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Articles related to "history"

How to use Facebook's 'Off-Facebook Activity' Tool

  • CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called it a “Clear History” button in the past, and that’s a fair description: it lets you manage the information Facebook collects on your from other sites and apps.
  • The first is “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity,” which lets you micromanage the info from individual apps and sites.
  • You can also download your off-FB information, or select “Manage Future Activity,” which lets you toggle whether Facebook retains more info on your going forward.
  • The most in-depth option is “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.” From this page you’ll be able to see who’s shared stuff about you with Facebook.
  • If you want to micromanage information from all the sites and apps that have shared your details, you can do so from this tool.
  • If you, like most people, have neither the time nor energy, then we recommend one of the nuclear “Clear History” or “Manage Future Activity” options above.

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Facebook knows what you're doing on other sites and in real life. This tool lets you see what it knows about you.

  • The tool gives users an itemized list of the websites, apps, and real-life stores Facebook knows that they visited, and lets them turn off that tracking.
  • The feature fulfills a longstanding promise from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who vowed in 2018 to build a "clear history" tool for Facebook users.
  • After Zuckerberg promised the "clear history" tool, Facebook slightly changed course and renamed the tool "Off-Facebook Activity," stating that it wouldn't be possible for users to delete all their data from Facebook.
  • Facebook learns that information from its advertising partnerships with third-party apps and websites, which voluntarily tell Facebook the identities of people who visit them.
  • Here's how to use the new "Off-Facebook Activity" tracker, and how to turn off some — or all — of that tracking.
  • Here is a direct link to the Off-Facebook Activity settings page.

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All users can now access Facebook's tool for controlling which apps and sites can share data for ad-targeting

  • Facebook is making its “Off-Facebook Activity” tool, which allows users to manage and delete the data that third-party websites and apps share with Facebook, available to all users worldwide.
  • With the new Off-Facebook Activity tool, you can see a summary of that information and clear it from your account.
  • But, in addition to Facebook’s powerful and granular ad-targeting capabilities, it’s also benefitting from other businesses that are sharing the data they’ve collected through their own apps with Facebook.
  • Since then, the company has been working on improved privacy controls and tools to offer more clarity and user control over its data collection and sharing practices.
  • In addition to the global availability of the Off-Facebook Activity tool, Facebook says it will also roll out a prompt over the next 2 weeks that will encourage users to review their privacy settings.

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The UK's 'colonial' view of the world means it will lose to the EU in Brexit trade talks says Leo Varadkar

  • Speaking to the the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg, Varadkar said a "lot of people" both in Westminster and Britain doestn't "understand Ireland" and "underestimated the fact that European partners will stay by" Ireland in Brexit talks.
  • Both sides have less than a year to negotiate new trading arrangements, with Prime Minister Johnson saying he will not in any circumstances extend the Brexit transition period beyond December 2020.
  • The EU says it will only give the UK tariff and quote-free access to European markets if Johnson's government agrees in writing to follow a common set of standards covering the environment, production, labour, and other areas.
  • However, Johnson has said the UK will not commit to a level playing field with the EU after Brexit.

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The Trapper Keeper (2017)

  • For about a year, Crutchfield conducted interviews and focus groups, tweaking the design of the Trapper Keeper along the way.
  • And once he was happy with the result—a PVC binder with plastic, pinchless rings (they slid open to the side instead of snapping open), a clip that held a pad and a pencil, and flap held firmly closed by a snap—it was time to run a test market, which would help them determine if the product was truly viable.
  • Velcro was a lot easier to apply.” Though the Trapper folders remained virtually unchanged through the years, the Trapper Keeper evolved as student needs evolved.
  • But it's not all work and no play: After a product relaunch in 2014, the company added new Trapper Keeper designs, including Star Wars and Hello Kitty, in 2015.

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This courageous historian fought to make Black History Month possible

  • In doing so, he created a legacy of his own: Woodson is the reason the United States celebrates Black History Month each February.
  • As resistance mounted to Jim Crow laws and segregation, black history became a critical part of the curricula used at Freedom Schools, free alternative schools designed to counter the shoddy education available through the South’s separate-but-unequal school systems and teach black Southerners about their civil rights.
  • The next year, the ASALH expanded the week to the entire month of February in recognition of the nation’s bicentennial, which Ford acknowledged in a speech that paid tribute to African Americans’ struggles.
  • Other presidents issued messages acknowledging the month each year until February 1986, when Congress passed a law designating that month as National Black (Afro-American) History Month.

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Some reflections about React and TypeScript

  • Since I am using TypeScript, I have some superpowers.
  • I can improve my code adding things like interfaces and return types.
  • This won't change the behavior of the application but will make it easier to debug and more bug free.
  • The Routes module is used in different places within the application so it makes sense exporting an interface that defines the structure of each route.
  • When writing TypeScript is a good practice specifying functions' return types.
  • Adding return types helps avoiding common misktakes and makes the application more testable.
  • React Router DOM offers also the type of the props that a wrapped component receives.
  • For example, I have withRouter(NavigationBar) receiveing some props form the HOC withRouter.
  • The type of those props is RouteComponentProps.
  • I also destructured the props to have direct access to its properties history, location and match.

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