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Articles related to "gas"

Alexa Skill Developers Can Now Optimize Their Experiences for Alexa Auto Vehicles and Devices

  • Recognize a Customer’s Device Type and Optimize Their Experience When a customer interacts with an Alexa skill, your service receives a POST request containing a JSON body.
  • Whether they’re interacting with Alexa through a device like Echo Auto, or through newer vehicles with Alexa built-in, it is important recognize when your skill may be used in a car.
  • Some design principles for in-car experiences that will be important to address are: keeping responses succinct, allowing customers to resume their interaction with your skill once they have left their cars (or vice-versa), being location-aware in your design, introducing pauses and breaks when customers need to maintain focus, and limiting your design to be voice-only.

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Judge orders government to re-do climate analysis on Wyoming oil leases

  • On Tuesday, a federal judge wrote that the Department of the Interior must complete a thorough climate change analysis when considering leasing public land for oil and gas extraction.
  • Further ReadingDrilling on US public lands causes 24 percent of the nation’s CO2 emissionsThe opinion included an order to halt all new oil and gas leases on more than 300,000 acres of publicly managed land in Wyoming until the DOI's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) can complete a proper review.
  • The plaintiffs, WildEarth Guardians and Physicians for Social Responsibility, argued that the DOI made oil and gas lease sales in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming without taking into account the "direct, indirect, and cumulative" impacts to the climate that drilling would have.
  • But the Judge in this case wrote that BLM must take into account the effect that using and burning fossil fuels will have on the environment because "producing oil and gas for consumption" is the whole point of leasing the land.

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Judge temporarily blocks drilling in parts of Wyoming, citing climate change

  • A federal judge has temporarily blocked new drilling on 300,000 acres of land in Wyoming after ruling that the US Department of the Interior “did not sufficiently consider climate change” when allowing oil and gas companies to lease federal land in the state.
  • In 2018, the Interior Department offered more than 12.8 million acres of public lands to oil and gas companies, according to The New York Times.
  • Now, US District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Rudolph Contreras has ruled that, by doing so, the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) violated the National Environmental Policy Act, according to The Washington Post.
  • “Given the national, cumulative nature of climate change, considering each individual drilling project in a vacuum deprives the agency and the public of the context necessary to evaluate oil and gas drilling on federal land before irretrievably committing to that drilling,” Contreras wrote.

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Germany: US ambassador Grenell should be expelled, says FDP deputy leader

  • US Ambassador Richard Grenell is acting like "a high commissioner of an occupying power," the deputy leader of the Free Democrats (FDP) has said.
  • Wolfgang Kubicki, the deputy chairman of the opposition Free Democrats (FDP), said Richard Grenell's repeated interference in German sovereignty should prompt Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to immediately declare Grenell persona non grata.
  • Grenell had on Tuesday criticized Germany's military spending plans within NATO as insufficient, prompting Kubicki to accuse the envoy of "interfering" repeatedly in political issues of a sovereign country.
  • President Donald Trump's ambassador apparently did not want to recognize that Germany was making a big contribution to the alliance's international missions such as Afghanistan, said Schneider.
  • US Ambassador Richard Grenell says months of pressure from the United States led Germany to ban Iran's Mahan Air. But German officials say they've cut off the carrier as part of their own security policy.

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The White House's biggest annual economic report lists the alter-egos of Spider-man, Captain America, Batman, and a Game of Thrones character as interns

  • WASHINGTON — The Economic Report of the President released on Tuesday by the White House lists several fictional comic book characters and actors as interns for the Council of Economic Advisers.
  • Characters from Spider-Man, Batman, and actor John Cleese are among the names printed in the official report touting President Donald Trump's economic gains in the past year.
  • The report then lists interns from the previous year, which include Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker, the fictional character's guardian Aunt May, Steve Rogers from Captain America, billionaire caped crusader Bruce Wayne from Batman, and actor John Cleese.
  • The Council of Economic Advisers' official Twitter account posted that it was a deliberate attempt to bring attention to their interns and not as mistake of any kind.
  • The report also touts the United States as the world's largest producer of crude oil and natural gas, surpassing both Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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Yellow Vest protesters to be banned from Champs Elysées

  • Paris (CNN) - France will ban "yellow vest" rallies in some areas of the country after violence that erupted during Saturday's demonstration in Paris.
  • At a press conference on Monday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said by "as early as next Saturday" authorities will ban gatherings in areas that have been the most affected by the demonstrations -- as soon as they are aware that extremists "claiming they belong to the 'gilets jaunes'" are present.
  • On Saturday, 60 people, including 17 police officers and a fireman, were slightly injured on the 18th straight Saturday of yellow vest, or "gilet jaunes," demonstrations in Paris.
  • Protesters torched a branch of the Tarneaud bank, a spokesperson for Paris firefighters said.
  • The yellow vest protests began as a campaign against a gas tax increase, but have morphed into a broader rally against President Emmanuel Macron's government.

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