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Articles related to "florida"

A 28-year-old Pirates pitcher has been arrested on charges of child pornography and solicitation of a child

  • Pittsburgh Pirates closer Felipe Vazquez was arrested on Tuesday on one count of computer pornography —solicitation of a child, and one count of providing obscene materials to a minor, according to a release from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
  • Vazquez, 28, was arrested by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, with assistance from Pennsylvania State Police.
  • According to the release, police obtained information that Vazquez allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl in Lee County, Florida.
  • Vazquez allegedly told the girl, who is now 15, that they would meet up for sex when his baseball season was over.
  • Vazquez is also accused of sending a video of him performing a sex act to the girl.
  • According to reports, police seized several electronic devices from Vazquez's home, and there may be more charges to come.
  • Vazquez was 5-1 this season with the Pirates.

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Florida mother and 4 children were missing for weeks. Then a bystander smelled something horrible.

  • The 32-year-old and her four young children hadn't been seen by family for over a month, and law enforcement officials say the children's remains were found buried in nearby Charlton County, Georgia.
  • Marion County, Florida, officials said a warrant for second-degree murder charges has been issued for Jones' arrest.
  • The Marion County Sheriff's Office said it's believed that Jones killed them in Florida weeks ago, and then stored their bodies and drove them into southern Georgia.
  • When police arrived at the crash scene Sunday night, deputies "smelled a foul odor" coming from Michael Jones' van, according to a Brantley County Sheriff's Office press release.
  • Michael Jones also admitted to concealing the death of other bodies just prior to the traffic accident, the Brantley County Sheriff's Office said.

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Opinion | Bottled Water Is Sucking Florida Dry

  • He cited another Nestlé water bottling operation in Florida, at Madison Blue Spring, where declining spring flows worsen periodic backflows into the springs from the Withlacoochee River it feeds into, contaminating the aquifer.
  • In Michigan, the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and the grass-roots nonprofit organization Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation filed an appeal of a decision to allow Nestlé to increase water pumping from 250 gallons per minute to to 400 gallons per minute from a spring aquifer in Osceola County.
  • Nestlé reported pumping 45 million gallons of water from forest springs in 2018, for which it paid nothing more than an initial $2,000 federal permit fee.
  • For residents near Ginnie Springs, Fla., where Nestlé is set to expand its bottled water operation, the town frequently issues boil-water advisories and Florida taxpayers spend millions of dollars annually on aquifer recharge programs.

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Friends say transgender woman Bee Love Slater was trying to escape her small Florida town just days before she was found burned to death in a car

  • HARLEM, Florida - Bee Love Slater was afraid.
  • Slater was found burned beyond recognition inside a Chrysler PT Cruiser that was torched and left next to a canal in Harlem, a former camp for black farm workers.
  • Her death has heightened fears among transgender people throughout Florida.
  • People are especially wary in small towns, said Gabrielle Lee Hurst, a mental health worker who lives in nearby Lee County, Florida.
  • She lived in nearby Pahokee, named for its "grassy waters." These days, the town of 6,129 is better known for its athletes.
  • The area in Harlem, Florida, near where Bee Slater's body was found.
  • Transphobia — fear or dislike of transgender people — runs especially strong in some black communities, she said.
  • Harrison suspects that the number of trans women killed in 2019 actually reaches into the dozens.

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Missing mother of 4 was found dead and her kids haven't been seen

  • Casei Jones, 32, and her four children, who range in age from 1 to 10 years old, were last seen about six weeks ago in the Ocala, Florida, area, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook.
  • Her family reported them missing on Saturday night, police said.
  • Her body was found near Brantley County in southeast Georgia, about 150 miles north of her last known Florida address, the sheriff's office said Monday.
  • A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Jones' husband, 38-year-old Michael Jones Jr. for second-degree homicide, police said.
  • He was located in Georgia and is being questioned in connection to her death.
  • Detectives are continuing their investigation to find the missing children, the sheriff's office said.

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Who has the best cheap car insurance in Florida?

  • By doing your research, raising your credit score, and comparison shopping, you could save on your car insurance rates in Florida.
  • No one company that will be the best for every Florida resident, and that's why it's so important to shop around and get multiple quotes before choosing a car insurance policy.
  • However, every company and every person will get different rates based on those factors we looked at above.
  • Drivers with excellent credit (800-plus according to FICO) will save on car insurance.
  • Here are the companies that offer the best cheap car insurance for drivers with excellent credit, and the premium for a single adult driver based on Consumer Reports' data.
  • Here are the best cheap car insurance options in Florida for drivers with poor credit, along with Consumer Reports data for a single adult.

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Tropical storm Humberto gets closer to the area devastated by a hurricane in northwestern Bahamas

  • The new storm system is expected to move "very near" those islands Saturday, bringing tropical-storm-force winds and heavy rainfall, the National Hurricane Center said.
  • Humberto is not expected to produce significant storm surge in the northwestern Bahamas, the center said.
  • A tropical storm warning was in effect for the northwestern Bahamas, excluding Andros Island, the center said.
  • Heavy rainfall and flash flooding could also affect parts of eastern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina this weekend and early next week.
  • Coastal areas from central Florida to South Carolina will see up to four inches of rain.
  • The "chance of heavy rainfall affecting coastal North Carolina early next week continues to diminish," the center said.
  • Swells generated by the tropical storm are expected to increase and affect the coasts of central Florida to South Carolina through early next week.

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Another storm is threatening to hit the Bahamas and Florida with tropical storm-force winds and heavy rain

  • Mere weeks after being pummeled by Hurricane Dorian, another tropical storm is headed for the Bahamas and the east coast of Florida.
  • A tropical storm warning means that storm conditions are expected within the area within 36 hours.
  • The "disturbance", currently called potential Tropical Cyclone 9, could produce 2 to 4 inches of rain in the Bahamas, with isolated isolated areas seeing up to 6 inches.
  • Heavy rainfall or flash flooding is possible for the coastal areas of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina this weekend.
  • North Carolina could get some rain from the storm early next week, too, but the likelihood is diminishing, according to the NHC.
  • Conditions are favorable for the disturbance to become a tropical depression or storm by Friday evening or Saturday morning, according to the NHC.

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