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Articles related to "gets"

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explains his famous one-character emails, known to strike fear in manager's hearts

  • When the executive gets an email from Bezos that simply says "?" they know that Bezos is concerned about something because a customer complained, Bezos explained during an on-stage interview at the George Bush Presidential Center on Friday.
  • The executive, in turn, will often foward it along to the manager in charge of the area who will view the email with a sinking heart, one of them recently told us.
  • Sometimes that means a lot of research over nights and weekends, the Amazon manager recently told us.
  • But Bezos views that email address, [email protected], as a way to stay close to customers, which can otherwise be hard to do as an executive, who is far removed from day-to-day customer service and sees the company mostly through data and reports.
  • This is one of the ways Bezos expresses what he calls one of Amazon's most important values: customer obsession.

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The states where people get the most money from Social Security, ranked

  • Millions of Americans rely on Social Security retirement benefits.
  • Data released by the Social Security Administration in April revealed that throughout the US, over 42 million retirees receive Social Security checks totaling $59.6 billion every month.
  • In 24 states, the average retiree receives a monthly Social Security check worth less than $1,400.
  • Three states have an average Social Security retirement benefit above $1,500, but none surpass $1,600.
  • For instance, Montana has about 15,000 more retirees than Delaware, but Delaware's total Social Security retirement benefits exceed Montana's by about $7 million.
  • The average retiree gets roughly $125 more each month in Delaware than in Montana.
  • Delaware has the third highest average Social Security retirement benefit amount, while Montana is in the bottom five states.
  • Below, see the average Social Security retirement benefit in every state and Washington DC, ranked from the lowest to the highest.

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Datomic: Look at all the things I'm not doing

  • Given Datomic's extremely simple write API, it is able to implement time management for you, without any additional cost of data modeling or query hatching on your part.
  • So it's really cheap to just set the T value to an earlier point in time, say two weeks ago, or whatever, and get a completely immutable and consistent view of the entire database as of two weeks ago.
  • Because the data we write is completely flat, but is not arbitrary data but a well known structure (facts), and Datomic have generic indices to query these facts, and because Datomic keeps these indices up to date when we add data to our system, you get the benefits of event sourcing (time travel, a consistent time-line, all your historical data easily traversable), without having to worry about creating views for your data.

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ProBeat: Google’s Chat is close, and yet so far

  • Oh, and the features that users actually wanted in Allo were spread across Google’s other messaging apps (Android Messages, Duo, and Hangouts).
  • Google is using this app to push its implementation of RCS so that Android phones can offer features like group messaging, IP voice calls, and file sharing.
  • Google should augment Android Messages with features in Allo, Duo, and competitors.
  • Chat is essentially the name for the messaging service phone makers and carriers are supposed to build using RCS.
  • The company is finally looking at the numbers and realizing it needs to double down on where its users are: Android Messages has over 100 million installs while Google Allo has over 10 million installs.
  • Getting tens of companies with different priorities to build their own messaging apps that all work with yours, however, is like shooting yourself in both feet and attempting to run a marathon.

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Launch HN: SharpestMinds (YC W18) – Online Community for AI Devs

  • One of our goals is that by the time we present you as a candidate, things that would otherwise be holes in your resumé don't matter so much, and we can make that case to companies that are hiring.To qualify for joining, you do an online deep learning quiz (here:, followed by a technical interview.

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5 things to know today

  • President Trump thinks he can do great things in a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. But he's also more than willing to walk away.
  • Speaking at Mar-a-Lago with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the President said that if talks with Kim aren't "fruitful, I will respectfully leave the meeting." Abe during the visit reminded Trump about past US failures in North Korean interactions.
  • Meantime, Trump downplayed talk he's getting ready to fire special counsel Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; "They're still here," he said.
  • Speaking of Russia, senior administration officials told CNN the President personally made the decision to dump the plan to hit the Russians with more sanctions after the Syria chemical weapons attack.
  • This is the second blackout in two weeks caused by the same subcontractor, so the island's governor wants its public power agency to cancel its contract.

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