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Articles related to "google"

DeepMind protein-folding breakthrough provokes debate over hype - Business Insider

  • Academics and researchers are debating claims by Google-owned AI firm DeepMind that it's solved one of the toughest problems in biology, warning against overhyping the breakthrough.
  • On Monday, DeepMind said it had broken new ground in understanding the behavior of microscopic proteins, saying its AlphaFold artificial intelligence program could reliably predict their shape, effectively solving a problem that's plagued scientists for decades.
  • DeepMind's breakthrough was part of CASP (Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction), a global competition specifically set up to test research teams on their ability to predict a protein's shape from its sequence of amino acids.
  • Professor Mike Thompson, an expert in structural biology at the University of California, branded the idea that protein folding had been solved "laughable".

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Bizzabo raises $138M for a platform that helps you build and run virtual conferences

  • Bizzabo started life in 2011 positioning itself as the “Salesforce for events.” Leaning heavily on cloud architecture and providing integrations into the many productivity and communication tools that an event organizer might use, the idea was to provide a platform to knit all that together and give organizers a way of using apps and online services to extend touch points between and with attendees.
  • Event organisers seized the moment and the bigger events, which had already been offering streams of their live events to those who could not attend in person, started to think of how to shift the whole experience online.
  • Interestingly, while a lot of that been in effort to “make up the difference” and has resulted in some interesting approaches to provide new, and sometimes even better, bridges between people, some Bizzabo does not think the live event should be left for dead.

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What is protein folding? A brief explanation

  • November 30, 2020 · 5 min read Today Google DeepMind announced that their deep learning system AlphaFold has achieved unprecedented levels of accuracy on the “protein folding problem”, a grand challenge problem in computational biochemistry.
  • Other physical properties matter too, especially the distribution of electrical charge within the protein, as shown here (positive charge in blue, negative in red): Surface charge distribution of Oryza sativa Lipid Transfer Protein 1 Wikimedia / Thomas Shafee If a protein is essentially a self-assembling nanomachine, then the main purpose of the amino acid sequence is to produce the unique shape, charge distribution, etc.
  • Shaw's Anton Flickr / Matt Simmons IBM Blue Gene Flickr / Argonne National Lab UW's Foldit Wikimedia / UW Animation Research Labs Still, for a long time, no technique was able to predict a wide variety of protein structures with high accuracy.

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Google Maps takes on Facebook with launch of its own news feed

  • The feed, which is found with the Explore tab of the Google Maps app, is designed to make it easier to find the most recent news, updates, and recommendations from trusted local sources.
  • For example, the Google Maps’ Updates tab offered a similar feed that included businesses’ posts along with news, recommendations, stories, and other features designed to encourage discovery.
  • Google hopes the change will encourage users to visit the app more often in order to find out what’s happening in their area — whether that’s a new post from a business or a review from another user detailing some fun local activity, like a day trip or new hiking spot, for example.
  • Over the past few years, Google Maps has added features that allowed users to follow businesses, much like Facebook does, as well as message those businesses directly in the app, similar to Messenger.

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AWS updates its edge computing solutions with new hardware and Local Zones

  • The company launched two smaller appliances for its Outpost service, which originally brought AWS as a managed service and appliance right into its customers’ existing data centers in the form of a large rack.
  • He argues that AWS watched others try and fail in building their hybrid offerings, in large parts because what customers really wanted was to use the same control plane on all edge nodes and in the cloud.
  • With Outpost, AWS launched a fully managed edge solution that can run AWS infrastructure in its customers’ data centers.
  • It’s been an interesting journey for AWS, but the fact that the company closed out its keynote with this focus on hybrid — no matter how it wants to define it — shows that it now understands that there is clearly a need for this kind of service.

