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Articles related to "gas"

If you want to order groceries online, ordering local is a greener option

  • Buying groceries and toiletries online can lower the carbon emissions from your purchase, but only if they’re delivered from a brick-and-mortar shop nearby, according to a new study from the UK.
  • In contrast, buying the same products from an online market (like, say, Amazon) will contribute more to climate change because more emissions are generated when the items are shipped from a distribution center via courier.
  • They modeled the greenhouse gas emissions from fast-moving consumer goods (using Unilever products as examples for calculating the weight and volume of goods bought as well as data from Unilever on energy usage from warehouses and on whether their products are typically transported via ship, train, or truck).
  • The study authors explain that people still buy a lot of food in grocery stores, while items like baby care and personal care products are more popular online.

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