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Articles related to "hard"

Introducing Reset, a new podcast about how tech is changing our lives

  • Recode’s new show, hosted by Arielle Duhaime-Ross, explores why — and how.
  • That’s why today, we’re launching Reset, Recode by Vox’s newest podcast that explores why — and how — tech is changing everything.
  • Reset, hosted by Arielle Duhaime-Ross, tells the tech stories behind the stories.
  • And all in service of explaining how technology is evolving what it means to live in this world.
  • We’ll probe into what this all means for the increasing polarization of our society across a range of demographics, from wealth to race and beyond.
  • We’ll ask hard questions about the received truths of tech and business and the drive to evolve and succeed: How will automation change job prospects for American workers, and how might tech companies be forced to cushion the blow?
  • Like our daily news show Today, Explained, which recently hit its 400-episode mark, Reset is produced in association with Stitcher.

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Done Is Better Than Perfect

  • Things that I got excited about, started, and never released.
  • It's easy to fall into the trap of "this design needs to be pixel perfect before I can release it", or "this one last feature is essential; I can't ship without it." These thoughts are roadblocks.
  • For every one of the above items, there was a moment where I thought "let me just tweak this one thing, then I can release it." Every single one.
  • Being able to successfully ship things is a useful muscle to develop.
  • Here's another funny thing about shipping: it can bring about unexpected opportunities.
  • I've had people email me after reading or watching my content, and checking out my open source libraries.
  • How many people could have learned something new from reading my source code and articles?
  • Starting things is easy.

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How to download Nintendo Switch games onto your console, or enter a download code to get a game

  • Digitally downloading Nintendo Switch games is an easy and efficient way to get all the games you want to play, without having to keep a collection of physical games.
  • Most Switch games can be downloaded within a few minutes, provided you have a fast internet connection, though large titles like "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" may take several hours.
  • Downloading Switch games is easy — just make sure you have stable internet access, and can keep the console connected to its charger while you're downloading.
  • If you've received a download code for a Nintendo Switch game — for example, if you bought a digital game code from Amazon — then you can load the game onto your console without any need for extra payment.

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How to find downloads on your Mac computer in 3 ways

  • Those icons at the bottom of your screen – the ones that give quick access to programs – comprise the dock, and in that dock is a quick link to your downloads.
  • Hover over it for a quick preview of the most recent downloads or single-click the dock download icon for access to all your downloaded files that have yet to be placed in another folder.
  • When the taskbar at the top of the screen says Finder (and it will when you are on your Mac's home screen), click File, then click New Finder Window.
  • If the browser where you downloaded a file is still open, you can pull up the download right then and there.
  • In Google Chrome, click the three dots at the top right corner, then click Downloads.
  • With Safari, click the downward arrow at the top right corner of the screen to open a menu of recent downloads.

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Veterans who fought ISIS say Trump's 'betrayal' of a crucial ally was 'a total slap in the face'

  • He told Insider he disagreed with the decision for a number of reasons, but "the thing that made me most angry, we turned our back on our allies," the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF), who partnered with the US against ISIS.
  • The SDF grew from the YPG, the Kurdish defense forces in Syria that Turkey considers a terrorist group.
  • Not only did the US abruptly drop a crucial partner in the fight against ISIS, in so doing, it may have erased hard-won gains made by US and partner forces, stressed Andrew Milburn, the former chief of staff of Special Operations Command Central, who fought ISIS in Iraq.
  • Another Special Forces veteran told The Washington Post that operators are taught not to "fall in love with your partner force" and detailed instances where Kurdish forces were wearing memorabilia from the PKK, which Turkey and the US have designated as a terrorist organization, and venerating its leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

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What's happens when you `git commit`

  • Nowadays, most of our project use Git as a version control system.
  • To make things more understandable, I will start with a new basic project (2 files: index.js and
  • To retrieve one git object, you have to concatenate the folder name + file name.
  • As you might guess now, git created 3 new files.
  • Now, let's pretend we want to go back in the past from 1 commit (git reset HEAD~1 --hard).
  • More seriously, I use git push --force, git rebase and git reset --hard daily and I never lost anything.
  • If you try to retrieve the history with git log, you will not see the "Third commit".
  • To make it nicer, you can do git log -g --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline.
  • Also, if you use git commit like you ctrl + s, you might be easily lost.

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Victoria's Secret said it would raise prices and reduce promotions as it embarks on a turnaround effort, but analysts say it’s struggling to keep to its promises

  • Victoria's Secret said it would raise prices and reduce promotions in its bid to repair the brand's image and improve its sales growth, but analysts say it's struggling to keep to these promises.
  • In a note to clients on Tuesday, a group of UBS analysts said that America's most famous lingerie retailer "may be having a hard time executing its reset strategy" when it comes to cutting back on the level of discounting in its stores.
  • The "reset strategy" refers to Victoria's Secret's turnaround effort that was announced at the end of last year by L Brands founder Les Wexner.
  • Analysts have been extremely critical of the level of discounting at Victoria's Secret and Pink saying that these not only hurt profit margins but erode the brand image.

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