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Articles related to "hackernews"

Programmers need to think like hackers

  • Programmers are required to create not only functional applications but also secure ones.
  • Most consumers are aware of the need for secure applications.
  • Developers need to think like malicious hackers.
  • To be more productive, developers need to start behaving and thinking like hackers.
  • But their goal must be security (ethical hacking).
  • Programmers need to adopt these characteristics of perseverance, determination and knowledge that they have acquired on their own to create secure programs.
  • Developers need to follow suit and be willing to experiment and make efforts.
  • Programmers should always learn and discover new ways to combat malicious situations.
  • A programmer who has to get a job done within a certain time frame is under pressure and may not be very innovative.
  • However, they have some positive features that programmers could adopt to be more efficient and useful in creating secure applications.

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  • This sort of contribution is often fixing an important problem and places a smaller burden on maintainers to spend their time working with the contributor.
  • Those contributions are, generally, less valuable and place a greater burden on the maintainer.
  • Disclaimer: I am the founder of a FOSS project hosting company similar to GitHub. Spammy pull requests can be given a label that contains the word “invalid” or “spam” to discount them.
  • If you’re a maintainer, please label any spammy pull requests submitted to the repositories you maintain as “invalid” or “spam”, and close them.
  • Pull requests with this label won’t count toward Hacktoberfest.
  • Programs where a marketing department spends $5,000 on T-Shirts to flood maintainers with garbage and clothe people in ads are doing the opposite: hurting open source.

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Bare Metal Programming on Raspberry Pi 3

  • This tutorial series are made for those who would like to compile their own bare metal application for the Raspberry Pi. The target audience is hobby OS developers, who are new to this hardware.
  • Before you can start, you'll need a cross-compiler (see 00_crosscompiler directory for details) and a Micro SD card with firmware files on a FAT filesystem.
  • The RAM (1G for the Raspberry Pi 3) is shared among the CPU and the GPU, meaning one can read what the other has written into memory.
  • What's common for these devices that their memory must be read and written in 32 bit units at 4 bytes aligned addresses (so called words), and each has control/status and data words.
  • There's also a Memory Management Unit in the CPU which allows creating virtual address spaces.

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Founders and Executives of Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange BitMEX Charged

  • Sweeney Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced the indictment of Arthur Hayes, Benjamin Delo, Samuel Reed, and Gregory Dwyer, charging the four with violating the Bank Secrecy Act and conspiring to violate the Bank Secrecy Act, by willfully failing to establish, implement, and maintain an adequate anti-money laundering (“AML”) program at the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange or “BitMEX.”  The case is assigned to United States District Judge John G.
  • Despite those obligations, HAYES, DELO, REED, and DWYER knew by no later than in or about September 2015 that, because BitMEX served U.S. customers, it was required to implement an AML program that included a “know your customer” or “KYC” component, but chose to flout those requirements.

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Show HN: Pixie, Instant Kubernetes-Native Application Observability Using EBPF

  • Offering a rich and accessible experience to developers is fundamental to us.
  • With Pixie Community, developers can install and use Pixie’s community version backed by community scripts for free.
  • Paid Team (coming soon) and Enterprise (in Beta) plans are aimed for large engineering teams deploying Pixie in production at scale.
  • Access metrics, events, traces and logs in seconds without changing code via dynamic eBPF probes and ingestors.
  • Add logging only for custom data.
  • Run community, team or custom scripts to debug as code.
  • Publish and share your sessions as code with your team and global Pixienaut community.
  • Pixie runs entirely inside your Kubernetes clusters without storing any customer data outside.
  • Avoid trading-off depth of visibility due to the hassle and cost of trucking petabytes of telemetry off-cluster.

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Discovery Suggests the Solar System Has Two Planes of Orbital Alignment

  • There are, however, a few bodies that move around outside this plane - mainly long-period comets with orbits of hundreds to tens of thousands of years, orbiting at the farthest reaches of the Solar System, in the Oort Cloud of icy bodies.
  • According to new research, some of these long-period comets seem to align along a different orbital plane - what its discoverers are calling the "empty ecliptic", rotated 180 degrees in respect to the galactic pole.
  • In doing so, they noticed something interesting about the point in the orbits farthest from the Sun. This point is called the aphelion, and it should remain pretty close to the ecliptic for bodies whose orbits originated on that plane.
  • That's why the team calls the second ecliptic 'empty' - it initially started that way, until, over billions of years, the galactic tide populated it with comets.

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YouTubers are upscaling the past to 4K, but historians want them to stop

  • Shiryaev’s YouTube channel is a showcase for his company Neural Love, based in Gdansk, Poland, which uses a combination of neural networks and algorithms to overhaul historic images.
  • Digital upscalers and the millions who’ve watched their work on YouTube say they’re making the past relatable for viewers in 2020, but for some historians of art and image-making, modernising century-old archives brings a host of problems.
  • Rather, they say, they’d prefer DeOldify to be used as a platform to get the time-consuming bits of colourising taken care of – buildings, trees, skies – before a professional, human colourist makes sure everything is informed by proper historical research.
  • For historians though, there’s a gap between the limitations and compromises their software has, which Antic and Kelley are happy to acknowledge, and the assumptions that anyone bumping into the images on social media might make.

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The survival of the airlines depends on frequent flyer programs

  • A recent analysis of these loyalty and rewards programs by the Financial Times reveals significant data about just how big and profitable those programs are as a stand-alone business — and how dependent major airlines have become on them as a core revenue generator.
  • Loyalty programs in general take advantage of an odd quirk of consumer psychology: Spending money on a Delta-branded American Express card to earn points feels like getting free money, and redeeming it feels like getting a free flight.
  • Loyalty programs acquire customers because those customers want to earn and spend points with a particular airline that has flight routes optimized for their needs.
  • And so when airlines cut cities to save costs, they’re not only hurting their revenue because they’re selling fewer tickets — they’re also threatening the more lucrative business of selling loyalty programs.

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Unfck the Internet

  • Strap on your goggles and step into the immersive web with Firefox Browser for VR.
  • Firefox browsers put your privacy first — and always have.
  • Protect your life online with a whole family of privacy-first products.
  • Read about new Firefox features, and get tips for staying safer online.
  • The non-profit behind Firefox is fighting for a healthy internet for all.
  • Start by choosing the only non-profit-backed, people-first browser.
  • Get yourself some unfcked messaging, content, email and more.
  • Firefox doesn’t work that way.
  • The Firefox browser is built to protect your privacy at every turn — because that’s the fastest way to free you from slow loads, bad ads, hackers and trackers.
  • We get the worst of the internet out of the way so there’s more room for the best.
  • Firefox was founded in 2002 to bring innovation and open opportunity to the internet.

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Detecting Deep Fakes with a Heartbeat

  • In particular, video of a person’s face contains subtle shifts in color that result from pulses in blood circulation.
  • Deep fakes don’t lack such circulation-induced shifts in color, but they don’t recreate them with high fidelity.
  • The researchers at SUNY and Intel found that “biological signals are not coherently preserved in different synthetic facial parts” and that “synthetic content does not contain frames with stable PPG.” Translation: Deep fakes can’t convincingly mimic how your pulse shows up in your face.
  • The inconsistencies in PPG signals found in deep fakes provided these researchers with the basis for a deep-learning system of their own, dubbed FakeCatcher, which can categorize videos of a person’s face as either real or fake with greater than 90 percent accuracy.

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