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Articles related to "hackernews"

Announcing gRPC Support in Nginx

  • The following examples use variants of the gRPC Hello World quickstart tutorials to create simple client and server applications.
  • We share details of the NGINX configuration; the implementation of the client and server applications is left as an exercise for the reader, but we do share some hints.
  • The Hello World quickstart examples use unencrypted HTTP/2 (cleartext) to communicate.
  • What can you do if you have multiple gRPC services, each implemented by a different server application?
  • We extended the example Hello World package (in helloworld.proto) to add a new service named Dispatcher, then created a new server application that implements the Dispatcher methods.
  • The client uses a single HTTP/2 connection to issue RPC calls for both the Greeter and Dispatcher services.
  • You can use location blocks like this to deliver web content and other, non‑gRPC services from the same, TLS‑encrypted endpoint.

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HIP – Convert CUDA to Portable C++ Code

  • New projects can be developed directly in the portable HIP C++ language and can run on either NVIDIA or AMD platforms.
  • Additionally, HIP provides porting tools which make it easy to port existing CUDA codes to the HIP layer, with no loss of performance as compared to the original CUDA application.
  • The HIP kernel language defines builtins for determining grid and block coordinates, math functions, short vectors, atomics, and timer functions.
  • Here's an example of defining a simple 'vector_square' kernel.
  • The HIP Runtime API code and compute kernel definition can exist in the same source file - HIP takes care of generating host and device code appropriately.
  • Thus HIP source code can be compiled to run on either platform.
  • Thus HIP provides source portability to either platform.
  • HIP provides the hipcc compiler driver which will call the appropriate toolchain depending on the desired platform.

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Gaijin Engineer in Tokyo

  • That being said, I hope this serves as a data point for those considering an engineering job at a Japanese company in Tokyo, or a wake-up call for those whose cognitive dissonance is strong enough to blind them to the less ideal parts of life abroad.
  • The story of how I got this first job and others and moving abroad are beyond the scope of this post, and maybe I’ll write about it sometime, but this time around I’ll be focusing just on my own experience in a Japanese work environment.
  • I feel the need to preface what I’m about to write with the following: I absolutely loved my time in Japan, and most of my interactions with Japanese people in general and coworkers in specific.
  • Of course this solves nothing and generates its own sets of problems, but that’s where another of the great things about working in Japan comes up.

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Stack Overflow Culture

  • (I’ll talk more about that later.) I know what the problem is likely to be, but to work towards my goal I want the asker to improve the question – I want to see their code, the results etc.
  • Of course, there’s a huge spectrum in between – but I think it’s important to accept that there are such things as low-quality questions, or at least to debate it and find out where we disagree.
  • I’ve seen a lot of Meta posts complaining that Stack Overflow is too hard on newcomers, who can’t be expected to write a good question.
  • I think I’ve probably seen more rudeness in this direction than from answerers, in fact – although the questions usually end up being closed and deleted, so anyone just browsing the site casually is unlikely to see that.

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Roma Agrawal: Structural engineers are unsung heroes

  • She studied engineering at Imperial College London and went to work at WSP, where she helped design a footbridge for Northumbria University in Newcastle and assisted with the foundations of the Shard and the open steel structure at its top.
  • The understanding that engineering is not just about getting calculations and details right, but is also about collaborating with other people, is one reason why the great peacemaker Emily Warren Roebling is a hero to Agrawal.
  • Agrawal knows what this is like: she has been in meetings where she was the only woman among 21 people, has been mistaken for a secretary or the junior of a male colleague, who was in fact junior to her, been asked to make tea and take minutes, had to discuss business in site huts lined with pictures of naked women, and found the women’s toilets on building sites either locked or used by men.

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Lead is even more dangerous than previously realized

  • Now the full effects of using lead in petrol – surely the greatest ever mass poisoning experiment – are becoming clear, almost exactly 35 years after an award-winning Observer campaign caused it to be banned in Britain.
  • The study, published in the Lancet Public Health journal and believed to be the first to research the effects of low levels of lead exposure on the general public, also concludes there is no safe level of the toxic metal: people with the lowest detectable amounts were still affected.
  • Slowly, however, people took up the cause, most notably a Wimbledon housewife, Jill Runnette, who ran a campaign that – against all the odds and entrenched scientific opinion – succeeded in persuading ministers to reduce its level in petrol by two thirds in 1981.

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Calif. weighs toughest net neutrality law in US–with ban on paid zero-rating

  • A proposed net neutrality law in California would replace the repealed federal regulations, going beyond the federal rules by banning payments for data cap exemptions.
  • Van Schewick said the California bill is notable for prohibiting ISPs from charging "access fees" that online services would have to pay in order to send data to broadband consumers.
  • "None of the other [state] bills have done this and it's one of the loopholes that ISPs will use (if it’s not closed) to extract payments from edge providers," van Schewick told Ars. The bill takes a stronger stance against data cap exemptions (or "zero-rating") than the FCC rules did.
  • Even legal analysts who support net neutrality laws disagree on whether such laws would survive lawsuits filed by ISPs. Van Schewick argues that the FCC's preemption claims are invalid.

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Snapchat's Stock Sinks After Rihanna Denounces Domestic Violence Ad

  • Rihanna, photographed in February, denounced an ad on Snapchat that made light of domestic violence.
  • The company's stock closed down by week's end.
  • Singer Rihanna denounced an ad that appeared on Snapchat making a game of domestic violence that featured photographs of her and Chris Brown.
  • And the social media app's stock price went tumbling.
  • Awful that anyone thinks this is funny.
  • Awful that anyone thinks this is appropriate.
  • Awful that any company would approve this.
  • Snap Inc's stock prices fell around 4 percent later Thursday, wiping out nearly $800 million from its market value, reports CNN.
  • Last month after Snapchat changed its layout, Kylie Jenner, one of its most popular users, tweeted that she was no longer using the app.
  • The company's stock quickly fell 6 percent, erasing more than a billion dollars from its market value, said CNN.

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KotCity – an open-source city simulation game written in Kotlin

  • This game aims to achieve a mark somewhere between SimCity (1989) and SC2000.
  • The game will be fully supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • A build for Windows, macOS and Linux is available at
  • It's easy to setting up the development environment.
  • A: This project is a lot of work already without having to worry about 3D modeling and so forth.
  • Even though there are still patches and new content coming out for SimCity 4, it's definitely on life support.
  • I looked around at a few of the city simulators available but it doesn't seem like anyone is really working on a modern version of SimCity.
  • You can contribute buildings (see assets directory), ideas for the game, help with art and so on by creating issues or fork the repo and start to make pull requests.

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Tech Giants Set to Face 3% Tax on Revenue Under New EU Plan

  • Large digital companies operating in the European Union, such as Alphabet Inc. or Twitter Inc., could face a 3 percent tax on their gross revenues based on where their users are located, according to a draft proposal by the European Commission.
  • The draft, seen by Bloomberg, was circulated on Friday and outlines how a targeted levy on gross revenues would increase the tax bill digital giants face, as the bloc seeks to raise money from an industry it says provides less than it should to public coffers.
  • The levy would cover companies that have annual worldwide total revenue exceeding 750 million euros ($920 million) and total taxable annual revenue from offering digital services in the EU above 50 million euros, according to the draft.

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