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Google launches Android Enterprise Essentials, a mobile device management service for small businesses

  • Google today introduced a new mobile management and security solution, Android Enterprise Essentials, which, despite its name, is actually aimed at small to medium-sized businesses.
  • The company explains this solution leverages Google’s experience in building Android Enterprise device management and security tools for larger organizations in order to come up with a simpler solution for those businesses with smaller budgets.
  • The new service includes the basics in mobile device management, with features that allow smaller businesses to require their employees to use a lock screen and encryption to protect company data.
  • As Google explains, smaller companies often handle customer data on mobile devices, but many of today’s remote device management solutions are too complex for small business owners, and are often complicated to get up-and-running.
  • Though primarily aimed at smaller companies, Google notes the solution may work for select larger organizations that want to extend some basic protections to devices that don’t require more advanced management solutions.

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Help Santa optimize his Christmas run with Google OR-Tools, Geopandas, and Folium

  • Like every year, the night of the 24th of December is going to be crazy for Santa, Rudolf, and the elves… But did you know that they optimize their journey around the globe with Google dedicated Operational Research tools?
  • No matter whether you have been nice this year, following PEP8 rules, or naughty, not even commenting your code… Santa is coming to town!
  • Obviously, the elves could create their own algorithms to solve Santa’s journey but some libraries such as OR-Tools from Google provide immediate access to under-constraint programming.
  • But maybe you are wondering how Santa does optimize the local deliveries in each neighborhood?
  • So the same problem applies when Santa arrives in your neighborhood.
  • All these scenarios can be included in the calculation thanks to the search parameters of OR-Tools, as described in the Routing section documentation.

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Linux-as-Network Startup Isovalent Launches Enterprise Product, Raises Google-Led Funding Round

  • A few weeks back, when it was announced that the three-year-old Mountain View-based networking startup Isovalent was emerging from stealth -- after a $29 million Series A funding round and launch of a new product, Cilium Enterprise -- the big news wasn't the amount of money raised, but that the round was led in part by Google, with participation from Cisco Investments.
  • Isovalent's co-founder and CEO, Dan Wendlandt, spent about 10 months as a partner at Andreessen in 2016, a stint that was sandwiched between a three-year-long gig as VMware's director of product management for cloud-native infrastructure and founding of the startup he now heads.
  • Cilium's focus is on cloud-native networking, and its secret sauce is in its use of eBPF, a relatively new Linux kernel technology that can run sandboxed programs from within the operating system.

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Google Play's Best of 2020 Awards highlight the stressful year it's been

  • Not surprisingly, the top apps picked by both Google Play users and editors reflect the stressful year that 2020 has been, with a top sleep app, Loóna, winning the title of “Best App” of 2020.
  • In addition to the top winners, Google gave a shout-out to a few other notable titles in its announcement, including Chris Hemsworth’s training app Centr, behavioral modification app Intellect, as well as games like The Gardens Between, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, and Sky: Children of the Light.
  • These winners include Brawlhalla, Bullet Echo, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, Legends of Runeterra, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, Cookies Must Die, GRIS, inbento, Maze Machina, Sky: Children of Light, Disney Frozen Adventures, DreamWorks Trolls Pop, EverMerge, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off, Fancade, Genshin Impact, Minimal Dungeon RPG, Ord., and The Gardens Between.

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Report: Microsoft is again planning Android app support for Windows 10

  • A report from Windows Central claims that Microsoft is working on building Android app support into Windows 10.
  • WSL is a virtualized Linux kernel in Windows, making it easy to run developer-centric Linux tools through the Windows command line.
  • Microsoft is also testing support for Linux GUI apps in WSL, and GPU acceleration.
  • Android, which runs the Linux kernel, is expected to plug into the WSL for app support, so Microsoft mainly needs to implement a version of the Android Runtime (ART), which already runs on Linux, is open source, and has x86 compatibility.
  • Unofficially, it is already possible to run Android apps on WSL with Anbox, a project meant to run Android apps on full GNU/Linux.
  • Microsoft also thought this was a great idea in 2015, when the now-canceled "Project Astoria" was supposed to bring Android support to Windows 10 Mobile.

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