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Articles related to "government"

Onyx is violating the Linux kernel's license, refuses to release source code

  • I don't think I understand what you are trying to say, but if you support China you support the violation of Human Rights, and that's a fact.
  • I avoid using Chinese products when I can, but frankly, I think we need government regulation.
  • I'm sure some components in my PC are made in China, but I'm human, and sometimes I just buy things not thinking of the consequences.
  • That all depends if you value the integrity of your data or not, some Chinese products are great but you can be certain they are sapping every single bit of information they can and sending it back to be collected by the CCP.
  • If you use the device offline, there shouldn't be an issue from Onyx withholding source code.
  • I personally want the source code as I'd like to make modifications to the kernel in an attempt to put custom software on the device.

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Pressure on Prince Andrew to speak to FBI without Home Office role

  • London | The UK Government hopes the Duke of York will agree to speak directly to the FBI over his links to Ghislaine Maxwell without the need for ministers to intervene, according to The Sunday Telegraph.
  • Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is facing a diplomatic quandary after US prosecutors submitted a formal request for the Duke to speak to them about claims Ms Maxwell trafficked young women for sex for Jeffrey Epstein.
  • But it is now understood the Government is in favour of the stand-off between the Duke and the FBI being sorted out between the two parties, rather than by any ministerial intervention under a MLA.
  • US prosecutors said they would "welcome" the Duke's testimony as part of the FBI investigation, with Audrey Strauss, the acting US attorney for the Southern District for New York, urging the Duke to come forward to be questioned.

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Why hefty share price gains for supermarkets won't last

  • For many mature retailers strong comparable year-on-year store growth is not likely to be repeated in the future.
  • The forward-looking nature of the equity market has meant that the expected hole in earnings was priced into markets during March, when investors were trying to ascertain the extent of the downturn.
  • Theoretically the retail sector should be the largest beneficiary of stimulus but investors are already pricing a solid recovery with JB Hi-Fi, for example, jumping to an all-time high since its March low.
  • The market is ripe with innovative business models, and companies such as Appen and Zip are likely to experience significant growth as market forecasts catch up with the strong earnings trajectory.
  • For many mature retailers strong comparable year-on-year store growth is not likely to be repeated in the future, says Jun Bei Liu of Tribeca Investment Partners.

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How the Black Death made the rich richer

  • Although the Black Death caused short-term losses for Europe’s largest companies, in the long term, they concentrated their assets and gained a greater share of the market and influence with governments.
  • But we can certainly see parallels with the way that the Black Death strengthened the power of the state and accelerated the domination of key markets by a handful of mega-corporations.
  • The trend of the post-Black Death 14th and 15th Centuries was a concentration of resources – capital, skills, and infrastructure – into the hands of a small number of corporations.
  • Small business has taken a really decisive hit across a wide range of sectors as Covid-19, like the Black Death, results in big companies gaining market share.
  • At a state level, the Black Death caused the acceleration of trends towards centralisation, the growth of taxation, and government dependence upon large companies.

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Most of Europe Is a Lot Poorer Than Most of the United States

  • Bernie Sanders, for instance, looks at nations such as Denmark and Sweden today and says that America should copy their expansive welfare states.
  • None of this suggests that policy in America is ideal (it isn’t) or that European nations are failures (they still rank among the wealthiest places on the planet).
  • And I’m debunking the argument that we should copy nations such as Denmark by allowing a larger government in the United States (though I do want to copy Danish policies in other areas, which generally are more pro-economic liberty than what we have in America).
  • Yellow areas poorer than Mexico.” In other words, the few dark areas (a handful in Germany and one each in a few other nations) are the only parts of Europe that are economically equal or better than the United States.

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Days after banning 59 Chinese apps, India announces a project for local developers

  • Days after India banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok and UC Browser, the government announced a new project today for local developers to create ‘made in India’ apps.
  • The app innovation challenge under Atma Nirbhar Bharat (Self-dependant India) campaign is a challenge for developers to create apps in eight categories such as social networking, e-learning, entertainment, news, and games.
  • In a tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said there’s immense enthusiasm among the tech & startup community to create world-class apps made in India.
  • These sub-categories include speech and camera translation apps, microblogging platforms, news apps, photo-editing apps, maps, and online social gaming apps.
  • In April, the Indian government issued a challenge for developers to create a secure video conferencing app for ₹1 crore ($130,000).
  • You can learn about India’s new app development challenge here.

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Take a quick breath, 2020 is only half over

  • The pandemic caused economic calamity, which helped spark massive social justice protests in the space of six months.
  • We could have seen the pandemic coming, because pandemics happen and scientists and good government types have been warning for a long time that the big one was just around the corner.
  • President Donald Trump, rather than asking Americans to wear masks to stop the spread of the disease, is using old-fashioned racism to try to brand the coronavirus as a Chinese import.
  • In the meantime, face masks cover our expressions in public, distance governs our social lives, most of our interactions are online and so much of the world is on hold as we wait for a vaccine.
  • He's actively trying to undermine Black Lives Matter at a time when the country has warmed to the movement's message, trying to paint over frustration caused by coronavirus with a coat of ugly racial anger.

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Turkey convicts human rights activists on terror charges

  • Amnesty members Günal Kursun and Özlem Dalgiran were also given two years and one month sentences for aiding a terror group.
  • It is Turkey's second recent court case involving prominent rights activists, turning a spotlight on the country's continuing detention of campaigners more than three years after 2016's attempted coup.
  • The verdict comes just months after the prominent philanthropist, Osman Kavala, was given a brief taste of freedom when he was acquitted over 2013 protests in Istanbul's Gezi Park -- and then hours later re-arrested for alleged links to the coup.
  • Kavala was one of several activists acquitted over their involvement in the Gezi Park protests seven years ago, which began over a plan to turn a small park in central Istanbul into a shopping mall.

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The UK just paid $500M to battle Musk in the internet-from-space race — cos Brexit

  • The bid, reportedly made through a consortium, was worth more than $1 billion in total.
  • The move sets the UK government squarely against billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, both of whom are pouring huge sums of cash into their own broadband-beaming satellite plays, Starlink and Blue Origin.
  • London-headquartered OneWeb let go most of its staff and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in March, having failed to raise the reported $2 billion in additional funding required for its commercial launch.
  • While less than the 540 now launched by SpaceX‘s Starlink (but far more than the zero launched by Blue Origin), OneWeb did manage to send 74 of its 650 planned satellites into low-orbit across eight years.
  • It raised $3.4 billion to do so, led by Japan’s floundering tech giant SoftBank.

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What the Russian bounty leaks really say about the Trump administration

  • Trump and McEnany and their media allies have denounced the leaks to The Times (which have been matched by numerous other outlets including CNN).
  • Times national security correspondent and CNN contributor David Sanger says that's a valid theory.
  • Sanger said that the president's determination to ax the "deep state" -- driven in part by pro-Trump media's daily attacks against the bureaucracy, I might add -- has potentially accelerated the leaking that's going on.
  • Many government officials would argue that the leaks are damaging to national security.
  • Many reporters, myself included, would argue that the leaks are a net positive -- because the bounty story has a lot more legs this way.
  • A few days ago AdWeek reporter Scott Nover observed that "all things come back to the 'Trump doesn't read anything' storyline we established early in Season 1." The White House's denials notwithstanding, he has a point.

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