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Articles related to "gates"

Bill Gates Says We Need New Economic Models That Take Tech Into Account

  • In his blog, Gates cites Capitalism Without Capital, a book that discusses how the economy is changing as more leading companies operate without tangible products.
  • Its author asserts that digital products, so-called “intangible investment,” carry new risks for businesses and investors that aren’t accounted for in the outdated ways people think about the economy.
  • So even if each specific example of Gates’ argument doesn’t hold true, he’s onto something when he says that our politicians and leaders have failed to adapt to our increasingly digital economy.
  • Gates didn’t make specific recommendations for new economic policy, so it’s not clear what kind of actions he’d like to see from the federal government, or how exactly he thinks the country should reshape its economic priorities.

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Bill and Melinda Gates were just named the most generous philanthropists in America — here are their biggest projects

  • Bill and Melinda Gates were recently named the most generous philanthropists in the United States, based on an annual list by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.
  • Annual rankings by The Chronicle of Philanthropy take into account US philanthropists' total donations in the previous year.
  • Of the $4.78 billion that Bill and Melinda Gates donated in 2017, most went to projects run by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • The billionaire couple has been leading in philanthropy for many years.
  • Since its launch in 2000, their foundation has spent more than $36 billion to fund work in global health, emergency relief, education, poverty, and more.

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What Did Ada Lovelace's Program Actually Do?

  • But calculating a long series of Bernoulli numbers was significantly easier than deriving each sum of powers formula in turn, so Bernoulli’s discovery was a big advance for mathematics.
  • Babbage was able to build a small section of the Difference Engine and use it to demonstrate his ideas at parties.9 But even after spending an amount of public money equal to the cost of two large warships, he never built the entire machine.10 Babbage could not find anyone in the early 1800s that could make the number of gears he needed with sufficient accuracy.
  • Babbage eventually lost interest in the Difference Engine when he realized that a much more powerful and flexible machine could be built.
  • Babbage called his new machine the Analytical Engine because it was powerful enough to do something resembling mathematical analysis.

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The 25 most generous philanthropists in America today

  • America's wealthiest people donated $14.7 billion in 2017 to causes, alma maters, foundations, and charities — more than doubling the amount given away in 2016, reported Forbes.
  • For 18 years, The Chronicle of Philanthropy has published an annual round up of the top-50 philanthropists in America by calculating their yearly donations.
  • In 2017, the individuals and couples on the list donated a median of $97 million, doubling the giving amount from the first list published in 2000.
  • The 2017 list features 11 individuals or couples from the technology industry accounting for $8.7 billion in donations, or about 60% of the total, suggesting America's philanthropic center is shifting away from Wall Street and towards Silicon Valley, according to The Chronicle.
  • Notably missing from the list is billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who made a multibillion-dollar donation in Berkshire Hathaway stock to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2017.

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