness tracker for kids — here's how it works

  • Fitbit Fitbit just launched a new $100 fitness tracker with the goal of getting kids to be more active.
  • Called the Fitbit Ace, the new band is designed specifically for children.
  • Fitbit says it designed the band to help fight childhood obesity.
  • It can automatically track kids' activity, remind them to get up and move, and set activity goals for them to meet.
  • Kids will be able to compete against their friends or their family members with daily or weekend activity challenges.
  • Parents will be able to check kids' activity and approve kids' friend requests in the app, as well as set limits on what their kids can see.
  • The band will be available to buy on Fitbit's website and at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Kohl's sometime after April 2018.
  • Get the latest Fitbit stock price here.

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Fitbit just unveiled its $200 answer to the Apple Watch — here's what it can do

  • The $200 Fitbit Versa, announced on Tuesday, is Fitbit's second true smartwatch and the first geared toward a more mainstream audience — and smaller wrists.
  • Fitbit Versa looks a lot like an Apple Watch — although it's a bit smaller — and is less fitness-focused than the watch Fitbit debuted last year, called Fitbit Ionic.
  • The new Fitbit Versa still has plenty of fitness tracking capabilities built in, including on-watch workouts, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and personalized fitness tips.
  • Eventually, Fitbit says it might be able to track health issues like sleep apnea.
  • Anyone who uses the Fitbit app, the Fitbit Versa, and last year's Fitbit Ionic watch can use Fitbit's new female-focused health-tracking tools.
  • You'll be able to buy the watch on Fitbit's website and at stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Verizon, and Walmart.

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Fitbit takes a second swing at smartwatches with the $199 Versa

  • At a press event in New York City, Fitbit executives were covertly wearing the new smartwatches ahead of their keynote, and it was difficult to tell the devices apart from the Apple Watches attendees had been wearing until you start looking for a digital crown.
  • The features aren’t particularly exciting, especially if you’ve been following Fitbit’s products for awhile, but they’re what you’d expect from a smartwatch trying to take a bite of the wearables market that continues to aggressively grow year over year.
  • The question is whether the lower-priced Versa will help Fitbit regain some of its steam in the smartwatch market, having just ceded the title of number one US wearable maker to Apple and coming off a disappointing holiday earnings report.

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Fitbit launches its first wearable for kids

  • Fitbit has announced new wearables Fitbit Versa, which runs the upcoming Fitbit OS 2.0, and Fitbit Ace. Both are available for preorder today.
  • Like the Ionic, Versa runs Fitbit OS, the company’s smartwatch operating system.
  • Fitbit is also launching its first online simulator to let developers test their apps and clock faces for Ionic and Versa without having to buy a device.
  • Fitbit claims the Ace “makes fitness fun for kids while inspiring the entire family to build healthy habits together and help fight decreasing levels of activity in children.” I cannot picture parents buying Aces for their kids, especially given that most parents today did not grow up with gadgets.
  • Now it’s up to the marketing team to convince those lazy masses that these devices will motivate them to get fit.

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IDC: Wearables grew 7.7% in Q4 2017, Apple passes Xiaomi and Fitbit for first place

  • Thanks to strong sales of the Apple Watch Series 3 and a comparatively weak holiday quarter for Fitbit, Apple shipped 8 million units worldwide to Fitbit’s 5.4 million, with Xiaomi at 4.9 million.
  • All five of the top companies in the space shipped over 1.5 million units, although, once again, the Others category was the largest — for both the quarter and the year, with 15.6 million shipments in the quarter and 55.5 million for 2017.
  • Apple’s overall strength for the year was largely the result of its holiday performance, as IDC pointed out that “4Q17 was the first quarter that Apple held the market leader position all to itself after spending several quarters close behind Fitbit or Xiaomi.” The firm suggested Apple was picking up upgraders from basic wearables, as well as people interested in the Apple Watch Series 3’s cellular connectivity.

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Fitbit’s next smartwatch will probably look like this

  • The company’s first true smartwatch was the result of multiple acquisitions and CEO James Park was talking up the device as a sort of lifeline for the struggle company.
  • This time out, Fitbit promised a smartwatch with “more mass appeal.” A couple of days later, it seems we’ve already got our first glimpse at what it’s been working on.
  • It’s a trap smartwatch makers fall into time and again, making devices that are just too large for many users.
  • That’s a particularly sticky issue for a company like Fitbit with such a large female user base.
  • The company smartly appears to have gone back to Pebble for some design inspiration this time out.
  • While Fitbit bought the struggling smartwatch pioneer for the sole purpose of building out its new device, Pebble ultimately just served as the basis for the Ionic’s app development platform, rather than hardware design.

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