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Articles related to "generally"

Apple iPhone SE 2020 Camera review

  • A single camera setup means there’s no dedicated ultra-wide, bokeh, or zoom cameras, but the iPhone SE offers a 5x digital zoom, and a portrait mode with “advanced bokeh and depth control.” Other features include a True Tone LED flash with slow sync and red-eye correction, lighting controls with six effects, Smart HDR processing, and JPEG as well as Apple’s own space-saving HEIF image format.
  • The iPhone SE’s 4K capture offers decent detail, particularly in bright light, but it’s not quite as consistent as some of the best 4K devices we’ve tested, with texture rendering dropping off a little indoors, and more noticeably in low light.
  • In our benchmark lab testing where we defocus the device between shots and leave a short (500ms) or long (2000ms) delay before requesting focus, the iPhone SE performed well, with fast and accurate performance under simulated indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

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'NBA 2K21' comes with a next-gen upgrade... if you spend $100

  • If you want to play NBA 2K21 on two different console generations -- the PS4 and PS5, or the Xbox One and Series X -- it's going to cost you.
  • If you're willing to wait for next-gen hardware, you can buy the basic edition of NBA 2K21 for $69.99 — not $59.99 — on PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Finally, you can get a version of the Mamba Forever Edition, which is meant primarily for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners, that comes with a special Kobe Bryant cover and access to the standard edition on PS4 or Xbox One. The bottom line, therefore, is that you'll need to spend at least $100 to play NBA 2K21 on two different console generations.
  • The publisher's decision to forgo a free cross-gen upgrade, therefore, is hardly surprising.

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SpaceX successfully launches GPS III space vehicle on behalf of the U.S. Space Force

  • SpaceX successfully launched a GPS III satellite for the U.S. Space Force today.
  • This launch did include a recovery attempt of the Falcon 9 booster, however, unlike the first GPS III launch that SpaceX launched in December 2018.
  • SpaceX says that it was able to work with its customer to ensure that it could complete its mission as planned, while retaining enough reserve fuel for a recovery attempt – something that didn’t happen with the first launch.
  • It’ll enter a geosynchronous orbit and work with other existing GPS III satellites on orbit, as well as other existing earlier generation GPS satellites operated by the U.S. SpaceX also says that its Ms. Tree and Ms. Chief ships will attempt fairing recovery at sea, not via catch but by fishing them out of the water.

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