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Articles related to "gun"

Rahm Emanuel to Democrats: 'Don't focus immediately on Trump'

  • Emanuel, who was chief of staff under President Barack Obama and an adviser to President Bill Clinton, told Axelrod that he thinks Trump is "making a big mistake" in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.
  • Looking ahead to 2020, Emanuel predicted that the 2018 midterm election marked a potential turning point for Democrats, particularly when it comes to making gains in suburban areas.
  • He said Americans are ready for a foil to the President and that the country is "ashamed" and "exhausted" by Trump.
  • Emanuel also discussed gun violence in Chicago, which Trump has repeatedly criticized.
  • He also said Trump might be targeting him more than other big city mayors, and that the President uses Chicago as a "shorthand" for what he views as failed Democratic policies in cities roiled by gun violence.

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There are 42 exotic weapons in 'Destiny 2' right now — and we've ranked them all from best to worst

  • Two cents: Sunshot shines in world activities as opposed to player-versus-player gun battles, but its limited magazine and ammo reserves hurt this gun's long-term viability, meaning you'll continually need to switch back and forth to other weapons.
  • Two cents: Wavesplitter is really fun in activities where you need a void weapon, and it is surprisingly good in player-versus-player activities like Crucible.
  • The gun is great for taking out smaller enemies, but since landing multiple precision shots gives the fifth shot a big explosive blast, it's also shockingly useful at taking out bosses.
  • You shoot little insects that find and destroy enemies, which can be devilishly fun in player-versus-player activities like Crucible.
  • Two cents: This is one of the most fun weapons in "Destiny 2." Having two tracking rockets is great for most activities, and it's surprisingly good in player-versus-player activities like Crucible.

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