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Articles related to "hacker-news"

ET (Don't) Phone Home

  • After purchase, and giving the device access to the internet you will need to go online, fill out some form with unspecified data in order to be able to use the device.
  • The device requires a working set of ‘backend’ servers that it can connect to in order to function.
  • The device contains a camera and will upload the recorded video to the company servers.
  • These should be listed in a standardized format on the outer packaging of the device in size large enough that a consumer will notice and read the warning label.
  • Yet another thing that maybe should be a requirement is that each such device should be accompanied by a set of stickers that can be pasted to all entry points to warn visitors that they are entering a zone where their privacy will not be respected.

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Mark Zuckerberg Still Doesn’t Get It

  • It’s long past time for Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook C.E.O., to come up with a new ideology, or at least a new branding strategy.
  • As I argued in The New Yorker last month, this sort of blithe techno-utopian narrative “isn’t entirely wrong, but it leaves out a lot.” Zuckerberg alluded to Frederick Douglass’s “Plea for Freedom of Speech in Boston” but failed to mention Douglass’s equally important assertion, in “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?,” that freedom of speech is hardly the only kind of freedom that matters.
  • Now that the list of countries suffering under proto-autocratic leadership has grown to include India, the Philippines, Brazil, and the United States—and given that this is no random quirk of history but one attributable, in large part, to Facebook itself—it’s long past time for Zuckerberg to come up with a new ideology, or at least a new branding strategy.

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Enable Pages access control (#5576) · Issues · / GitLab Infrastructure Team / infrastructure

  • I'm opening this to track enabling Pages access control on .com.
  • Seems we need to to some testing and check before enabling this as discussed in
  • GitLab Pages access control was introduced in
  • Here's the Omnibus changes gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab!2583 (merged) and the admin docs

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Finally, An Electric Crate Motor You Can Drop Into Your Old Car

  • The idea of converting classic cars to EVs has been around a while, and a number of companies, including some major automakers, have been retrofitting old, classic cars with all-new EV drivetrains.
  • To give an idea of how small it is, it’s essentially the same drivetrain used in their EV-converted classic Mini, so if it fits under a Mini’s hood, it should fit almost anywhere.
  • It weighs only around 154 pounds and makes around 110 horsepower—a pretty decent number considering how compact this thing is, and that includes everything: motor, single-speed transmission, cooling system, and power inverter.
  • The drivetrain includes multiple mounting points and it’s designed to be flexible enough to be mounted by either axle of the car, front or rear.
  • It’s a very exciting idea, the promise of a drop-in ICE replacement, helping to keep classic cars on the road.

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ML From Scratch, Part 1: Linear Regression -

  • However, since I can already feel your eyes glazing over from such an introductory topic, we can spice things up a little bit by doing something which isn’t often done in introductory machine learning - we can present the algorithm that [your favorite statistical software here] actually uses to fit linear regression models: QR decomposition.
  • Our key takeaway is that if it’s true that our response variable is related to our predictor variables by a linear equation plus a certain amount of random Gaussian noise, then we can recover good, unbiased estimates of that linear equations coefficients from nothing more than a finite number of data points sampled from the underlying distribution, and the way to actually calculate those estimates is to solve the OLS problem for the data set.

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ESA's Collision Avoidance Challenge

  • To manoeuvre or not to manoeuvre ...
  • that is the question.
  • In this challenge, you are tasked to build a model to predict the final collision risk estimate between a given satellite and a space object (e.g. another satellite, space debris, etc).
  • To do so, you will have access to a database of real-world conjunction data messages (CDMs) carefully prepared at ESA.
  • Learn more about the challenge and the data.
  • Experts from both teams are available for interactions via the competition discussion page.

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All plastic waste could be recycled into new plastic

  • The technology system that makes circular use of plastics possible, connecting all carbon-based materials.
  • Chalmers Power Central, an advanced research facility focusing on carbon capture and conversion of biomass and waste.
  • Henrik Thunman, Professor and Head of the Division of Energy Technology at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment.

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About International Repair Day - Open Repair Alliance

  • International Repair Day is a joint initiative of the Open Repair Alliance, celebrated every year on the third Saturday of October.
  • This day highlights the value of repair and promotes global community efforts to fix the stuff we own.
  • During the first two editions of Repair Day, we witnessed great interest and sharing through social media, where people posted their repair events and stories, and we heard from fixers and community repair events across the world, from the UK to Spain, Iran, Argentina or the US.
  • International Repair Day also presents an opportunity to further promote community repair events globally: motivating active groups, encouraging new ones to emerge, and inspiring citizens to share their skills as volunteers.
  • Beyond repairing in the community, this day can help independent repair shops promote their work, and also inspire companies to show support for repair, sharing information, tools or spare parts.

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  • It’s easy to create well-maintained, Markdown or rich text documentation alongside your code.
  • My desktop is pretty fast, let's try a slower machine.
  • This was achieved by several optimizations, like caching the modules and direct machine code generation via tcc.
  • By January 2020 it should drop to 0.06 seconds.
  • Running v -prod to make a production build is going to be several orders of magnitude slower.
  • Just building a single C file with a C compiler (by the way, soon it won't even have any includes for better portability).
  • However, a C compiler was still needed.
  • It's a small and easy to install dependency that's very likely to already be installed on your machine, but it's still a dependency.
  • macOS users will have to get used to the "slow" 0.4 - 1.2 second builds until January.

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Careers - Scale

  • One of the biggest bottlenecks for real world AI applications is access to labeled data.
  • Our first product is the most developer-friendly data labeling API for AI applications: self-driving cars, mapping, AR/VR, robotics, drones, retail, and more.
  • Our products for image annotation, semantic segmentation, 3D point cloud annotation, and LIDAR and RADAR annotation are used by industry leaders and provide world-class accuracy.
  • Coming out of YC S16, we have been able to partner with industry leaders to accelerate their AI development.
  • Scale is the standard solution for quality, cost, and scalability and takes the pain out of annotating data and creating high quality datasets.
  • Our view is that the most impactful way for us to change the future 10 years from now is by fundamentally bending the growth curve of machine learning software.
  • Enjoy time to travel or plan a staycation - whatever you need to relax and recharge.

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