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Articles related to "foods"

Can Dogs and Cats Be Vegan? Science Weighs In.

  • The end goal, says Bethencourt, is to create an environmentally friendly, high-quality food for pets that’s vegan and tasty.
  • The idea to use koji as a way to enter the plant-based pet food sector came from company co-founder Ron Shigeta, a third-generation Japanese-American and serial koji grower.
  • Even if koji is a quality source of protein, is it right for both dogs and cats?
  • Despite the growing desire by Americans to provide their pets with high quality, high protein food, no official definition exists for “high protein” for animal feeds.
  • For example, the fungus-based protein could be suitable in developing countries where food spoilage is a real concern, or for use as non-perishable, high-quality food sources for remotely deployed soldiers.
  • Okin says conventional dog food could already meet those needs, given its protein content, but he muses on the potential for koji as a more palatable alternative.

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Costco eyes fresh grocery delivery in Canada

  • TORONTO — Costco is exploring ways to deliver fresh groceries to consumers in Canada after finding early success with its new online food delivery services in the U.S. Canada’s biggest warehouse retailer, whose grocery market share has increased substantially over the last decade along with Walmart’s, introduced online grocery delivery of non-perishables to U.S. customers last October.
  • Same-store sales at Costco Canada in the second quarter ended Feb. 18 were robust, rising 8.7 per cent.
  • Walmart Canada, meanwhile, reported Canadian same-store sales 2.9 per-cent in the period ended Jan. 31.
  • Ont. Kevin Grier Market Analysis & Consulting Inc. In the U.S., Costco has also made it clear that the move is about convenience for customers, not cost: On the area of its website that details online grocery delivery options, it notes that online prices are generally 15 per cent to 17 per cent above warehouse walk-in prices.

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The best diets to prevent and fight colorectal cancer

  • A study of North Italian populations showed that individuals who eat red meat alongside eggs, cheese, and other fatty foods — as well as refined starches — on a frequent basis had an almost twice higher risk of developing rectal or colon cancer than their peers who favored a plant-based diet.
  • According to guidelines from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA, people undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer should also favor the "rainbow plate" meals and eat a varied array of fruits and vegetables to support their immune system.
  • Another study from last year notes that eating a minimum of 2 ounces (approximately 57 grams) of tree nuts — such as cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, and pistachios — almost halved the risk of colon cancer recurrence for individuals following stage three cancer treatment.

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5 tips for dealing with food allergies

  • Anaphylaxis to food leads to around 30,000 visits to the emergency room, 2,000 hospitalizations, and 150 deaths each year in the U.S. There is currently no cure for food allergies, and avoiding the food to which you are allergic is the only way to prevent a reaction.
  • Individuals with food allergies should stay away from food products with these labels to prevent a severe allergic reaction.
  • Some people that are allergic to shellfish or finned fish may need to avoid eating foods from the entire food group due to high levels of cross-reactivity, while others will have an isolated food allergy — to just swordfish, for example.
  • If you live with a food allergy, it is crucial that you learn to identify the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction — particularly anaphylaxis.

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Amazon is bringing free Whole Foods delivery to Prime members in San Francisco and Atlanta

  • Amazon is expanding its delivery partnership with Whole Foods by rolling out free delivery from the grocery chain to Prime members in San Francisco and Atlanta.
  • Orders that total at least $35 can be delivered within two hours for free through Amazon’s Prime Now service, or within one hour for an extra $7.99 fee.
  • The announcement comes less than a month after Amazon first announced a delivery partnership with Whole Foods in four launch cities: Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach.
  • And the move is another signal that Amazon is moving quickly to integrate Whole Foods into the regular shopping habits of Prime customers, who are the catalysts of Amazon’s e-commerce domination.
  • The Whole Foods-Prime Now delivery expansion raises questions anew about the status of Whole Foods’ multiyear partnership with the delivery startup Instacart, which counted the natural grocery chain as its largest customer and still delivers orders from its stores.

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