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Articles related to "flight"

Now there's another problem for aviation: wasps

  • Once on the ground, maintenance workers found the pilot's pitot tube -- the hollow instrument on the outside of the plane that measures airspeed -- was almost completely blocked by mud, according to a report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.
  • House worked with experts from Brisbane Airport, Australian airline Qantas and the environmental consultancy Ecosure to produce one of the world's first studies on the impact of wasps on pitot tubes.
  • The accident report said that the "probable cause" of the pitot tube blockage was "mud and/or debris from a small insect" that entered while the aircraft was on the ground.
  • In that time, there were 93 instances of fully blocked probes, and almost all of them were built in the warmer months between November and May. Most of the nests were close to the grassed area of the airport, according to the study's co-author, Jackson Ring, wildlife management and planning coordinator at Brisbane Airport.

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A bug in Spider Man: Miles Morales gives us the web-swinging patio lamp hero we deserve

  • Sometimes they take gameplay to a whole other level, as seems to be the case with Spider Man: Miles Morales where players unexpectedly turned into inanimate objects, including a patio space heater (there’s a probably joke there about great power and great responsibility but we’re above puns at The Verge dot com) (spoiler: we totally are not).
  • It’s possible this Spider-Man glitch may eventually rank up there with the funniest in-game weirdness.
  • There was the bug in Half-Life 2 that left NPCs unable to blink, the numerous oddities including misplaced obelisks in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and of course who can forget the patch for The Sims 4 that caused some of the sims to unexpectedly pee fire.
  • After all, there are no other games (that we know of, anyway) where a patio heater might end up saving New York City.

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The future of commercial space travel is almost here with the latest SpaceX launch

  • Elon Musk’s SpaceX just launched the first operational crewed flight into orbital space, following up on its successful test flight several months ago and bringing us one step closer to private commercial space travel.
  • SpaceX then became the first private company to send a crew into orbital space with the Crew Dragon Demo-2 test flight, which was operated by NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley.
  • SpaceX astronauts in both the test and operational missions have been escorted to their launches in Tesla cars, both giving Musk’s electric car company some nice cross-promotion and demonstrating just how commercial our new era of space travel has become.
  • Over the past decade, NASA’s Commercial Crew Program has awarded billions to a handful of private companies to develop crewed space vehicles to carry NASA astronauts to and from the ISS.

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How Lapland plans to save Christmas from Covid

  • It's a very 2020 take on festive cheer, but with a holiday season like no other fast approaching, Lapland's tourism operators believe it's the best way to save Christmas and save themselves after a brutal year which has seen visitor numbers plummet from record highs in 2019.
  • As well as Santa sitting behind acrylic glass and his elves donning PPE, Kärkkäinen says that the lack of large groups and focus on individual groups means that visitors to Santa's workshop won't find any issues in ensuring social distancing.
  • The nature of the outdoor activities on offer in Lapland means that it's easier to keep a safe distance, while usually spending time only with those you've traveled to the country with, he adds.
  • For now though, saving Christmas depends on Finland keeping its new travel restrictions in place and intrepid Santa fans to look past the acrylic glass and stump up for a pre-flight Covid test.

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'The Flight Attendant' serves up a fun trip

  • Adapted from a novel by Chris Bohjalian, the limited series introduces Cuoco's Cassandra drinking her way through various cities, in one of many montages -- set to a jazzy score by Blake Neely that really sets the mood -- that actually do a lot of work in moving the story along.
  • A panicky Cassandra flees the scene, but she's far from a master in covering her tracks despite telling herself,"You did nothing wrong." The booze-filled haze begins giving way to periodic snippets of clarity, gradually (over the four episodes previewed) filling in snapshots of what transpired, while simultaneously unearthing uncomfortable childhood memories she had long since buried.
  • Messy as all that sounds, it mostly works thanks largely to Cuoco, "The Big Bang Theory" star who doubles as a producer (along with writer Steve Yockey and the prolific Greg Berlanti), and manages to convey the darkly comic aspects of Cassandra's plight without undermining the thriller-like foundation.

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NASA begins assembling the rocket for Artemis moon mission

  • The first booster segment of the Space Launch System (SLS) was stacked on top of the mobile launcher at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida earlier this week in preparation for its maiden flight, NASA said Tuesday.
  • A total of 10 segments will form the twin solid rocket boosters before its first liftoff, which is expected to take place next year.
  • Once fully assembled, NASA said the SLS rocket will stand taller than the Statue of Liberty and have about 15% more thrust at liftoff than the Saturn V rockets that powered the Apollo missions about 50 years ago, making it the most powerful rocket ever built.
  • NASA's Artemis I mission is expected to launch in 2021 with two test flights around the moon without astronauts.
  • Artemis is named after the Greek goddess of the moon and is twin sister of Apollo.

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SpaceX sent a Falcon 9 rocket on its seventh trip to space

  • On Tuesday night, SpaceX successfully launched another batch of the company’s internet-from-space Starlink satellites to orbit, using a very space-hardened Falcon 9 rocket for the job.
  • This launch marked the rocket’s seventh flight to space and back — the first time SpaceX has flown such a seasoned vehicle to orbit.
  • Before this flight, the Falcon 9 had boosted two communications satellites to orbit on two separate missions, and SpaceX had also used the vehicle to launch four separate Starlink launches.
  • By now, SpaceX has made these launch and landing routines a fairly regular sight out of Florida, with each new mission adding numbers to the company’s resume.
  • It also marked the company’s 23rd launch of this year and the 67th time SpaceX has recovered one of its Falcon 9 boosters following a launch.

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