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Articles related to "game"

'Fortnite' could be teaching us the wrong lessons about how to be good citizens

  • As a parent and as a political theorist who focuses on education and its impact on democratic society, I couldn't help but notice how much the game seems to teach children the wrong lessons about how to function as an adult and interact with others.
  • According to a survey by financial education company Lendedu, the average player spends between six and 10 hours per week playing the game, with 7 percent of the respondents saying that they play more than 21 hours per week.
  • People who play violent video games for long stretches of time tend to develop depression, anxiety, and dissociation from reality.
  • Married couples around the world are already blaming "Fortnite" and other video games for their divorce.
  • More frequently, people play by themselves in the Battle Royale version of the game where the goal is to be the last survivor in a war of all against all.

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Justin Tucker misses extra point for the first time in his career and it came at the worst time possible

  • All that was left was for Justin Tucker, the most accurate kicker in NFL history, to send home the extra point and tie everything up at 24-24.
  • As the commentators ominously noted, Tucker had never missed an extra point in his career, going an impressive 222/222 up until that point.
  • Tucker shanked his kick wide right.
  • Kicking in football is never a sure thing, but Tucker was about as close as humanly possible.
  • Not only had he never missed an extra point, but Tucker had also never before missed any kick inside 33 yards in his seven years in the NFL.
  • Unfortunately for the Ravens, there's a first time for everything, and Tucker's unexpected miss left the Ravens just short of the comeback win, falling to the Saints, 24-23.

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Sensor Tower: Candy Crush Friends Saga’s 10 million first-week downloads have a sour note

  • King‘s newest puzzle game, Candy Crush Friends Saga, has reached 10 million downloads in its first week, according to mobile research firm Sensor Tower.
  • Candy Crush is one of the biggest gaming brands on mobile.
  • Friends Saga is the first new entry in the series since 2016’s Candy Crush Jelly Saga.
  • 2014’s Candy Crush Soda Saga had 14 million downloads in its debut week.
  • Above: Candy Crush series opening week downloads.
  • Friends Saga earned $780,000 in its first week while Jelly Saga reached $1.7 million.
  • Friends Saga does not have any major competition from new releases, with Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost being the last major mobile release.
  • That role-playing game made $16 million in its first two weeks following a September 27 launch.
  • And according to Sensor Tower, Friends Saga has to compete with its own predecessors.
  • Candy Crush helped popularize the match-3 style of mobile puzzle games.

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Titans fail to score on game-winning two-point conversion twice to lose heartbreaker to the Chargers in London

  • Heading into Sunday, his gutsy calls had worked out alright for the Titans — most notably his decision to go for it on fourth down in overtime against the Eagles back in Week 4, extending a drive that ended with a game-winning touchdown.
  • After trailing for most of the game, Marcus Mariota and the Titans marched 90 yards down the field to score a potential tying touchdown with just 31 seconds remaining in the game.
  • Now even closer to the game-winning conversion, the Titans lined up again, but rather than handing the ball off to one-person wrecking crew Derrick Henry to pick up the score, Vrabel elected to pass yet again.
  • But when such a move backfires, it's always easy to start second-guessing things — both the decision to pass on the game-tying extra point and the decision to throw for the win when only a yard was needed.

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This 10-year-old coder is already so successful she's already caught the attention of Google and Microsoft

  • It all started when she was just eight and created a game called CoderBunnyz to help teach other kids how to code.
  • Mehta uses the game to conduct coding workshops for school-aged kids, where everyone plays the game.
  • She launched an initiative called Yes, 1 Billion Kids Can Code which allows interested people to donate boxes of the game to schools.
  • At the start of this school year, 106 schools were using the game to teach kids to code, Mehta says.
  • Aadit Mehta CoderMindz Sales of the game have gone so well, that Mehta has just launched a sequel: a game for kids that teaches them how to code using artificial intelligence.
  • Samaira Mehta speaking at Microsoft Women in Technology CoderBunnyz "After my back-to-back workshops at Google headquarters, we talked for an hour.

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HTC Vive gets Oculus Rift ASW-like motion smoothing

  • While Motion Smoothing appears to be a direct equivalent to Oculus’ ASW 1.0, Oculus recently announced ASW 2.0, which promises to reduce the kind of artifacts that can be seen by only using the color buffer by also using the depth buffer, which apps can send to the Oculus software.
  • Motion Smoothing should allow lower end systems to use the HTC Vive, and for higher end systems to better run demanding games like simulators in which framerate can fall even on the strongest of PCs. When Oculus introduced ASW they added a new “minimum specification” for the computer needed to run the Rift, allowing GPUs like the GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 960, but it is not yet known whether HTC will make a similar move when Motion Smoothing comes out of beta.

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NextVR’s NBA streaming slate begins with two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors

  • NextVR’s capture and streaming technology is generally some of the best we’ve seen and executives showed a major upgrade in demos at CES in January which premiered during the NBA Finals in May. The NextVR app is now also available on every major VR platform, so if you’re an NBA fan and — particularly those with an NBA League Pass — NextVR is offering a number of reasons to think about watching games in a headset this year.
  • NextVR live games will be available as part of a NBA League Pass subscription, can be purchased as a standalone VR package or single game, and are included with a subscription purchased through participating video distributors or directly through the NBA.
  • NextVR live games will be available as part of a NBA League Pass subscription, can be purchased as a stand-alone VR package or single game, and are included with a subscription purchased through participating video distributors or directly through the NBA.

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Epic Games Hints at Halloween Content for Fortnite

  • Fortnite makers Epic Games just released a big teaser for some new Halloween content.
  • Fortnite tweeted, “Costumes and dancing, Partner up, be wise.
  • #Fortnitemares,” Saturday morning, leading to speculation about possible Halloween content the game might release.
  • Fortnite is free to play, but generates its revenue though cosmetic skins and dances.
  • Some players are wondering if the Ghoul Trooper skin will return, as it was featured in the last Fortnitemares.
  • The tweet included an image, which many believe will be a new skin that will debut soon.
  • Some Halloween-themed skins and weapons are already in the Item Shop, so the meaning behind the tweet will likely prove to be a more significant offering.
  • Beyond possible cosmetic updates, the short tweet’s mention of partnering up could also hint at a new game mode.
  • Fans of the game will be waiting for further information, including a release date and time for the new content.

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Job opening: Front End Gameplay Programmer at Mino Games

  • Mino Games is a mobile gaming studio that strives to build the best possible games.
  • We produced the hit mobile game Mino Monsters, with over 15 million downloads.
  • Our development studio is in Montreal, and we are building one of the top teams in the industry.
  • We are funded by the leading angel, institutional investors, and gaming companies from across the world.
  • (Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Sybo Games).
  • We are rapidly growing our Montreal studio, and looking for world class talent to come join us.

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Here are the 10 most patriotic moments in American sports history

  • But as eight members of Team USA, flanked by members of the NYPD and New York Fire Department, marched the flag of the host country into the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, you could hear a pin drop.
  • A little girl from West Virginia dealt a stunning blow to the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. Before Retton, Team USA was never able to wrest Olympic Gold from Eastern Europe in the Individual, All-Around Gymnastics event.
  • He might be before most of our readers' time, but Monday was with the Los Angeles Dodgers' 1981 World Series-winning team.
  • Thousands of New Yorkers came to the stadium to watch the President throw the pitch to open game 3 of the 2001 World Series.
  • Before he ever arrived in Berlin for the 1936 Olympic Games, Jesse Owens had already set three world records and tied another.

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