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Articles related to "git"

20GB of Intel internal documents were leaked online

  • More than 20GB worth of Intel internal documents has been uploaded on Mega, and according to ZDNet, the chipmaker is now trying to ascertain how the files were leaked.
  • A Swiss software engineer named Till Kottmann published the documents, most of which are marked “confidential.” He said he got it from a source who claims to have hacked the company sometime around May this year.
  • Kottmann has history publishing data from major tech companies that was leaked online through various avenues, such as misconfigured Git repositories.
  • ZDNet looked through the files and found internal design information and source codes for various chipsets.
  • They include BIOS reference codes and sample codes for Kaby Lake, as well as schematics, tools and firmware for the company’s upcoming Tiger Lake processors.
  • Thankfully, the data dump doesn’t seem to include sensitive data about Intel customers and employees.

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One year of automatic DB migrations from Git

  • For the last year-plus, for most of my solo work, I’ve used a tool called automig to automatically turn my SQL schema changes into deltas that can be applied to a DB (plug – I wrote it).
  • I hate writing migrations because it feels like work a computer should know how to do, and because in general there’s no guarantee that the migrations produce something equivalent to your ‘schema.sql’ or ORM definition.
  • Automig is good at schema migrations but doesn’t have an easy way to transform columns or run code on your DB.
  • Automig has an --opaque switch to work around these, but manually-specified migrations are likely better at branches, especially if you need to support out-of-order changes.
  • It’s a problem with the tool but not necessarily with the approach of using git + sql as the source of truth.

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