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Articles related to "gets"

5 easy ways to protect yourself from hackers

  • And that's really important by enabling that specific security step, probably number one.
  • Every time you have a Windows update that says hey I need to update your computer, it's usually to fix a known attack that hackers have figured out to get access to your computer.
  • Well, if I, as an attacker, know an Amazon package is getting delivered, sending a text message from a Verizon customer support service line coming from Amazon saying hey your package is being rerouted, you need to log into the site to get it delivered again, is something that an attacker can use.
  • A person is not going to call you on the phone from a banking service and ask you for that type of information.
  • Look at the number on the website themselves and call it back cause a lot of times attackers will impersonate financial services.

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Interview with Sam Altman from the High Growth Handbook

  • Elad Gil – As companies scale, I’ve seen people run into the fact that they end up with a lot of overhead.
  • Sam Altman – Everyone wants an answer like, “Well, you should not do any of the tactical stuff,” but actually a lot of it is really critical.
  • For example, I do think figuring out compensation structures is really important and something the CEO should spend time on.
  • Elad Gil – What are some examples of things you think are often urgent but don’t necessarily merit time if you’re scaling like crazy and just trying to keep up with everything else?
  • Elad Gil – It sounds like you just answered the question, but I’ll re-ask: What are the things that you think people should stay focused on as a company scales?

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The Best Explanation of JavaScript Reactivity

  • Since the data.price value is accessed (which it is), I want the price property’s Dep class to push our anonymous function (stored in target) onto its subscriber array (by calling dep.depend()).
  • Since data.quantity is accessed I also want the quantity property Dep class to push this anonymous function (stored in target) into its subscriber array.
  • We need some way to hook into a data property (like price or quantity) so when it’s accessed we can save the target into our subscriber array, and when it’s changed run the functions stored our subscriber array.
  • When a piece of code like this gets run and gets the value of price, we want price to remember this anonymous function (target).
  • That way if price gets changed, or is set to a new value, it’ll trigger this function to get rerun, since it knows this line is dependent upon it.

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Preston Hamersley's Indian Pacific rides west seeking opportunities

  • Preston Hamersley's Indian Pacific Funds Management is backing the virtue of patience as value gets left behind in the 2018 melt-up.
  • Hamersley has set up Indian Pacific in Perth, where he has returned to raise his family following a long stint in Sydney at Airlie Funds Management, and before that, JBWere.
  • Indian Pacific's average net exposure has been 64 per cent since it started, and shorts have enabled it to make money in four out of five months on the short side – including two months when the market was up 3 per cent or more.
  • Hamersley declines to identify his shorts – although he will say they included two fund managers, a hospital operator, a telco "battling impossible short term structural headwinds" and a discretionary retailer.

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How to start running, according to an Olympian who now coaches runners

  • The great thing about running is that it's something just about anyone can get into, according to Roberto Mandje, a former professional runner who competed in the 2004 Olympics and is now the head coach at New York Road Runners (NYRR).
  • If you're really coming "off the couch," as Mandje described it, it may be worth considering a training program to get yourself into the sport or ready to run a race.
  • (NYRR also offers relatively inexpensive virtual training programs that can be done from anywhere to prepare runners for a half or full marathon).
  • One of the biggest mistakes that new runners make is running with shoes they already have or picking out a random pair at the store that they think looks good.
  • If you are in the right shoes, you're far more likely to avoid injuries including knee pain, according to Mandje.
  • As your body gets stronger, you'll need to run more to keep improving.

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Your phone's unlimited data plan isn't really unlimited — this is what you really get

  • Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint all offer "unlimited" data plans that suggest you can use as much high-speed data as you want each month.
  • So, while your plan might be technically unlimited in the sense you can use as much data as you want, you're still effectively locked into a data cap because of the slower speeds your carrier might impose after you go over.
  • Verizon's Beyond Unlimited plan is capped at 22GB of high-speed 4G LTE data per month, while the Above Unlimited is curbed at 75GB.
  • Like other carriers, AT&T caps video at 720p by default, though the the "More Premium" plan offers 1080p streaming and 15GB for mobile hotspots.
  • T-Mobile One Plus adds support for streaming in HD, offers 10GB of 4G LTE hotspot data per month (3G after that), faster data speeds if you travel abroad and free Wi-Fi on flights equipped with Gogo.

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‘Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice

  • To examine how these different mind-sets affect our pursuit of different topics, the authors performed a series of studies on college students—a group that’s frequently advised to find their passion in the form of a major or career path.
  • The authors believe this could mean that students who have fixed theories of interest might forgo interesting lectures or opportunities because they don’t align with their previously stated passions.
  • Dweck, one of the paper’s authors, has previously studied different types of mind-sets as they relate to intelligence.
  • Despite saying just moments ago, after viewing the video, that they were fascinated by black holes, the students who were exposed to the fixed theory of interests said they were no longer interested in black holes after reading the difficult Science article.

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