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Articles related to "go"

Golang, it was love at first sight.

  • Usually, when people have free time they do some R&R, but me, being weird and all I like to learn, experiment and play with new things.
  • Reading about new architectural styles, scalability & cloud I found a pattern, most of the big companies (www backbone) switched in a way or another to Go. When reading about it I found that we had a lot in common (me & Go), it’s a good start for any relationship.
  • If {you are a Gopher please help me learn faster and review my code:} bgadrian/data-structures *data-structures - Abstract data structures Go packages, built with performance and concurrency in mind to learn Go. It is the perfect mix between low & high-level languages.

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Go 2 Draft: Generics

  • This allows us to not really need generics in many cases, as the values passed in don't need to explicitly implement the interface, they only need to have the required methods!
  • They do NOT want to target things such as special implementations, like their example of having a general Vector<T> and a special case of Vector<bool> which has bit-packing.
  • But let's say we want to have a IndexedSet(type T), not everything in Go is comparable (for instance, functions and maps are not currently comparable in Go), and the values must be comparable in order to check if it's already in the Set!
  • Contracts look a lot like functions, but instead of executing code, they specify restrictions on types.
  • Using contracts that look like functions gives us a familiar syntax at the cost of some repetition.

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