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Articles related to "hear"

Jabra rolls out customizable controls and a hearing test for Elite 75t earbuds

  • With a new update to the company’s Sound Plus smartphone app available today, you can pick what you want a single, double, or triple press to do for each earbud.
  • For example, I’ve now customized mine so that a double press of the right earbud button will skip forward a track and a double press on the left will go back.
  • (By default, track controls are only on the left earbud.) There’s also now a triple tap option, which I’ve set as a voice assistant shortcut on the right and for hear-through / ambient sound mode on the left.
  • Jabra notes that its parent company, GN Group, has significant expertise when it comes to hearing aids, and it’s leveraging that knowledge with the MySound test.
  • I wish that the app would show you your test results or exactly how it’s changing the sound in each ear.

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ChatableApps launches its hearing assistance app

  • Backed by Mark Cuban, and based on the work of auditory neural signal processing researcher Dr. Andy Simpson, the app removes background noise in near real-time so that one-to-one conversations can be heard more clearly.
  • “It’s actually a deep learning neural net approach to speech and noise separation that doesn’t apply filters to the original audio but rather it listens and re-prints a brand new audio stream in near real-time which is a mimic of just the vocal components of the original audio,” he said.
  • Meanwhile, ChatableApps CEO Giles Tongue, tells me the team has been racing to get the app released as quickly as possible, after realising it could help plug a gap for people unable to access a hearing clinic during the coronavirus crisis or unable to lipread due to the prevalence of face masks.

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