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Articles related to "google"

Here's how Google's new $150 Home Hub compares to the Amazon Echo Show

  • A year after Amazon introduced its first smart display, the Echo Show, Google has responded with its own version: the Google Home Hub. It's good timing, since the 2018 version of the Echo Show ships out to customers on Thursday.
  • With more than 50,000 skills available to download for Alexa, you can program your smart home device to work with different apps to hear news roundups, guided workouts, create grocery lists, and learn new recipes.
  • Google, which owns YouTube, blocked the video website from working on Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV devices back in December 2017.
  • Google is also including a six-month trial of YouTube Premium, its ad-free streaming subscription, with the purchase of a Home Hub. If you prefer one of the other music streaming services (like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeart Radio), then either smart speaker will work.

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This 10-year-old coder is already so successful she's already caught the attention of Google and Microsoft

  • It all started when she was just eight and created a game called CoderBunnyz to help teach other kids how to code.
  • Mehta uses the game to conduct coding workshops for school-aged kids, where everyone plays the game.
  • She launched an initiative called Yes, 1 Billion Kids Can Code which allows interested people to donate boxes of the game to schools.
  • At the start of this school year, 106 schools were using the game to teach kids to code, Mehta says.
  • Aadit Mehta CoderMindz Sales of the game have gone so well, that Mehta has just launched a sequel: a game for kids that teaches them how to code using artificial intelligence.
  • Samaira Mehta speaking at Microsoft Women in Technology CoderBunnyz "After my back-to-back workshops at Google headquarters, we talked for an hour.

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This CEO is paying 600,000 strangers to help him build human-powered AI that's 'whole orders of magnitude better than Google'

  • Enter Hive, a Silicon Valley-based startup that's embracing this human element to provide AI-powered image recognition that's "orders of magnitude better than Google," as cofounder Kevin Guo puts it.
  • The collected human insight is used to train up AI systems for customers like NASCAR, which uses the Hive Data product to track how often and how long a corporate logo is displayed on screen during a race, which is information that advertisers love having, says Guo. Hive also has other AI products, including Hive Predict, an AI-powered tool for helping companies use their data to spot patterns.
  • And so, while Hive's underlying AI technology is actually built on a customized version of Google's free, open source TensorFlow framework, Guo boasts that his company has a tremendous trove of high-quality, human-vetted AI training data that not even the search giant can match.

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Battle of the big phones: How Google's new Pixel 3 XL compares to the jumbo iPhone XS Max

  • Two tech powerhouses, Apple and Google, have released extra-large devices in the past month: the iPhone XS Max and the Pixel 3 XL, respectively.
  • Apple was the first to adopt the wide notch — it added it to the iPhone X last year — and it contains the phone's True Depth camera system.
  • But the notch is new for Google's phones this year — previous versions of the Pixel phone didn't have a notched display, or the dual front-facing camera that resides inside of it.
  • The iPhone XS Max runs iOS 12, Apple's latest smartphone OS.
  • The iPhone XS Max has a 7-megapixel selfie camera that's part of Apple's True Depth camera system.
  • On the other hand, the Pixel is an excellent Android device — the best, if you ask me — and comes with the best smartphone camera you can buy.

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SQL Viewer – UI for uber/queryparser, written in Haskell

  • We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.
  • GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.
  • Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL.
  • If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.
  • If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.
  • If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.
  • UI for uber/queryparser, written in Haskell using using react-flux, compiled to javascript with GHCjs.

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Everyone wants to work at Google — but we found out how 15 ex-Googlers knew it was time to quit

  • Breisacher said his decision to leave was also influenced by Google's sponsorship of a conservative political conference and its failure to act decisively after YouTube videos related to LGBT issues were flagged as inappropriate on the site.
  • Llorens called leaving Google "the biggest decision of my career" and said he was motivated in part because he realized he might never have another chance to follow his dream.
  • He said that when he was approached with the idea for Beeswax's new ad technology, he realized he would have to leave Google if he wanted to help develop it.
  • Why he left: Peggs announced in 2014 that he was leaving Google, his home of four years, and posted a memorable YouTube video to share the news.
  • Though he called Google a "dream job," he said that having children with his wife made him realize he wanted to leave California to live closer to their families in the Midwest.

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A Google self-driving car reportedly caused a crash in 2011 after a former engineer changed its code to drive where it wasn't supposed to

  • Levandowski caused an accident during that test run, a former Google executive told the New Yorker.
  • Google's self-driving Toyota Prius allegedly blocked another car from merging onto the highway, which caused the other driver to swerve into the highway median.
  • Even though Levandowski and Google's self-driving car appeared to have caused the accident, the pair allegedly drove off without checking to see if the other driver was okay, and the incident wasn't reported.
  • Indeed, former Google executives told the New Yorker that Levandowski was known for sometimes ignoring safety standards, and that Project Chauffeur cars were involved in more than a dozen accidents in its early years — three of which were allegedly serious.
  • Before California enacted a new law in 2014, it wasn't required for Google to disclose any accidents caused by its self-driving cars, so long as the vehicle itself hadn't physically crashed in any way.

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How technology giants are using their reach and digital prowess to take on traditional banks

  • To mitigate potential losses under this scenario, traditional players will have to grasp not only the level of the threat, but also which segments of the financial industry are most at risk of disruption.
  • Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, collectively known as GAFAM, are already active investors in the payments industry, and they're slowly encroaching on legacy providers' core offerings.
  • In this report, Business Insider Intelligence analyzes the current impact GAFAM is having on the financial services industry, and the strengths and weaknesses of each firm's position in payments.
  • We also discuss the barriers these companies face as they push deeper into financial services, as well as which aspects of a bank's core business provide the biggest opportunities for the new players.
  • Lastly, we assess these companies' future potential in payments and the broader financial services industry, and examine ways incumbents can manage the threat.

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Android’s new multitasking is terrible and should be changed back

  • (At least in Google’s flavor of Android.) Now, that same swipe is how you get into multitasking mode, which is all well and good — I don’t fear change — but Google thought it wise to still have an upward swipe to access the app drawer, just a much longer and horribly unnatural one.
  • Even if you believe, as Google does, that the trio of Android software buttons needed to go away to simplify the experience and allow more space on the screen for other uses, that hasn’t really happened with the iteration introduced in Android 9 Pie. There’s still just as much space occupied on the screen by the back and home button as there used to be with the previous three buttons.

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Streak hiring a Recruiting Coordinator to design amazing candidate experience

  • Streak is a profitable, fast-growing company.
  • We are looking for a recruiting coordinator who will help us find the right people to fuel our growth.
  • We believe our product is phenomenal, and we use it every single day to manage everything from sales, to customer support, to engineering, to hiring.
  • You will be more than a recruiting coordinator - you will also be a Streak user who significantly impacts the future of our product.
  • As a recruiting coordinator at Streak you'll ensure that every candidate will have a phenomenal experience that gets them excited and motivated to join the team.
  • Sorry, Streak currently only supports Google Chrome and Safari.Sign up to be notified when support is available for your browser.

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