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Articles related to "hacker-news"

Challenging projects every programmer should try

  • Once you get the basic game working, add a title screen menu, a game over screen, make sure the game runs at the same speed even on different computers, and explore how to implement more interesting enemies with AI.
  • For example, you could write a Tiny BASIC compiler in Python that outputs C# code.
  • Once you have the basic compiler working, you can add a standard library (in PeayBASIC I added simple 2D graphics functionality), optimization passes, and improve the error messages.
  • Writing an emulator (or virtual machine) for a video game console combines the challenges of writing a compiler, an operating system, and a compiler all into one.
  • Emulating a real video game console means writing a virtual machine that pretends to function just like the actual CPU and other hardware components.

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The Architecture of a Large-Scale Web Search Engine, circa 2019

  • Even though the project gained a lot of traction and was used by many services driving many products at Cliqz, there are certainly things a library driven approach to infrastructure and configuration management lacks.
  • Each solution we believed in was the most convenient at that time, given the resources available; for instance, the monolith version was due to the fact that most of our latency came out of network IO among the machines of the cluster.
  • All these services are orchestrated through a common API gateway responsible for handling search volume as well equipped with features like providing protection around traffic surges, Auto-scaling based on requests / cpu / memory / custom metrics usage, edge caching, traffic shadowing and splitting, A/B Testing[7], Blue-Green[8] deployments, Canary release[9], etc.

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Canadian stock photography

  • However, when you're building your website, stock photography is sometimes a necessity.
  • While having original, custom images is always best (and a .CA domain to go with them), we understand that sometimes you just need a picture of someone staring at an iPad (or a moose skateboarding).
  • Our Canadian Stock Photo library is full of original, maple syrup-infused photography that is free to use and share!
  • All we ask is that you credit CIRA/.CA domains whenever you use our photos and you are free to build as many websites, memes, and annual reports as you like.
  • We are providing small, medium, large and extra-large sizes for all your stock photography needs.
  • CIRA offers an online Message Delivery Form that allows you to send a message to the Administrative Contact for this domain name.

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The Minecraft test that stumped AIs

  • It takes minutes for most new Minecraft players to work out how to dig up the diamonds that are key to the game, but training artificial intelligence to do it has proved harder than expected.
  • A relatively small Minecraft dataset, with 60 million frames of recorded human player data, was also made available to entrants to train their systems.
  • It contrasts with relying solely on "reinforcement learning", in which an agent is effectively trained to find the best solution via a process of trial and error, without drawing on past knowledge.
  • For instance, DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero program trumped one of the research hub's earlier efforts, which used both reinforcement learning and the study of labelled data from human play to learn the board game Go. But this "pure" approach typically requires much more computing power, making it too expensive for researchers other than large organisations or governments.

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Linux Toolbox

  • Here are the front covers of the zines in the box.
  • We got colour covers illustrated for all of them, done by Vladimir Kašiković.
  • I don’t necessarily expect to make a lot of money from this box set (I get 10% or less of each sale, vs 97% for sales of my other zines online) but that’s not my priority with this project – I did it because I love the free zines I wrote, I wanted to make a really nice print version of them, and I wanted to learn about how print works and how traditional publishing works!
  • I’ve already learned a lot about how publishing works and it’s been super interesting.
  • I’m super happy about the print quality and if you get the box set I really hope you like it!

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Bloomberg just bought CityLab—and put half its reporters out of a job

  • According to several CityLab staffers who spoke to Mother Jones on the condition of anonymity, they have been told by Atlantic management that after the sale is completed at the end of this month only seven people will make the transition—not enough jobs for CityLab’s 16 employees: 13 full-time staff and three contractors.
  • (CityLab’s masthead lists 15 people, but at least three of those people, and one not listed on the masthead, are full-time contractors, according to a CityLab staffer.) In that same meeting, a CityLab staffer says they were also given severance information by Atlantic management in the event that they are not hired by Bloomberg Media or do “not want to go forward with that [interview] process.” As part of the transition, Bloomberg Media executives have been conducting crash interviews this week with the current CityLab staff who wish to be considered for one of the seven positions.

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CIA Gift Shop

  • The Employee Activity Association was established to provide benefits for members to include: Fitness Programs, Weight Watchers, Entertainment Tickets, Intramural Sports, Retail Stores, Special Order Program and Website.
  • The EAA is a non-profit corporation.
  • This is a Membership Store and only EAA Members have ordering privileges.
  • Boxed Luxury Pen with chevron silver pattern at base and black upper portion with red band.
  • I-Mark is one of the world's finest personal writing instruments.
  • The box has CIA logo on clasp.
  • Central Intelligence Agency written on black upper portion of pen.
  • HAT embroidered black Logo in Silver & Red w/ Honor Bravery & Integrity with adjustable strap.
  • Copyright © 2009-2019 Employee Activity Association (EAA) FedEx service marks used by permission.

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Jobs | Mux

  • The first product we launched was analytics and performance monitoring - think “NewRelic for Video” - used by major video streaming companies like PBS, Vimeo, CBS Interactive, and the New York Times to monitor and improve billions of streams.
  • In early 2018, we launched Mux Video, a simple API to video hosting, encoding and streaming - think "Stripe for Video" - which uses our performance data, machine learning, and just-in-time encoding for unmatched video quality and efficiency.
  • POST a video in; GET a video out that plays anywhere and is deeply optimized for the target device and user.
  • We think building with video should be fun, not complicated.
  • Our founders previously started (and sold) Zencoder, an early leader in cloud video technology.
  • Loading the amazing job opportunities.
  • Always look for opportunities to delight our users.
  • Look for ROI on time and money.

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Ask HN: What's the current sentiment on JWT for stateless auth tokens?

  • It has to do this for every request, but you can scale the auth gateway horizontally rather easily.(When an auth gateway starts, it gets a copy of the full revocation table again.)On some level, you do need the ability to push revocations to your auth server, because when you hit the kill switch on a session, you really want it to close all their open TCP connections (HTTP/2, Websockets, SSH, etc.)Having said that, starting simple is the best approach.
  • On some level, you do need the ability to push revocations to your auth server, because when you hit the kill switch on a session, you really want it to close all their open TCP connections (HTTP/2, Websockets, SSH, etc.)Having said that, starting simple is the best approach.

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Probability Theory for Physically Based Rendering

  • As with the Riemann sum, as n approaches infinity, the average of the samples converges to the expected value, and thus the true value of the integral.
  • It may sound obvious, but what we need for Monte Carlo integration are uniformly distributed random numbers, i.e. every value must have an equal probability of being generated.
  • Figure 8b shows the effect of stratification: the domain is subdivided in eight strata, and in each stratum a random position is chosen, improving uniformity.
  • For a uniform random variable in the range 0..1, the pdf is simply 1 (Figure 10a), which means that each value has an equal probability of being chosen.
  • In many cases the function we wish to integrate is unknown, and the only way to determine where it is significant is by sampling it – which is precisely what we need the pdf for; a classic chicken and egg situation.

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