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Articles related to "grand"

These cult-favorite outdoor sandals are the only reason my feet survived a 3-day music festival

  • Others, like Mark Thatcher's college summer job of guiding rafting trips in the Grand Canyon's Colorado River, have more widespread reverberations.
  • Thatcher is the founder of Teva (Hebrew for "nature"), the Velcro-strapped sport sandal that changed the way outdoor enthusiasts traversed rivers and mountains and has become a beloved icon in the outdoor community.
  • There are plenty more designs to choose from, including platform sandals, special pattern collections (like the commemorative Grand Canyon one), and hiking sneakers.
  • Whether you're hiking in a national park or walking around the city, it's almost impossible not to run into someone wearing a pair of Teva sandals (like the three Insider Picks members below, for example).
  • I tried my first pair a couple weeks ago, while Sally and Breton grew up running around in Tevas, and I can only envy them for being introduced to these sport sandals so early on.

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