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Articles related to "history"

How to edit a post on Facebook and view its edit history

  • Users are able to edit Facebook posts even after they've been posted to their timeline.
  • Once a public post is edited, everyone will be able to see its revision history.
  • Facebook Page authors and admins are also able to edit posts on a Page.
  • Though anyone can see the post's revision history after it was posted, only other authors and admins can see edits made before the post was published.
  • Insider receives a commission when you buy through our links.

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AI is Not Going to Revolutionize Drug Discovery

  • Pharma companies find small molecules that bind to large molecules (see the figure at the top).
  • Although finding drug candidates is inefficient and costly, it doesn’t drive the exponential rise in costs for drug discovery and approval.
  • Drug discovery today is orders of magnitude more powerful and efficient than it was one or two or three etc decades ago.
  • Search efficiency for new drug candidates cannot possibly drive drug discovery costs; if it did, these costs would decrease exponentially.
  • Already, the majority of new-drug approvals are for orphan indications: those that affect less than 200K patients in the US.
  • Indeed, one of the first claims of success for AI (grossly overhyped by Deep Genomics) is a treatment for Wilson’s Disease, which affects maybe 10K people in the US.
  • We’ve had seven decades in which Eroom’s Law has described the trajectory of drug discovery costs.

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The Mortals Behind China’s ‘God Songs’

  • On major music streaming platforms like Kugou, god songs often outperform releases from big-name pop stars when it comes to listens and downloads in the long run.
  • “When more people give their attention to god songs, it seriously impacts us indie musicians who use real soul to make music,” the 30-year-old says.
  • Despite having a simple refrain — “Let’s all learn to meow, all together meow, meow, meow, meow, meow” — sung by relatively unknown performers Xiao Feng Feng and Xiao Pan Pan, it quickly won the hearts of millions of Chinese netizens, making it to Billboard Radio China’s top 10 list of the year’s most popular music, as well as finding many fans overseas.
  • Strong rhythms are more important for Douyin — a 15-second video platform that is more popular with worldly, well-off millennials and is known for memes such as beauty transformations and pranks — while Kuaishou, with more rural working-class users, favors songs that tell a story.

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Mice brawling in a London tube station made for one of the best wildlife photos of the year

  • Unfortunately, fistfights happen from time to time in public places, and metro stations are no exception.
  • However, we usually think of people brawling — not mice.
  • Yet that appears to be exactly what happened at a tube station in London — and the fight was caught on camera.
  • Photographer Sam Rowley captured the incredible picture of the mice engaging in what appears to be mortal combat as part of the Natural History Museum in London's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.
  • Photographers from 100 countries submitted 48,000 entries for this year's edition of the competition, and judges announced a group of winners in October.
  • The photo can now be voted on by the public as part of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year's People's Choice Award.
  • Voting is open until February 4, 2020.
  • The winner will be announced in February after voting ends.

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YouTube calls for ‘more clarity’ on the FTC’s child privacy rules

  • As part of the deal, YouTube was forced to create a new system for creators who focus on children’s content to label their videos.
  • In guidance for creators issued last month, the FTC said that “there is no one-size-fits-all answer about what makes a site directed to children,” but if a video’s subject matter, language, or music (among other things) may appeal to children, it could be found in violation of COPPA and open a creator up to an over $40,000 fine per infringing video.
  • Creators like lawyer Jeremy Johnston have started their own lobbying efforts in an attempt to influence the FTC’s decision-making on what is considered “child-directed content.” Johnston created a petition arguing for clearer guidelines that has over 850,000 signatures as of publication and directs people to leave their own comments arguing against the proposal.

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