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Articles related to "gas"

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Partners IBM to Pilot Blockchain Across its Value Chain

  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has partnered with IBM to pilot blockchain-based transaction management for its commodities right from the oil wells through to its end customers.
  • The automated, blockchain-based, system will encompass oil and gas production management for ADNOC’s entire value chain including tracking, validating, and executing, transactions.
  • A key differential, however, is this pilot’s application to the entire oil and gas lifecycle where other industry pilots have focused on key parts of commodity supply chains, like trade and post-trade processes.
  • BP and Shell’s blockchain-based oil trading platform, Vakt, went live in late November 2018.
  • The Vakt platform focuses on commodity management from trade entry to final settlement.
  • Vakt plans to also deliver financing management by linking with another development in the space, the “Komgo” blockchain platform, later.

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Texas Has Oil Past 2050 and Telling Real-Life JR Ewings to Stop Will Not Work

  • These resources are worth over $3 trillion at todays prices and the natural gas and oil literally drive the vast majority of transportation, residential heating and industry.
  • A massive and profitable transition to batteries and clean high-density energy sources (aka factory mass produced nuclear power) could be a very large part of a solution.
  • US emissions have decreased over the last 15 years because the vast increase in natural gas has allowed a large shift from coal to natural gas.
  • Giant new tanks have been built in Texas which allows 100,000 barrels per day of more expensive light crude oil to be separated and sold.
  • If you want new energy and industry, then that new technology has to grow more profitable than oil, gas and coal.
  • Any global or national plan that is proposed for clean energy and industry has to work better than the current one in nearly every way.

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I drove a $29,000 Honda Insight hybrid to see how it stacks up against the mighty Toyota Prius — here's what I discovered

  • Some of this is due to gas-only vehicles achieving better fuel economy at a lower price, but the popularity of big SUVs and pickups in a cheap-petrol world has pushed buyers away from hybrids.
  • Sport basically peps up the acceleration, while Eco maximizes MPGs. As a Prius owner, I enjoy motoring around my suburban enclave and never having to buy gas.
  • Hondas have always been the best mass-market cars to drive, and the Insight is no exception.
  • I'm a Prius patriot, but there's no question that the 2019 Honda Insight is a better car.
  • It's not quite as superlative a hybrid as what the Prius has to offer, but it's darn good and won't disappoint anybody who doesn't want to take the all-electric plunge, yet is appalled by the feeble relative MPGs that even fuel-efficient all-gas vehicles provide.

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Paris tourist sites to close as city braces for more protests

  • Many of the capital's famed sites -- including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Musée Delacroix and the Paris Opera -- will close over the weekend in advance of the protests, organized by the "gilets jaunes" or "yellow vests" movement.
  • Nationwide, some 630 people were arrested and more than 260 were injured, including 81 police officers, in protests last weekend, the third consecutive week of such demonstrations.
  • The demonstrations began as a form of grassroots opposition to rising gas prices and planned increases in taxes on polluting forms of transport, but they have since evolved into broader demonstrations against the government of President Emmanuel Macron.
  • But the movement now appears to be about more than just taxes; it's exposed the growing divide between Paris' metropolitan elite and the country's rural poor.
  • Since mid-November, 1,648 people have been injured in total, including 552 police officers, the Interior Ministry said.

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California Becomes 1st State to Require Solar Panels on New Homes. Here's How It Will Reduce Utility Costs

  • California has taken the final step to be the first state in the nation to require solar panels on new homes.
  • The California Building Standards Commission on Wednesday unanimously upheld a May 9 decision to require solar panels on homes up to three stories.
  • While the upfront cost for building a home will increase—by as much as $10,000, according to the California Energy Commission, or as much as $25,000-30,000, according to home construction company Meritage Homes—long-term energy bill savings will be considerable.
  • Reuters reports that a homeowner could expect to save $19,000 in energy costs over 30 years, while Meritage Homes predicts reduced operating costs could amount to as much as $50,000-60,000 over a 25-year period.
  • California’s Building Standards Commission’s final approval of the home solar rules follows action in May by the California Energy Commission to include the change in the state’s Green Building Standards Code.

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EPA Ready to Kill Greenhouse Gas Rule on New Coal Power Plants

  • The Environmental Protection Agency will today announce an end a carbon rule on new coal power plants that aimed to reduce greenhouse gas production, Reuters reported.
  • The Trump administration wants to make it easier for energy companies to build new coal-fired plants, according to Axios.
  • U.S. Energy Information Administration figures show that domestic coal use will sink to a 39-year low in 2018.
  • The most recent U.S. climate report stated that climate change, caused by human activity, was happening quickly and would carry a terribly large cost in environmental, social, and economic impact.
  • Energy companies found that the combination of stricter environmental laws and low cost of natural gas as a fuel made building new plants uneconomical.
  • Bush and Trump administrations to promote so-called clean coal use had little to no practical impact on carbon emissions but became large profit makers for investors and energy companies through taxpayer-underwritten subsidies.

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For France's yellow vest protesters, the 'gas tax is the tip of the iceberg'

  • If France's proposed gas tax had gone through, Romaric Giacomino would have been faced with more than 400 euros in additional gas taxes each month.
  • That's part of what spurred the Marseille schoolteacher to organize the "yellow vest" protests that rocked France this weekend.
  • But the "gilet jaunes" are about more than just the gas tax, which France's prime minister suspended for six months on Tuesday in response to the protests.
  • Rim-Sarah Alouane, who studies law at the University of Toulouse, said that students were joining the protest not because of the gas tax but in reaction to changes to France's university admissions process over the past summer.
  • Alouane said people were not happy despite winning a pause on the implementation of the gas taxes.
  • As one of the organizers behind the yellow vests in southeast France, Giacomino says that most of the protesters there weren't behind any destruction.

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